US New Home Sales 7/27/09

10:00am (NY Time) US New Home Sales Forecast 353K Previous 342K

Measures the annualized number of new residential buildings that were sold during the previous month. A rising trend has a positive effect on the nation’s currency because the housing market is a leading gauge for the overall economy. A high level of housing activity signals that the construction industry is healthy and that consumers have the capital to make large investments. More importantly, new housing activity creates an economic ripple effect as home owners buy goods such as appliances and furniture for their homes, and builders buy raw materials and hire more workers to meet demand.

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  1. hello Henry,
    please how can i long into your trading room during news time trading?
    And please make it possible for people to download your awesome news trading videos so that one can always watch,study and learn more!

    All the best always!

  2. Endri Saraci says

    Hello Henry,

    Had a question regarding your 3 lines indicator could you provide the number of the averages or the indicators name. Great video by the way



  3. Hey!!!

    Thank you so much for this vid, I am interested in Time and Price Theory, and your three sessions rule has really given me something to think about. I will be adding this to my trading tool kit, thanks to you !

    I will definitely keep hanging around, you are doing something incredible here that it seems is not appreciated as much as it should be.

    Christine (skratch1989)

  4. hello henry
    very very help full.

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