Top 10 Weekly Forex Market Headlines – 05.15.2015

1. Global stocks ease after China rate cut, Grexit fears May 11, Global equity markets eased on Monday after a cut in Chinese interest rates initially kept shares near record highs, but a lack in progress in resolving Greece’s financial woes weighed on stocks and weakened the euro against the dollar. Gains by mining stocks […]

Top 10 Weekly Forex Market Headlines – 1.30.2015

1. SNB sight deposits rise after Swiss franc cap exit January 26, The amount of cash commercial banks hold with the Swiss National Bank rose the most since at least March 2013 last week, indicating the central bank may have intervened to keep the franc down despite scrapping a cap against the euro. Switzerland’s central […]

Do Greek workers put in more hours on the job than Germans?

FORTUNE — Take a wild guess: Which country’s workers put in more hours on the job, Germany or Greece? A Madrid think tank called the Institute of Economic Studies (IEE, in Spanish) recently released the kind of provocative study meant to incite debate. Based on…

Daily Forex Market Review 11/14/13 (+55 pips)

Today’s Trade Result: +55 pips July 2013: +160 pips June 2013: +336 pips May 2013: -50.5 pips April 2013: +851.5 pips March 2013: +327.5 pips February 2013: +127.5 pips January 2013: +1107.5 pips December 2012: +29 pips November 2012: +35.5 pips October 2012: +259.5 pips September 2012: +112.5 pips August 2012: +365.5 pips July 2012: […]


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