Fundamental Sentiment Trading: Pre-News Trading (Part 2)


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Fundamental Trading

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…”The Committee will continue to monitor the economic outlook and financial developments and is prepared to provide additional accommodation if needed to support the economic recovery and to return inflation, over time, to levels consistent with its mandate…”


News Reports that We Currently Trade:

 GDP X X X   X X  
 CPI X X X   X X  
 Interest Rate X X X X X X X
 Production X X X        
 Housing X X X        
 Trade Balance X X X        
 Retail Sales X X X   X X  
 CB Chairman X X X X      
 PPI Input X X          
 Employment X   X     X  


About Kelvin Ching

I'm a professional Forex trader and I have been trading for over 7 years. I was a series 3 broker and a registered CTA with the NFA, the main regulatory agency in the United States, and I have been involved at the highest levels in commodity trading. I also have a background in Information Technology, graphics design, and programming... I'm the co-founder of, a site dedicated to fundamental analysis and news trading.

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