US FOMC Rate Decision and Statement 08/12/09

2:15pm (NY Time) US FOMC Rate Decision     Forecast 0.25%  Previous 0.25% ACTION: USD/JPY       BUY 0.50%    SELL <0.25% FOMC is going to release its interest rate decision today, it is likely to be an unchanged verdict keeping current Fed rate a 0.25%.  As a matter of fact, Fed Fund prediction is that FOMC will keep rates […]

UK BOE Inflation Report 08/12/09

5:30am (NY Time) BOE Inflation Report   N/A ACTION: GBP/USD or GBP/JPY      BUY Hawkish     SELL Dovish This is a quarterly report from BOE on projections of inflation and the economy for the next 2 years.  It is a very high impact report and it could affect the short-term to mid-term trend of Sterling. If BOE is […]

US ADP Non-Farm Employment Change 08/05/09

8:15am (NY Time) US ADP NFP Changes    Forecast -351K     Previous -473K ACTION: USD/JPY           BUY -280K      SELL -420K ADP is one of the largest payroll processing providers in the world, and every month it releases its version of Non-Farm Payroll numbers 2 days prior to the official Non-Farm Payroll release.  This release is about 80% accurate […]

US Advanced GDP q/q 07/31/09

8:30am (NY Time) US ADV GDP q/q     Forecast -1.4%     Previous -5.5% ACTION: USD/JPY                                             BUY -1.1%                SELL -1.7% GDP, which is defined (from wikipedia) as “the market value of all final goods and services produced within a country in a given period of time. It is also considered the sum of value added at every stage […]

US New Home Sales 7/27/09

10:00am (NY Time) US New Home Sales   Forecast 353K  Previous 342K ACTION: (USD/JPY)                                                 BUY 423K             SELL 273K New Home Sales is expected at 423K, if the number is lower, it would be bad for USD, so we will look to SELL USD/JPY; if the number is higher, it would be good for USD, we could see a […]

US Existing Home Sales m/m 07/23/09

10:00am (NY Time) US Existing Home Sales        Forecast 4.82M     Previous 4.77M ACTION: USD/JPY, USD/CHF                                           BUY 5.22M                SELL 4.42M Existing Home Sales is expected at 4.82M, if the number is lower, it would be bad for the USD; if the number is higher, then it would be good for USD. Definition: Measures the annualized number of existing residential buildings […]

UK Retail Sales m/m 07/23/09

4:30am (NY Time) UK Retail Sales        Forecast 0.4%     Previous -0.6% ACTION: (GBP/USD)                                        BUY 1.0%                SELL -0.2% Our focus will be on Retail Sales, which is a measurement of the activities at the retail level of the nation; a higher Retail sales number means better economy, thus better for its currency. Our surprise factor will be 0.6% on the […]

US Fed. Chairman Bernanke Testifies 07/21/09

10:00am (NY Time) USD Fed. Bernanke Testifies ACTION: BUY: Hawkish SELL: Dovish USD/JPY Fed. Chairman Bernanke is scheduled to testify in front of House Financial Services Committe in Washington DC on the semi-annual policy report.  If Bernanke is hawkish in his tones over future economy outlook, then we should see risk appetite sentiment where USD should […]


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