EU ECB Interest Rate | March 9, 2017 | Forex News Trading

Event Details At-A-Glance:

EU ECB Interest RateECB Interest Rate is done in 2 parts, first with the rate decision at 7:45am then followed with a press conference at 8:30am.  Market is not expecting any surprises today, therefore market tends to overreact if we get a surprise change of stance by the ECB…


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Here´s the forecast:

7:45am (NY Time) EU ECB Interest Rate Decision Forecast 0.00% Previous 0.00%
Deviation: 0.00% (SELL EUR 0.00% | N/A)

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The Trade Plan
EU ECB Interest Rate decision comes in two part, the first one is the 7:45am rate announcement followed by the 8:30am Press Conference where ECB chief Draghi issues the official statement on this rate decision. Since it is extremely unlikely to get a surprise from ECB (we stand corrected as Draghi has surprised the market twice during his first three rate meetings), there is usually no volatility following this release.

However, in the unlikely event that ECB surprises the market by cutting rates again, then expect market to go into a selling frenzy and we should jump in immediately on a spike trade because no matter what the slippage or spread is, we will end up making positive pips. Of course, if ECB decides to keep rates unchanged to as expected at 0.00%, then we should see relatively no change in the market as this lack of move is expected… Please follow the recommendations above ONLY if ECB surprises the market.

For more information on my trading methods, please read:

Here´s the link to watch the Webcast Live at 8:30am EST – Highly recommended to follow along live!

I’d recommend to use the Recommended Pairs from above as they are based on my CSM, which should provide the best combination of currency pairs to trade based on better/worse news… of course, you can also trade the default pair: EURUSD.




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The rate at which the European Central Bank (ECB) charges banks in EU member states to borrow money. The minimum bid rate is an important tool in the ECB’s monetary policy and changes in this rate affect other interest rates in the EU banking system. The Minimum Bid Rate is also the The lower limit to the interest rates at which counterparties may submit bids in variable rate tenders.; The Main Refinancing (Refi Rate) is the rate on the main refinancing operations, often referred to as the refi rate. The level is determined by the ECB Governing Council. The Deposit Rate is the Interest rate at which credit institutions may at all times place overnight deposits with the national central bank. The deposit rate is normally 100 basis points below the minimum bid rate, thereby setting a lower limit on short-term money market rates.


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