Forex News

Forex News or Economic News Events are  economic indicators issued by various governmental or private agencies with proprietary data source, such as large banks or payroll services (ADP).  These currency news events are generally released on a set schedule, such as monthly or quarterly at a certain day of the month or so.  They are different from Equity […]

RBA Monetary Policy Statement 08/06/09

9:30pm (NY Time) AU Monetary Policy Statement ACTION:    AUD/USD      BUY (Bullish)     SELL (Bearish) RBA issues a statement on its Monetary Policy about 4 times a year.  As statement on RBA’s website “… These Statements assess current economic conditions and the prospects for inflation and output growth. These Statements have replaced the Semi-Annual Statements on Monetary […]

US New Home Sales 7/27/09

10:00am (NY Time) US New Home Sales   Forecast 353K  Previous 342K ACTION: (USD/JPY)                                                 BUY 423K             SELL 273K New Home Sales is expected at 423K, if the number is lower, it would be bad for USD, so we will look to SELL USD/JPY; if the number is higher, it would be good for USD, we could see a […]

US Fed. Chairman Bernanke Testifies 07/21/09

10:00am (NY Time) USD Fed. Bernanke Testifies ACTION: BUY: Hawkish SELL: Dovish USD/JPY Fed. Chairman Bernanke is scheduled to testify in front of House Financial Services Committe in Washington DC on the semi-annual policy report.  If Bernanke is hawkish in his tones over future economy outlook, then we should see risk appetite sentiment where USD should […]


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