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Forex Weekly Outlook September 18 ~ 22, 2017

Market Review US stock markets advanced to new all-time highs this past week as traders maintained risk sentiment in spite of a barrage of aversion events such as Hurricane Irma, Equifax credit breach, more contempt from the North Korean regime and a terrorist attack in London. Domestically, the US government continued its struggle in tax reform while [...]

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UK Revised GDP q/q | November 23, 2017 | Currency News Plan

UK Revised GDP q/q is a second GDP release for the Q3 of 2017 period, and since it is the second release for the same quarter market is less likely to surprise as more data has become available since the first release. Judging from the forecast and prior reading, I do not think there is […]

Fundamental Analysis

Forex Weekly Outlook August 14 ~ 18, 2017

Equity indices in the U.S. faced a sharp sell-off pressure as global markets succumbed to risk aversion due to the increasingly hostile rhetoric between President Trump and North Korea. European markets were equally devastated by the sell-off, with the Stoxx 600 headed for its worst week since November. Safe haven currencies like the yen and [...]

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CA Core Retail Sales | November 23, 2017 | Forex News Trading

CA Core Retail Sales is going to provide market an opportunity to trade but honestly with the US market closed due to holidays, it’s probably best to stay out of the market. I have seen some violent moves during Thanksgiving weekends.  As a matter of fact, central banks intervene during this period to minimize losses.  […]

NZ Retail Sales | November 22, 2017 | Currency News Trading

NZ Retail Sales release is a quarterly release and since it is scheduled during U.S. afternoon it will be the only high impact release at this time.  Considering that it’s the Thanksgiving holiday week in the U.S., the market is going to close shop early and volatilities are going to die down.  If we do […]

CA Core CPI | November 17, 2017 | Forex News Trading

CA Core CPI is a high impact release for CAD although it’s usually not very tradable unless we get a huge deviation.  With the USD remaining quite strong and the fact crude prices continue to fluctuate, it will be difficult to predict a market trend for the CAD, but for the short-term, we could still […]

UK Retail Sales | November 16, 2017 | News Trading Plan

UK Retail Sales is usually a very decent news to trade especially considering recent strength in the GBP despite constant pressure from the US Dollar.  With CPI remaining above the 3.0%, I believe GBP is a long hold trade and we may very well see the currency continue its ascension. 4:30am (NY Time) UK Retail Sales […]


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