Forex News Trading For CA BOC Interest Rate 04/17/12

The Bank of Canada (BOC) will announce their rate decision today at 9:00am sharp.


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Here´s what analysts expect:
9:00am (NY Time) CA BOC Rate Decision Forecast 1.00% Previous 1.00%

The Trade Plan
Most analyst agree that the BOC will hold rates at 1.00%. I´ll be trading this release with a 0.25% deviation using Spike Trading method. In the event of a surprise hike it´s almost guaranteed that we´ll see strong market movement immediately after the release.

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For more information on my Spike trading method, please read:

The Market
BOC is expected to keep rates unchanged during this meeting and as a matter of fact, it is an unanimous prediction by all analysts once again. Market consensus has changed sharply in the past few weeks towards risk aversion, and that would mean BOC is likely to tolerate higher inflationary pressure in order to balance external risks from China, U.S., and Europen…

Additional Thoughts
It is extremely likely for BOC to keep rates unchanged. Market may react to the accompanied statement, which will be crucial for CAD if BOC signals a rate hike for the next meeting.

Pre-News Considerations
No Pre-News trading…


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