Daily Forex Market Review 08/23/13 (+35 pips)

Today’s Trade Result: +35 pips July 2013: +160 pips June 2013: +336 pips May 2013: -50.5 pips April 2013: +851.5 pips March 2013: +327.5 pips February 2013: +127.5 pips January 2013: +1107.5 pips December 2012: +29 pips November 2012: +35.5 pips October 2012: +259.5 pips September 2012: +112.5 pips August 2012: +365.5 pips July 2012: […]

All eyes on Obama’s Fed appointments in coming months

The Federal Reserve is a little bit like a Supreme Court of Money, except that the justices—er, governors—aren’t appointed for life. They serve staggered terms of 14 years…

Fundamental Analysis Review And Forex Calendar For July 29 ~ August 2, 2013

Weekly Fundamental Analysis Review Weekly Fundamental Analysis review shows that the market was in a holding pattern, waiting on major events scheduled for the coming week as traders remain unconvinced from the recent round of economic data being sufficient for the Fed to taper QE in September.  In other parts of the world, Europe started […]

Fundamental Analysis Review And Forex Calendar For July 15 ~ 19, 2013

Weekly Fundamental Analysis Review Weekly Fundamental Analysis review shows that USD sentiment changed sharply since last NFP release as chairman Ben Bernanke were more dovish during his speech at the National Bureau of Economic Research Conference last week. The Fed minutes were released a few hours earlier on the same day that unsurprisingly confirmed market […]

Market Expectations Are “Out Of Sync” With Federal Reserve Monetary Policy…

Market Expectations Are “Out Of Sync” With Federal Reserve Monetary Policy, stated by Fed’s Dudley today as he sees that Bernanke’s statement from the last FOMC Press Conference did not indicate that the Federal Funds Rate hike is coming soon or Feds will end QE at the next meeting.  As a matter of fact, here […]

Fed stimulus could be more aggressive than Bernanke’s new timeline: Dudley

NEW YORK (Reuters) – The Federal Reserve’s asset purchases would be more aggressive than the timeline Chairman Ben Bernanke outlined last week if U.S. economic growth and the labor market turn out weaker than expected, the influential head of the New York Fed said…

BoE remains deadlocked over asset-buying stimulus, eyes on FOMC

LONDON (Reuters) – Bank of England policymakers acknowledged earlier this month that further market volatility could be on the way because of uncertainty about the direction of U.S. monetary policy, but came no closer to shifting their own stance. Minutes of its latest policy meeting, released on Wednesday, show the BoE remained deadlocked over whether to restart…

Fed likely to keep QE, while keeping options open to taper later this year

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Federal Reserve policymakers will likely announce on Wednesday that they will keep buying bonds at a monthly pace of $85 billion, while keeping their options open to scale back the program later this year if the U.S. labor market…

More investors hold longer-dated U.S. Treasuries ahead of Fed’s policy meeting

NEW YORK (Reuters) – More investors raised their positions in longer-dated U.S. Treasuries holdings in the latest week in advance of the Federal Reserve’s two-day policy meeting, according to a survey released on Tuesday. A total of 19 percent of its Treasuries clients said on Monday they were “long” in their duration on U.S. government debt…

Fisher: Fed poised to evaluate, potentially make changes to monetary stimulus

(Reuters) – The Federal Reserve is poised to evaluate and potentially make changes to its massive monetary stimulus, a top Fed official who is critical of the Fed’s bond-buying program said on Tuesday…

Top 10 Weekly Forex Market Headlines – 05.24.2013

1. N. Korea launches three short-range guided missiles off east coast May 19, North Korea fired three short-range missiles from its east coast on Saturday, South Korea’s Defence Ministry said, prompting Western powers to urge Pyongyang to exercise restraint. Launches by the North of short-range missiles are not uncommon but…   2. Japan upgrades economic […]


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