AU Retail Sales News Trade 08/01/12 (+30 pips)

9:30pm NY Time AU Retail Sales Forecast 0.6% Previous 0.8% ACTION: BUY 1.1% SELL 0.1% AUD/USD DEFINITION 3rd Party Advertisement “Measures the value of sales at the retail level. A rising trend has a positive effect on the nation´s currency because Retail Sales make up a large portion of consumer spending, which is a major […]

Market Cycle Coaching: 7. Market Cycle Tips

  Market Cycle Tips: If the trend is with you, go for more pips. If the trend is against you, go for 30 pips. Know your trade timeframe.  

Chapter 11 – Risk to Reward Ratio

Risk to Reward ratio is another important topic for Forex Trading. It is very important to evaluate your risk before taking a trade. If your reward is less than what you are risking, then it does not make sense to take the trade. For example: U.S. Non Farm Payroll Projected Movement = 90 pips. If […]

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Chapter 3 – How does the Forex Market move?

I wish there is an easy answer that we can come up with. Like a special report titled “the 20 attributes of EUR/USD” or something alike. But the matter of the fact is there isn’t a simple answer for this question. But then the key to understanding the market lies within the principles, not the […]

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Upcoming Forex News For November 7 ~ 11, 2011

EU Summit accomplished plans to help Greece, increase European banks reserve ratio, and prevent contagion fear from overtaking Italy, however last week’s Greek PM Papandreou in one swoop nulled all these accomplishments with a series of political maneuvers, taking a huge gamble to secure political support for the bailout. On Monday afternoon, Papandreou shocked his European partners and his own finance minister by announcing […]

Upcoming Forex Calendar For October 10 ~ 14, 2011

As we end this busy week and prepare for the upcoming week, it is important that we consider the market context because the events that took place this week may have changed the overall market trend, here are the highlights:  (EU) Trichet said that the central bank did discuss the pros/cons of a possible rate cut. The […]

Daily Forex Market Review 10/06/11

Let’s take a look at what took place during the Asian and European trading sessions as we get ready to start our trading session today October 6, 2011 before the NY Equity Market opens. We’ll focus on relevant news, public comments, and any high impact releases that are shaping the overall market today, or in […]

UK Prelim GDP q/q 07/24/09

4:30am (NY Time) UK GDP q/q Forecast -0.3% Previous -2.4% Definition Our focus will be on the GDP, is defined as the market value of all final goods and services produced within a country in a given period of time. It is also considered the sum of value added at every stage of production of […]

GBP/JPY Capitulation Trade 07/20/09

Update This is a positive winning trade with 30 pips of profit based on market cycle method.

UK Manufacturing PMI 08/03/09

Definition: Manufacturing PMI is a survey of purchasing managers in the manufacturing sector on various economic activities, including inventory, employment, orders, etc… A higher than 50 reading means expansion, or a less than 50 reading means contraction. If our SELL number is hit, we can expect GBP/USD to move 50 pips within the hour. If […]

US Core Retail Sales m/m 08/13/09

8:30am (NY Time) US Core Retail Sales Forecast 0.2% Previous 0.3% Definition (Retail Sales Core) Derivative of Retail Sales that excludes the Automobile Sales component. Automobile Sales make up roughly 25% of Retail Sales, but they can be very volatile from month to month and can distort the picture. Retail Sales with the exclusion of […]

Canada Core Retail Sales m/m 09/22/09

8:30am (NY Time) CA Core Retail Sales m/m Forecast 0.1% Previous 1.0% Definition Our focus will be on the Core Retail Sales release, which is a measurement of the activities at the retail level of Canada, excluding most volatile Automobile Sales Components, which makes up about 25% of Retail Sales headline number. A higher Retail […]


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