Risk Sentiment Trading Basics Coaching: 5. Risk Sentiment Examples

  Risk Sentiment Examples: 3rd Party Advertisement Dubai World Lehman Brothers Moody’s possible downgrade for UK NFP & Retail Sales (U.S.) Other high impact news releases…  

Risk Sentiment Trading Basics Coaching: 4. Understand Risk Sentiment

  Understand Risk Sentiment: When there is a significant risk of loss, traders will seek for safe-haven protection, such as USD, JPY, and CHF. When there is a strong sense of optimism in the market, traders seek more return on their investment, therefore they demand AUD, CAD, GBP, NZD… Consider the Interest Rate Differentials: USD […]

Risk Sentiment Trading Basics Coaching: 3. Risk Aversion Sentiment – FEAR

  Risk Appetite Sentiment – FEAR Worse than expected earnings report. Worse than expected high impact economic releases. Dovish central bank announcement. Surprise Negative Release. Geopolitical Uncertainty.  

Risk Sentiment Trading Basics Coaching: 2. Risk Appetite Sentiment – GREED

  Risk Appetite Sentiment – GREED Better than expected earnings report. Better than expected high impact economic releases. Hawkish central bank announcement. Surprise Positive Release.  

Risk Sentiment Trading Basics Coaching: 1. Definition

  Definition: Risk sentiment trading is based on market wide sentiment of “risk appetite” or “risk aversion”, taking a trade in the direction of these sentiments as the market is likely to exaggerate.  

Money Management Coaching: 3. What is Risk to Reward Ratio?

  What is Risk to Reward Ratio?   A ratio used by many investors to compare the expected returns of an investment to the amount of risk undertaken to capture these returns. Example: If you bought EUR/USD: BUY EU @ 140.00, SL 139.70, TP 140.30 Risk = 30 pips, Reward = 30 pips, ratio 30/30 […]

Money Management Coaching: 2. Good Money Management

  Good Money Management Consists:   Set Goals – Have a plan Get Organized – Maintain a detailed record Cut Your Losses Short – Lose less and win more (Risk to Reward) Get Balanced – Risk / Reward Ratio Protect Your Money – Move SL to BE Grow Your Account – Take it slow, take […]

Money Management Coaching: 1. What is Money Management?

  What is Money Management? deals with the question of how much risk a decision maker should take in situations where uncertainty is present.  

[VID] 5 Golden Rules To News Trading [VID]

Last Live Webinar for my FNTA (forex news trading academy) I talked about the 5-golden rules to news trading, which not only helps you to understand fundamental analysis, but also shows you how to read the market.  I believe one of the most important missing links to Forex trading is understanding the market.  It may […]

Forex Trading Room – Swiss National Bank and Dollar Swiss Franc Trade

Live Mastermind Mentoring Forex trade room trades discussing Swiss National Bank and affected Swiss franc trades.    


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