IMF to Send Team to Athens April 19 for Talks With Greece

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More detail now on the IMF team going to Greece, should add some uncertainty to the currency until after the meeting is over, and by then we may see a surge in value.
The International Monetary Fund will send a team to Athens on Apri…

China to Reform Exchange Rate on Own Needs

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More of the same rhetoric. Recent chinese deficit in their trade balance number means that demand for Chinese goods in China is rising, and that means haveing a stronger Yuan will ultimately benefit China. But just to not appear “w…

Dollar, Yen Fall as U.S. Retail Gain Spurs Demand for Risk

April 14 (Bloomberg) — The dollar and yen fell against most of their major counterparts as a bigger-than-expected increase in U.S. retail sales last month spurred demand for higher-yielding assets.

Singapore’s dollar climbed to the strongest level…


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