Top 10 Weekly Forex Market Headlines – 11.29.2013

1. China creates air defense zone over islands also claimed by Japan November 25, Airlines will have to warn China of their flight plans before entering airspace in the East China Sea, aviation officials have said, after it declared the creation of an “air defence zone” over islands that are also claimed by Japan… 2. […]

Asmussen: ECB will take further action if necessary to ensure price stability in the euro zone

(Reuters) – European Central Bank Executive Board member Joerg Asmussen said on Saturday the ECB, which cut interest rates to a record low earlier this month, was ready to take further action if necessary…

Daily Forex Market Review 11/19/13 (+27.5 pips)

Today’s Trade Result: +27.5 pips July 2013: +160 pips June 2013: +336 pips May 2013: -50.5 pips April 2013: +851.5 pips March 2013: +327.5 pips February 2013: +127.5 pips January 2013: +1107.5 pips December 2012: +29 pips November 2012: +35.5 pips October 2012: +259.5 pips September 2012: +112.5 pips August 2012: +365.5 pips July 2012: […]

ECB’s Asmussen says spillover effects of U.S. Fed tapering could be greater now than in 1994

(Reuters) – The spillover effects of the U.S. central bank unwinding its policy stimulus risk being greater now than in 1994, and that episode highlights the importance of clearly communicating…


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