UK Prelim GDP q/q 07/24/09

4:30am (NY Time) UK GDP q/q       Forecast -0.3%    Previous -2.4% ACTION: (GBP/USD)                               BUY 0.1%                 SELL -0.5% Our focus will be on the GDP, is defined as the market value of all final goods and services produced within a country in a given period of time. It is also considered the sum of value added at every […]

BOC Monetary Policy Report and Press Conference 07/23/09

Bank of Canada will release a quarterly Monetary Policy report and then hold a press conference with a prepared statement and then followed with a questions and answers session.  This monetary policy report usually provides insights over future BOC monetary policy direction and economic projections, which is extremely important for all investors.  The press conference scheduled 45 […]

UK Retail Sales m/m 07/23/09

4:30am (NY Time) UK Retail Sales        Forecast 0.4%     Previous -0.6% ACTION: (GBP/USD)                                        BUY 1.0%                SELL -0.2% Our focus will be on Retail Sales, which is a measurement of the activities at the retail level of the nation; a higher Retail sales number means better economy, thus better for its currency. Our surprise factor will be 0.6% on the […]

Australia CPI q/q – Consumer Price Index 07/21/09

9:30pm(NY Time) AU CPI q/q Forecast 0.5% Previous 0.1% ACTION: BUY 0.8% SELL 0.2% AUD/USD If we get a better than expected CPI data, we should see an instant appreciation of AUD by at least of 35 pips within the hour, but if we get a worse than expected number, AUD should drop about 35 […]

Canada Core CPI m/m 07/17/09

Core CPI m/m Forecast 0.0% Previous 0.3% Action: BUY USD/CAD (-0.3%) SELL USD/CAD (+0.3%) CPI, Consumer Price Index, is a statistical estimate of the movement of the prices of goods and services bought for consumption purposes by households. Its computation uses price data collected for a sample of goods and services from a sample of […]


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