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My name is Henry Liu and I am a Forex Trader and Mentor. I help traders achieve consistent income trading Forex while spending less time trading. My focus in trading is a combination of Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, and Market Sentiment. Far too many retail Forex traders concentrate on just one aspect of trading, technical analysis, and ignore everything else; it is my goal (and vision) to educate every trader on how to take advantage of news trading and become more balanced traders.

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  1. Charles Shirey says:

    This is very helpful and thank you for sending this to me. I got the new Strength meter and it is working fine. Yesterday morning when it was not working with only white where the numbers usually are I thought it was my computer.
    Thanks for the update.

  2. Hi Henry,

    Not so sure about your deduction. If you look at the pricing of the soyabeans chart and it’s trajectory at : (http://www.zerohedge.com/news/why-fate-global-equity-rally-may-rest-hands-soybeans) it makes a compelling argument in against the PBOC in doing more easing . We might see the AUD/USD up to 1.07 and change but pass that there is a lot of headwind !!.. To me it is still neutral to bearish …

    By the way thanks for all the efforts put in your reports… much apreciated


    • Everything is relative and let’s not lose sight of that! If China could keep its GDP at 8% or better, then it in itself is already positive. Just look at what US, Europe, and Canada is doing GDP wise… Australia should continue to remain strong, especially after Draghi’s “whatever it takes” pledge.

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