Market Cycle Forex Trading – Timing Matters

One of my live Mastermind Mentoring traderoom trades on market cycle timing. We looked at today’s market, saw an opportunity to go short on EURUSD, and we waited for the best possible moment and picked up good amount of pips.   3rd Party Advertisement  

Forex Spike Trading – Live News Trading Video

This is a spike trading video taken from my Mastermind Mentoring Traderoom where we made over 30+ pips in just a few minutes, despite of slippage, widened spread, requotes, etc… The key is to pick the right release to trade and contrary to popular believe, you can’t trade every single release in using spike trading […]

Forex News Trading – Retracement / Fundamental Analysis Trading

This is another live video taken from my Mastermind Mentoring traderoom. We got softer than expected CPI release from UK but market failed to move significantly immediately. But because of understanding of the fundamental nature of the news, we were sure that the market should be leaning towards a drop, therefore we jumped in this […]

Support & Resistance Forex Trading – Taking advantage of both Technical and Fundamental

Support and Resistance trading is another trading methodology that I do in my Mastermind Mentoring Program. In this video I showed how to take advantage of technical levels and enter the market based on long term fundamental bias.    


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