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Forex Weekly Outlook July 3 ~ 7, 2017

This week is a shortened week with U.S. Independence Day on Tuesday, therefore we are likely to see thinner liquidity conditions towards the early part of the week, but activities should start to pickup at the end of the week, especially considering that both ISM PMIs, ADP NFP report, and the Nonfarm Payroll Report have [...]

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US Advanced GDP (Q2) | July 28, 2017 | Currency News Trading

Because this is the first quarterly release for the 2nd quarter of 2017, we are likely to see huge market reactions today, especially if we get at least 0.2% of deviation.  Considering the first release is most likely to surprise the market, I’d sit on the sidelines and stay out of the market until after […]

Fundamental Analysis

Forex Weekly Outlook June 19 ~ 23, 2017

Last week ended with mixed data as the U.S. equity indices ended with DJIA at 0.5% gain, S&P at 0.1% gain, and the Nasdaq lost at 0.9% due to the continued selling pressure on tech stocks… In the U.S. front, Federal Reserve went ahead and hiked rates as expected with chair Yellen stressing the confidence [...]

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CA GDP m/m | July 28, 2017 | Currency Trading

CA GDP is expected to move the market in the event of a surprise but since it is scheduled at the same time with the US Advanced GDP, I believe market will probably focus more on the US release, especially since it is the first quarterly release at the start of a new quarter. Additionally, […]

US FOMC Interest Rate | July 26, 2017 | Fed Decision Analysis

US FOMC Interest Rate decision is once again the primary focus of the week but unlikely to offer any surprises as market condition remains largely the same.  With improvements in the labor market and moderate expansion in the overall economy, political unrest seemed to be the main issue that is currently driving the USD lower. […]

UK Prelim GDP q/q | July 26, 2017 | Currency Trading

UK Prelim GDP q/q is a first GDP release for the Q2 of 2017 period, and since it is the first release for the quarter it is also the most likely to surprise the market, thus adding more volatility if we were to get a surprise.   I’d wait for the release before taking any […]

AU CPI q/q | July 25, 2017 | Currency Trading

The AU CPI figure today will be a market mover for the AUD.  With recent 600+ pips of upward push since late May, a stronger CPI release today could add more support sentiment on RBA to hike rates in the upcoming meetings.  Last quarter CPI ended at around 2.1%, with Trimmed Mean reading at just […]


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