UK Services PMI 12/03/09

4:30am (NY Time)   UK Service PMI      Forecast 57.1     Previous 56.9 ACTION: GBP/USD                 SELL 55.00     BUY 59.00 Our focus will be on the Services PMI figure today and we’ll look for a minimum deviation of 2.0 from the forecast release figure.  If we get at least 59.0 or better, we could see further demand in the GBP that should justify for LONG trades on GBP/USD […]

New Zealand Retail Sales m/m 10/12/09

5:45pm (NY Time)       NZ Retail Sales Forecast 0.6%  Previous -0.5% ACTION: NZD/USD      BUY 1.2%      SELL -0.1% This is the measurement of consumer spending in the retail sector, as it reflects the strength of the economy and the pace of the recovery. We’ll be looking for a deviation of at least 0.6% from the consensus, therefore a positive 1.2% will […]

Canada IVEY PMI 10/06/09

10:00am (NY Time) CA IVEY PMI      Forecast 56.6    Previous 55.7 ACTION:  USD/CAD    BUY 53.6    SELL 59.6 We’ll focus on the IVEY PMI from Canada today, it is the equivalent of both ISM PMI’s out of US where purchasing managers of all sectors of the economy participate in this survey.  As with PMIs, they are considered as […]

US ISM Non-Manufacturing PMI 10/05/09

10:00am (NY Time) US ISM Non-Manufacturing PMI   Forecast 50.0  Previous 48.4 ACTION: USD/JPY      BUY 52.5      SELL 47.5 We’ll focus and trade today’s ISM Non-Manufacturing PMI, and a leading indicator of the nation’s Services sector, many investors look at this release as a directional index of this month’s economic trend.  With the consensus sitting at the medium 50 level and if our […]

UK Services PMI 10/05/09

4:30am (NY Time) UK Service PMI      Forecast 54.6     Previous 54.1 ACTION: GBP/USD                 BUY 56.50     SELL 51.0 Our focus will be on the Services PMI today and we’ll look for a minimum deviation of 2.0 from the expected release figure.  If we get at least 56.50 or better, we could see further support in the GBP and […]

US ISM Manufacturing PMI 10/01/09

10:00am (NY Time) US ISM Manufacturing PMI   Forecast 53.9   Previous 52.9 ACTION: USD/JPY                                    BUY 56.0             SELL 51.0 The Institute of  Supply Management Manufacturing PMI releases are highly regarded by traders since their inception, and throughout the years they have been proven to be extremely accurate in predicting the long-term trend as well as a leading indicator over the Manufacturing sector […]

NZ GDP q/q (Gross Domestic Product) 09/22/09

6:45pm (NY Time) NZ GDP q/q   Forecast -0.2%  Previous -1.0% ACTION: NZD/USD         BUY 0.1%            SELL -0.5% GDP is a high impact news… The expected consensus number is -0.2%, therefore if we get a 0.3% of deviation, we should see market move 40 pips within the hour.  NZD has been benefitting from the recent risk appetite […]

UK Retail Sales m/m 09/17/09

4:30am (NY Time) UK Retail Sales   Forecast 0.2%   Previous 0.4% ACTION: GBP/USD         BUY 0.8%       SELL -0.4% Our focus will once again be on the UK Retail Sales, which is measurement of activities at the retail level, therefore a higher Retail sales number means better economy and better for Sterling. The tradable deviation for this release will be 0.6% on the Headline number. If […]

Australia GDP q/q 09/01/09

9:30pm (NY Time) AU GDP q/q     Forecast 0.6%    Previous 0.4% ACTION: AUD/USD      BUY 0.8%        SELL 0.3% We’ll be trading the quarterly GDP number out of Australia, which is expected to be the second quarterly positive release as the consensus expectation is at 0.6%.  As a technical recession is defined as two consecutive quarters of negative GDP, […]

US FOMC Rate Decision and Statement 08/12/09

2:15pm (NY Time) US FOMC Rate Decision     Forecast 0.25%  Previous 0.25% ACTION: USD/JPY       BUY 0.50%    SELL <0.25% FOMC is going to release its interest rate decision today, it is likely to be an unchanged verdict keeping current Fed rate a 0.25%.  As a matter of fact, Fed Fund prediction is that FOMC will keep rates […]

US Durable Goods Orders m/m 07/29/09

8:30am (NY Time) US Durable Goods Orders    Forecast 0.1%     Previous 1.1% ACTION: USD/JPY                                                   BUY 1.9%              SELL -1.7% Durable Goods calculates purchase orders of goods that have a life-expectancy of 3 years or more, instead of goods that are being used up all at once. Examples of durable goods are cars, appliances, business equipments, etc…  Core Durable goods […]


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