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Fed Officials Widely Support Yellen’s Timeline For Policy Tightening…

Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen surprised the market last week with her “6 months” estimate when asked to define how long will it be after the end of tapering to the first rate hike, and surprisingly, her colleagues tend to agree, and here are their recent comments: (US) Fed’s Bullard (dove, non-voter): Reiterates don’t think policy [...]

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Fundamental Analysis Review And Forex Calendar April 14 ~ 18, 2014

Fundamental Analysis Review Forex Calendar April 14 ~ 18, 2014

Weekly Fundamental Analysis Review Market was in a correction frenzy last week as investors watched global equity markets melt, although there was no single defining factor for the sell-off, most investors credit this across the board risk off sentiment to the combination of: Lack of new stimulus from China, no immediate QE from ECB, diminished [...]

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Fed Yellen’s Debut: Calculated Response Or Rookie Mistake?

The FOMC meeting on March 19 surprised the market by dropping the quantitative forward guidance (threshold based forward guidances, such as 6.5% unemployment rate and 2.5% CPI in a 6 ~ 12 months forecasted) and moving to a more vague, qualitative guidance that encompasses everything, here’s the paragraph straight out of the FOMC Statement: … [...]

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CA Core CPI | April 17, 2014 | Currency News

CA Core CPI is expected to be at 0.3% and we’ll be looking for a deviation of 0.3% in order to trade.  With BOC expected to hold rates steady, unless we get a very strong CPI figure, market will probably not react much. Here´s the forecast: 8:30am CA Core CPI m/m Forecast 0.3% Previous 0.7% [...]

CA BOC Interest Rates Decision | April 16, 2014 | Currency News

CA BOC Interest Rate today will probably not surprise the market as recent Canadian economic reports have not been very promising, to say the least.  Considering that the BOC have dropped its hawkish bias lately, I believe a period of “rate stability” is ensured.  However, with the US Federal Reserve going ahead with tapering, BOC [...]

NZ CPI q/q | April 15, 2014 | Forex News Trading

NZ CPI is a quarterly release, therefore it is very likely to surprise the market… RBNZ has been bullish and have already embarked on the rate hike voyage, which means a stronger CPI will add to the speculation of further rate hikes. 6:45pm (NY Time) NZ CPI q/q Forecast 0.5% Previous 0.1% DEVIATION: 0.3% (BUY [...]

US Core CPI | April 15, 2014 | Currency News

US Core CPI is expected to remain around the 0.1%, with the Feds focusing more on fundamental data, at least that’s what they are telling the market, a stronger release could send USD to a rally. 8:30am (NY Time) US Core CPI m/m Forecast 0.1% Previous 0.1% DEVIATION: 0.2% (BUY USD 0.3% / SELL USD [...]


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