Fundamental Sentiment Trading: Pre-News Trading (Part 1)


Fundamental Trading

Fundamental Sentiment Trading is a type of trading method based on fundamental news sentiments. As the Forex market is highly speculative, strong high impact news releases are likely to move the market prior to their scheduled releaseā€¦


What Sentiment Trading IS:

  • Focus on high impact trend changing events.
  • 100% Pre-news, Enter and Exit before release.
  • Based on Long-Term trend or strong short-term bias.


Basic Rules:

  1. Enter during a market cycle reversal time.
  2. Enter at least 2 hours to 12 hours before the release.
  3. Close the trade no later than 5 minutes before the release.
  4. Follow the pre-news sentiment.


With Pre-news trading, market perception is everything!

As a matter of fact, if the market is expecting a news event to shift sentiment, we may see a more exaggerated move before the actual release!


About Kelvin Ching

I'm a professional Forex trader and I have been trading for over 7 years. I was a series 3 broker and a registered CTA with the NFA, the main regulatory agency in the United States, and I have been involved at the highest levels in commodity trading. I also have a background in Information Technology, graphics design, and programming... I'm the co-founder of, a site dedicated to fundamental analysis and news trading.


  1. Hello Henry:)I participated in the webinars and i have to say that it was great you share this knowledge.

    the only thing i am not clear yet is about retracement.should we wait for a retracement of 15-20 pips from the pre-release?so in a spike of 60 pips we should wait the price to go back 40-45 pips from the spike high?(in an ideal trade)?or wait for retracement of 15-20 from the spike high and then enter?

  2. Many thanks for sharing your insights via these webinars. I am very interested in signing up for your mentoring program but am unable to participate in this round. Any ideas on when your next release date will be?

  3. Henry, I really like the amount of good information to give on the FPA, your blog and this site. Its a pity i didnt find much of you around a year and a half ago when i began forex. If i did, my forex education would’ve been much smoother.

    But what I want to know is how much is it?? I don’t want to know how much it is on the ‘release date’ and then be pushed into being the first 50 people to buy it, that’s just dishonest sales tactics. I would like a bit of time to consider because right now its either get a new job or invest the time/energy into your course.

  4. Good day henry
    Thanks for the training, it is of immerse help to me.I was unable to download it from the site.Pls anyone who has download the videos send it as attach file to me via my email [email protected].
    I will be very grateful if someone can send it to me.


  5. Hi Henry,

    Thanks a million. I may not sign up for your mentoring course right away, but I will definitely sign up for a subsequent class. Thank you, all that you share is very enlightening and I don’t see anything wrong with you teaching others to “fish”

  6. Thanks Henry for your great contribution. All your work here are excellent!

  7. 12pm EDT – will be late night for me.
    What is the price and duration of the course?
    Are training sessions going to be during the same 12pm EDT hours
    or I could see them recorded?

    • Price will be revealed tomorrow.

      You can watch a live traderoom session by going to the link

      Most sessions will be recorded, and as of now I there are 17 dvd for study offline and 17 coaching classes to study online. However, everyday during NY Open I would analyze the market and I trade every high impact news releases (tradable ones) around the clock.

      • Since this is a homestudy course, it is set for 30 days, but if you want to continue with the traderoom after 30 days, you are welcome to do that at $249 a month…

        And the traderoom is only open to my Mastermind Students. No exceptions.

  8. I am confused, please clear this up for me.When you say ‘Sentiment ‘ trading it can be Fundamental sentiment trading or it can mean Risk sentiment trading. Am I correct to say that because in this webinar you sometimes say ‘sentiment’ trading when I think it should be Fundamental trading.

  9. so whay payment method are you useing

  10. I like your webinars! You should make more.

  11. Hi, Henry
    Thank you for webinars.
    Could you tell, which MT4 broker are you using for News Trader?

  12. Henry: the Webinars 1-3 are not really downloadable and storable: The download and can be opened in Quicktime, but unless you have the Quicktime Pro you cannot save them. Not a big deal – but just to mention it.


    • Hans:

      If you use IE or Fireforex, just use your right mouse key and select “Save as” or “Save Target As” then voila you should be able to select a location for the download,


  13. If you liked this webinar, please let me know so I can plan for more webinars like this in the future. Thanks!

    • Hi Henry,

      Can you organzie this webinar for other timezone (Europe & Asia) in future?

    • Hello henry
      Thanks for sharing . I realy like your webinar contents. Hopefully, more webinar in a future.

      you are very honest person.


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