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Forex Weekly Outlook June 19 ~ 23, 2017

Last week ended with mixed data as the U.S. equity indices ended with DJIA at 0.5% gain, S&P at 0.1% gain, and the Nasdaq lost at 0.9% due to the continued selling pressure on tech stocks… In the U.S. front, Federal Reserve went ahead and hiked rates as expected with chair Yellen stressing the confidence [...]

Forex Weekly Outlook For June 11 ~ 16, 2017

The past week was a busy week as far as breaking events are concerned, with Saudi’s action against Qatar, U.S. former FBI director Comey’s testimony, terror attack in London and its aftermaths, plus a surprising UK election that resulted in an hung Parliament, are all events that may or may not have direct influence on [...]

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score fundamental outlook trend
 55 and above  Positive Fundamental Outlook   Up trend
 50 to 54  Neutral Fundamental Outlook   Neutral Trend
 49 and below  Negative Fundamental Outlook   Down trend

Outlook Score is a score assigned to the currency based on economic indicators and high-impact news releases such as: central bank speeches, breaking news, political developments, etc… A score between -3 to +3 is assigned to each scheduled events based on its importance, market focus, and surprise factor. For instance, the Non-farm Payroll should have more impact than the New Home Sales figure in the U.S., but if the New Home Sales comes out 100K more than forecast, it should have equal effect on the USD (as compared to NFP) in the long-term.

The Outlook Score is the summary of all of the individual scores assigned to each news releases that matters, and the score is carried over from month to month… this is based on the idea that fundamental sentiments are also carried over from month to month…

The score is modeled after the PMI (Purchasing Manager’s Index) releases, so we start at 50, and any number above 50 is considered positive, or below 50 as negative:

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