7 Best Uses For Currency Strength Meter

I get asked a lot about my Currency Strength Meter and some of the best ways to use it. I made a short video (26 minutes) covering the 7 ways that I use my meter and I hope it will spark a new idea in your trading or point you to a new direction as you use my Strength Meter later on tonight.

I’d like to encourage you to leave a comment on my blog and share some other ways that you are currently using my meter, I’ll review your comments and incorporate them in my next Strength Meter usage video.

This video was done for Version 2 of my Currency Strength Meter, while I have already released version 3.0.6, the principles demonstrated in this video are still valid and applicable to the later version. Use this video as a starting point, an additional confirmation tool, or develop your own trading method based on the meter, sky is the limit here!

Remember to also watch my other videos on Currency Strength Meter, The Best-Kept Profit video is a more advanced usage video for CSM, and if you find the meter useful, you’d want to watch that video for sure… Once again, make sure you tell me all about your experience with my meter, so I can keep improving the meter…

Last but not least, let me just say thank you for watch my video on Currency Strength Meter, it is among some of the best tools that I use daily in my own trading. I believe that this single Forex indicator alone is responsible for increasing my profitability by a hugh percetange, an indispendable tool in trading, and I hope you learn to take advantage of this tool as well…


  1. Hello Kelvin,
    First of all I would like to thank you for allowing me to become a member of your site.
    At the top of the page you mentioned a video of the currency strength meter, that we need to watch.
    I cannot see where the video is. Could you please provide me with a link?

  2. Avatar of ALIMAHDANALIMAHDAN says:

    Good day Henry,

    Thank’s, the meter are very much valuable & use full. I’m lost without it.

    Thank’s again

  3. good software csm …

  4. Avatar of MichaelMichael says:

    I am having a BIG problem trying to load up the CNT EA on to my trading platform. Can anybody HELP. I use MT4 Plateform Build 646.


    Michael C Andrews UK

  5. Thanks to CNT team.

    CSM clears my ambiguity about ups and down in currencies. 7 best uses of CSM am listening again and again.

    CNT team do u have more material about CSM?? Plz pass me.

    Thanks its wonderful

  6. Avatar of sagorniitsagorniit says:

    Hi Kelvin
    i setup CSM 3.0.6 in my official pc. its say successful setup. the problem is when i ran it to register its say no connection. but my home pc i use windows-7. there it run smoothly. so what is the problem in XP??
    Please senior advice.

  7. Hi
    I think your page has been hijacked . The video doesn’t come up. And the link ends up at autobinarysignals.com

  8. Avatar of hafizhafiz says:

    what is the best setting for this meter ?

  9. Avatar of asugarasugar says:

    Bless you Henry thanks for this software

  10. I could make a profit of up to 120 pips in a day using CSM.
    Thank you very much Henry, CSM is very helpful in my trading and explanation of this video is very satisfying.

  11. Avatar of tayotayo says:

    please Henry, our connection here in Nigeria is not that fast, hence, to watch the video is not possible, pls, can you make it in pdf format so we can read and understand it.

  12. Whammo!!! Hit it again….20 on Gain. 17 on FXDD (the spread made a difference).

    Missed one this morning cause I got greedy and set the risk too high. lol!

    Missed the one this afternoon cause I had the sleep mode set on my PC.

    Who’s complaining. 80 pips up for the week so far…should be over 100 with the one I missed this morning. Please don’t take this away from me after it’s out of broker testing.

    Love this News EA thing!

  13. Excellent so far….just downloaded the new indicator tonight. Used the chart based one before…saw three weak/strong setups tonight. Took all three using my system and the CSM. I move my stop loss pretty quick…at about 8 pips to sl +1. Got 2 B/E’s and 35 pips.

  14. Hi Henry

    Videos on CSM seem to be not available.


    • Just tested the videos in the Currency Strength Meter (CSM) pages, but is working for me. Please make sure you have the latest flash player updates, check your internet connection, or even try in different browsers.

      • Hi Kevin

        The Video looks ok now. I did the Flash Update when I was getting the error messages. Maybe there was something with the Browser at that time as my Internet was ok. Thanks for the Response, all is great now.

        • Hi Kevin

          The video is visible on the page but I get error message that says video not found or access denied. also the video time shows 00:00. I tried Mozilla, Safari & IE8.

          If its only myself getting this error its ok, maybe it will come right. This started after the DDos attack you had, all was ok before that from my side


  15. Avatar of JohnJohn says:

    I really like it alot vs the other version which I didn’t like well that maybe because I didn’t fully understand but this one is very easy plus do like the add on feature of the news

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