Forex Trading Strategies #7 – Positive And Negative Prospect

This is the final article on Forex Trading Strategies.  Click here for Forex Trading Strategies #6 – Investing Versus Trading Forex Trading Strategies – Positive And Negative Prospect Trading is a lot like going into battle, and according to Sun Tzu in the Art of War: 知彼知己,百戰不殆;不知彼而知己,一勝一負;不知彼,不知己,每戰必殆 It is said that if you know your enemies and […]

What is a Trend?

In this video we are going to talk about what a “trend” is… One of the best quotes for Forex trading or trading in general is: “Trend is your friend”. Basically it means that you should follow the trend whenever possible and don’t go against it, because a trend is like a moving train and […]

Fundamental Sentiment Trading: Pre-News Trading (Part 3)

  How To Determine Pre-news Sentiment? PPI -> CPI: A high PPI will affect market sentiment towards a better CPI release. Retail Sales -> GDP: Retail sales in emerging countries such as the US makes up about 2/3 of the market. If Retail Sales is good, then possibly we will see better GDP. Unemployment, Jobless […]

Fundamental Sentiment Trading: Pre-News Trading (Part 2)

  Fundamental Trading   …”The Committee will continue to monitor the economic outlook and financial developments and is prepared to provide additional accommodation if needed to support the economic recovery and to return inflation, over time, to levels consistent with its mandate…”   News Reports that We Currently Trade:   USD GBP CAD EUR NZD […]

Fundamental Sentiment Trading: Pre-News Trading (Part 1)

  Fundamental Trading Fundamental Sentiment Trading is a type of trading method based on fundamental news sentiments. As the Forex market is highly speculative, strong high impact news releases are likely to move the market prior to their scheduled release…   What Sentiment Trading IS: Focus on high impact trend changing events. 100% Pre-news, Enter […]

Support & Resistance Coaching: 3. Live Charts Analysis

Let’s review some live charts and look for the Support and Resistance levels. We’ll also look for possible entries according to these Support and Resistance levels.

Support & Resistance Coaching: 2. Support and Resistance

  Support/Resistance: When you are in a down trend, you focus only on support levels… When you are in an up trend, you focus only on resistance levels…   Supports A candle grouping of at least FIVE candles. The lower center candle or wick which has two higher candles on either side. Candle color is […]

Market Cycle Coaching: 8. Market Cycle Timeframe

  Market Cycle Timeframe: 7:30pm ~ 8:30pm NY Time (30 minutes to 4 Hours) 1:00am ~ 3:00am NY Time (30 minutes to 2 Hours) 6:45am ~ 8:00am NY Time (30 minutes to 1 Hour) 9:00am ~ 9:45am NY Time (30 minutes to 90 minutes) 11:00am ~ 12:00pm NY Time (30 minutes to 8 Hours)   […]

Market Cycle Coaching: 7. Market Cycle Tips

  Market Cycle Tips: If the trend is with you, go for more pips. If the trend is against you, go for 30 pips. Know your trade timeframe.  

Market Cycle Coaching: 6. How to trade the Market Cycle

  What to look for in order to trade Market Cycle? Look for a spike in the opposite direction. (REV) If you miss the spike, wait for reversal to be over and trade in the direction of the trend.  


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