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  1. Henry Liu

    Thanks for the assistance render to me and my household appreciate. I made 20pips on wednesday thanks for the directions giving to me

  2. I made 40+ pips. It saved my account and looking forward for next week’s trades! Thank you very much Mr. Liu!
    Although I made only 12 pips on our triggered USD/CAD trade (because I got the numbers late and there was very little retracement as you said), I managed to get 10 pips each out of 3 releases and I caught some of the USD/CAD retracement after a few hours. I lost 10 pips on one untradeable release.

    I used to be scared of high impact news trading but now I look forward to each and every one of them. You are a blessing to us all. Thank you Mr. Liu!

  3. thank you mr henry,i cant wait to attend your webinar tomorrow.
    am most grateful and hope to have dinnar with you one day in bahamas when i hit my million dollars target.
    you are a great man,my family says thank you for your wonderful free job.
    junaid abdul majeed

  4. Henry,

    Thanks so much for all your help. I actually made above 70 pips last week, but i later lost all by taken some other trade i though may be profitable. Fortunately for me i came across your blue print to Forex success yesterday. i now hope to follow only your directions, study the spike and retracement method take my trades base on your recommendations and watch how well i can do that alone.

    Thanks a million times.


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