New Zealand Interest Rate Decision 06/10/09

5:00pm (NY Time) RBNZ Rate Decision Forecast 2.75% Previous 2.50%


The rate decision is often priced in the market so it tends to be overshadowed by the RBNZ Rate Statement which is focused on the future. Short term interest rates are the paramount factor in currency valuation – traders look at most other indicators merely to predict how rates will change in the future.

Update: Based on market sentiment and patience, we were able to make 45 pips from retracement trade.

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My name is Henry Liu and I am a Forex Trader and Mentor. I help traders achieve consistent income trading Forex while spending less time trading. My focus in trading is a combination of Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, and Market Sentiment. Far too many retail Forex traders concentrate on just one aspect of trading, technical analysis, and ignore everything else; it is my goal (and vision) to educate every trader on how to take advantage of news trading and become more balanced traders.

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  1. Hi Henry

    I have a question as I am new to news trading and Forex.
    After the release you could see that the market was bullish. Why don’t you jump into the trade and take some profit straight away, wait for retracement and then jump in again?
    I have watched a number of your videos and I am just curious as to why you wait for retracement and do not jump straight in with the bull/bear market.



    • In a real live market situation (not demo accounts) you’ll get slippage, requotes, or just outright freezing of your account by brokers if you try to spike trade it. So I do all of my trades in a way that a normal retail trader would.
      However, if you can find a broker that allows you to spike trade with no requotes, slippage, then by all means jump in…

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