Currency Strength Meter Explained

Let me take this opportunity to explain what Currency Strength Meter (CSM) is and how to take advantage of this amazing little tool, because once you start using it, you won’t take another trade without it! Here’s a brief description of CSM: a standalone program that calculates over 30+ currency pairs in real time and displays an at-a-glance view of the strengths and weaknesses of all major currencies, namely the USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, AUD, JPY, and NZD. The Strength readings vary from 0.0 to 9.0, with 0.0 being the weakest and 9.0 being the strongest (CSM 3.0.6 pictured below).

The color code used in the meter is pretty self-explanatory, with:

BLUE as weak (0.0 ~ 2.0)
YELLOW as normal (2.1 ~ 5.0)
ORANGE as strong (5.1 ~ 7.0)
RED as critical (7.1 ~ 9.0).

How To Use Currency Strength Meter?

There are many uses for the CSM, watch videos above to find out more:

One of the best uses for me is to gauge market condition before and after an economic news release. I like to look at the market and try to find the best pair(s) to trade prior to the release; for instance, look at the meter below (CSM 3.0.6 shown):

Now let’s say we are getting the Australian Retail Sales figure in just under 5 minutes, and the meter is showing AUD reading at a 6.8. If the news comes out favoring AUD, the best choice would be to BUY AUDCHF, since it has the best match up, with AUD at 6.80 and CHF at 3.00; if the news is negative for AUD, then the best choice would be to SELL AUDNZD since NZD is at 8.0.

By adjusting the pairs you trade during news releases, you can definitely add 10 ~50 pips more than just selecting a default pair, such as the AUDUSD.

How Does The Meter Calculate Currency Strength?

Here’s a quick formula on how the meter is calculated…

(PIPS / [DAILY HIGH-LOW] ) * BIS Weighted Formula + (PIPS / [DAILY HIGH-LOW] ) * BIS Weighted Formula… Then divide by Number of Pairs.

PIPS = Amount of pips this pair is at in reference to the daily range. If EURUSD is at 1.3500 and the daily range is 1.3450 to 1.3550, this figure would be 50.

Daily HIGH-LOW = This is the Daily High/Low range for the currency pair. If EURUSD’s low is 1.3450 and high is 1.3550, the daily range would be 100. The daily range is calculated from 5:00pm EST to 4:59pm EST 24 hour period, standard day for the Forex market,

BIS Weighted Formula = Once you get the reading and based on the pair, you’d multiply that using Bank of International settlement Forex volume distribution list to get the right weight.

+ = Repeat this process for every pair that contains your currency. For instance, the reading of EUR will require the meter to repeat the process 7 times: EURUSD, EURGBP, EURCHF, EURJPY, EURAUD, EURCAD, EURNZD.

Finally, you take the average reading and divide the result by the number of pairs, which is 7.

You repeat the same process for all 8 majors. You also have to keep in mind for reverse calculations as per the naming convention, because sometimes your currency could be either the base or quote currency in a pair, like USD is to USDJPY and EURUSD.

The meter does about 112 calculations per each reading, which is lightning fast considering the amount of pairs it has to go through. The advantage is that it can pinpoint you to the best pair(s) to trade by identifying both weak and strong currencies.

Make sure to watch my above videos and don’t forget to share with me how are you using my CSM.




About Henry Liu

My name is Henry Liu and I am a Forex Trader and Mentor. I help traders achieve consistent income trading Forex while spending less time trading. My focus in trading is a combination of Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, and Market Sentiment. Far too many retail Forex traders concentrate on just one aspect of trading, technical analysis, and ignore everything else; it is my goal (and vision) to educate every trader on how to take advantage of news trading and become more balanced traders.

You can find more information about me on my Google Profile.


  1. Clint Woods says

    Hey, I installed this and it gives different numbers to the widget to the right on this website. Is this normal?

  2. hi Sir Kelvin ching, saya sudah download CSM tetapi tidak bekerja dengan baik maka saya menghapus dan men-download lagi tapi tidak bisa men-download lg tolong bantu pak kim, terima kasih salam

  3. hi sir kim, i’ve downloaded the CSM but it does not work well then I delete and download again but could not download lg please help pack kim, thanks greetings

  4. how can i download it?

  5. Hi Henry – I posted yesterday explaining that I was having problems using the CSM. I have also noticed that the CSM on your webpage is also static – the values do not change – I try refreshing but to no avail. I have tried on three different PC’s – all with different OS’s but still no luck. Is the CSM server working or is it something from my side. Kevin

  6. Zdenek Pleticha says

    The CSM 3.0.6 windows app has not updated for over a day now. Nor has the one on the website. Is anyone else experiencing this? Thanks…

    • Zdenek Pleticha says

      The CSM on my PC started working a couple of days after I posted my comment above but I’ve noticed the web based CSM is still stuck with the same numbers from June 7th. It would be nice to have that as a back up in case the Windows based CSM quits working. Thanks

  7. It seems to be great but doesn’t work !

  8. Where is the link to download the currency strength meter (CSM)?

  9. kingsley says

    Thank you Mr. Henry for Education and information , but I want to know where to get the BIS Weighted Formula. Please reply as soon as possible

  10. CSM stopped displaying data since yesterday. Please Help, Oga Henry.

  11. Mohd Hafizzul Samutu says

    hello mr henri liu and mr. kelvin ching, i am still looking for the download button or link or what so ever to download this amazing strenght meter..can you guys help me with this?

  12. hi master,

    is CSM still available? i downloaded it and it went through but the registration is not going through, therefore it is not working yet.

    I had uninstall and reinstall and still the error message of “There is a problem with connection”

    Please is this from your end-server or my system?


  13. Godcares says

    Why are comments always perpetually waiting moderation?

  14. Godcares says


    CSM has refused to display anything for some days now. Don’t know what to do. Please Henry help!

  15. SoulmanNL says


    I’m having problems with my CSM software. Until today the software worked fine but this afternoon (european time) my values went blank. I only see red and blue blocks with no values.

    What happend? To much volume to calculate?

  16. darth crane says

    I have noticed discrepancies in strength between pairs in the currency strength meter between the downloaded version and the meter on your web site. Unless there is a difference between the time zone on your web site and the downloaded meter, not sure on the time zone. But a clear difference.

  17. Star Sapphire says

    I tried to re-install CSM and came to the registration page, filled up my details and it says “There is a problem with connection” Now i cant even see the icon! HELP

  18. Star Sapphire says

    Hi, I had to re-install the CSM and when i came to the registration page and clicked “Next” it says “X There is some problem with connection” Also there is a pop out that says CEF error. It says to look in App store but when i went to the App store it says no application found.. i really need help installing the CSM. It worked fine but since it suddenly crashed i dont know how to get it running again. Please help. THanks so much

  19. Star Sapphire says

    Hi there… there’s something wrong with my CSM. It was working fine but now its all blank. I dont know how to find an update or how run this thing. please help. i tried to re-install the file but it said it already exists… HELP. I also tried to download the net 3.5 framework from microsoft. im currently using windows 8. i havent updated to windows 10. should i update my windows for this to work? i have been using CSM since 2014.

  20. darth crane says

    I found the link. It appeared out of no where. Or maybe I missed it. The meter installed O.K. I can see it has adverts on it. Hope it doesn’t lead to spam,viruses or unwanted downloads. Looks like a good tool, can’t wait to get use to it. Only thing is, isn’t it a technical tool, not really based on fundamentals. Unless you believe that randomness does not exist in the markets.

  21. darth crane says

    I’ll try this again. My last comment wasn’t posted, maybe posts have to checked before they are posted???? Cannot find the link to download the currency strength meter. Does anyone know where it disappeared to????

  22. darth crane says

    Where is the meter. How do you download it?

    • darth crane says

      Now that I made a fool out of myself my last posts can be deleted. I found the link. It appeared out of no where. Or maybe I missed it. The meter installed O.K. I can see it has adverts on it. Hope it doesn’t lead to spam,viruses or unwanted downloads. Looks like a good tool, can’t wait to get use to it. You don’t even need your platform opened. Only thing is, isn’t it a technical tool, not really based on fundamentals. Unless you believe that randomness does not exist in the markets.

  23. suresh krishnan says


    how often does the CSM will be updated? all i see is the same reading for the last 3 days. can someone advice me on this please??

  24. Faisal Ahmad says

    Currrency meter again not working ,, can some one have have any sure ??

  25. sashabloom says

    Hi, I downloaded and registered successfully yesterday but the boxes are all blank. Doesn’t show any values. USD is blue and all the others are red but with no value in them. I can see the headlines scrolling by and the next major news and the ads changing.

  26. hi i just register but I cant download the strength meter..pls help

  27. mohan sridharan says

    can you send the online csm page link please

  28. mohan sridharan says

    CSM is not working, ie not displaying price strength. is this known problem.
    could you send me the link for the on line csm

  29. Great site. Glad, I signed up and became a part of the community. I have a problem with the CSM. After downloading, I can’t seem to get past the registration screen. I enter the registration information, name and email. After 30 seconds or so I get an error message that says. “There seems to be a problem with the connection”. My internet connection is fine? Is there a problem with the CSM software and me not being able to register?

    Thanks for any help,

  30. Hi

    I have just download the currency strength meter again but cannot registered. It said there is some problem with connection but am sure no problem with internet. What to do now. Please advise.

    • Pedro Jorge says

      I’m new and trying this for the first time and having the same problem, it says: “There is some problem with connection.”
      Of course I have no troubles with my Internet connection, as I’m posting this comment…

    • רוני בנימיני says

      Same here

    • mohd faudzi mohamed zakaria says

      same goes to me… anyone please help

    • I downloaded the CSM yesterday and was working then STOPPED working. It loads but just see empty re/blue boxes now. I unistalled and reinstalled and now the program won’t even open when I double click on the icon. Please help….

    • My CSM has not been working since yesterday. Currency strength not streaming. what could have caused it? I had the same experience few weeks ago.

    • Mohd Hafizzul Samutu says

      how man? cant even see the download link

  31. Nayanapriya says

    CSM not updating why is it ?

  32. where is download link?? i can’t find

  33. tim timpson says

    my csm will not load up at all this morning

  34. Hi,

    My CSM has stopped working and does not showing any values. Any idea why?

  35. mohan sridharan says

    the csm stoped working again. no prices displayed.
    is this a problem known to you or is it just my computer ?

  36. Hello,
    the Currency Strength Meter don’t work at the moment.
    Can you fix it, please ? Thanks!

  37. Ron Jasper says

    Ron Jasper The Currency Strength Meter will not accept my Email address to be registered does anybody have this problem….

  38. CSM works Fine for me. Thanks a lot to contributor.

  39. MikeS(Tex) says

    “CSM” Bars working fine now. Thanks!!!!

  40. Godcares says

    I’ve been only seeing red and blue colors with the news updates to the right, without any figure.please how can i rectify this problem? This is over two weeks now.

    • Godcares says

      I’ve been only seeing red and blue colors with the news updates to the right, without any figure.please how can i rectify this problem? This is over two weeks now. In fact, nothing is working any more. I need urgent help, Henry.

  41. Hello,
    CSM seems to be down (the one displayed on homepage seems stuck…) Also mine installed on my MAC does not work (it did work in the near past, but stopped woking days ago…symptom = news and red news displayed correctly, currency strength not displayed).
    Any hint please?

  42. I cannot understand why nobody answers questions on this page and why my last comment still awaiting moderation? I also do not understand why as a developer you are not bothered with the quality of code you developed or having effective communication with users of your code. Queen of England is more reachable than you! I tried to contact you through mediums including your blog, Google + page and Google hang out and no success. There is a problem with your application if you are bothered.

  43. Hello mr. liu why csm is not work from this week?

  44. Md.Rayhan Kibraia says

    I am a new trader . Could you please tell me why Currency Strength Meter does not working today ??? It shows all red…

  45. jaap Bantje says

    Hi Henry

    Since 3 days CSM 3.06 is not working anymore
    News lines are coming through , but no numbers
    New download and install plus update W frame did not solve
    the problem.

    Please have a look.


  46. Md.Rayhan Kibraia says

    Hi Henry and Kelvin ,
    My CSM shows all red last 2 days. I have re-install it but its all red . I Can’t see any number . Could you please help me how to solved this problem ????? Anybody knows how to solve this problem ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  47. Hi- I have used your app for a while now, however since yesterday I am having difficulty with it. It loads the interface but it does not show the currency strength in any of the skins but it shows just a white blank interface. I have the latest version of .NET framework and I cannot see any more updates for now. Any idea how to fix the issue? By the way is there any way to contact you directly?email etc.?

  48. Hi guys. I’m having problems with the CSM – just showing red and blue squares since morning – EVEN THE WEB VERSION ON THE WEBSITE IS NOT WORKING SINCE MORNING ALSO . Can you please advise if there’s a server problem?

  49. how do i download the meter on a mac?

  50. Hi,
    The Currency strength meter does not sync with your website one even though I update it as requested! Which one do I believe? I think the download copy is working but it’s a bit disconcerting when NZD is 4.50 on site but my download says 0.00, or AUD 6.00 on site but mine 1.80 !!
    What gives? Can upload you a screen shot but I can’t see a facility for that..

    Kind regards.

    • It seems the download CSM works and updates but the website version does not and remains frozen and does not refresh. When is Currency Outlook updated? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? Or none of those and only on impact news? Cheers.

  51. Charley Hankins says

    Where is the download link?

  52. Please can someone give me the best configuration for the Alarm setting?

  53. Is that application working on Mac?

  54. Hi! Please give a link to download your program, thank you.

  55. Hi, when I try to run CSM my laptop protection software says CSM is trying to control NinjaTrader ?

  56. Hello Mr Henry

    Hope i find you well.I just found out about CSM today i wanted to ask which time frame will the currency be showing strength or weakness for?Is it Daily,H4,H1 or the other smaller time frames.Also i wanted to ask is there a way of adding it to MT4 so that i can just have the indicator on the platform as i monitor markets?

  57. hi, i can not install CSM 3.0.6
    error there is some problem with network
    my PC using windows XP SP3 ,i have disable firewall and add exception at list firewall (firewall disable), ihave uninstall antivirus avira, i have remove proxy at IE, already install net framework 3.5 and 4.1
    but the error still appear, please help me sir
    Thank you

    • Dear Sir,

      i have already update net framework, now i can register CMS software, but i have new problem

      the error ” curmeter has encountered a problem and needs to close”
      at detail : error signature mode name :kernek32.dll mod ver5.1.26005512 offset 00012aeb
      please help me

  58. Naimur Rahman says

    how can i dowload it?

    • Hello All,

      I just installed the CSM and tried to register an account. Right after clicking on “Register your account” ,an error appears: “There is some problem with connection.” . Do we have a server maintenance right now ? I tried everthing: deactivating the Windows Firewall; reinstalling ; run the program as an admistrator ; ..

      I use Windows 7, 64 Bit. In the past the CSM worked well..

      I hope someone may help me !

      I really appreciate it, to have free access to such a great tool. Big thanks to the whole CurrencyNewsTrading Team!

      Best Regards from Germany,


  59. Brendon LaSalle says

    I dont see the link at all to download??

  60. Hi. I use the CSM, but it looks squeezed and I can’t see the number well. Is there anyway I can resize the box?

  61. Why 112 calculations and not 56

  62. Is this meter showing the 5M, 15M or 1 day time frame?

  63. I had the same connection error issues. I think it is related with the .net framework installation on Windows.
    When I downloaded the CSM, the installation required .net 3.5 framework. I downloaded the framework from Microsoft and installed. When I launch the CSM it game me connection error. I removed all the .net framework 3.5 installation from Add/Remove programs in Control Panel. After that, Windows Automatic Updates asked me to download .net 3.5 framework. I let the Windows to automatically download the framework. Finally software worked. No errors. Give a try if you are having the same problem. I think it is better to use the framework installation via automatic updates rather than a seperate installation from the Microsoft .net website.
    Happy trades 😉

  64. I can’t install my Currency Strength Meter. After I clicked the RUN button, this is the popup message: “The installer was interrupted before Currency Strength Meter could be installed. You need to restart the installer to try again.”

    I’ve tried to re-install again for so many times, but the same problem appears. Now, I don’t know what to do. Please help. Thank you.

  65. srinivas vegunta says

    while i am registering the CSM is saying can’t cennect to the server can anyone pls help me out

  66. Hi.
    My CSM news is not working, specially its time viewer. It has 5 hours late than in this site.

  67. JB Growler says

    My regret for not taking heed of Henry Liu’s advice to sell USD at the disappointing news release of the US ISM Manufacturing PMI of 55.5 (deviation 2) on 2nd Jan 2015 although CSM had all the signals of a momentarily stronger EUR to a weakening USD. I missed 200 pips !

  68. Hello and compliment of d season to u mr Henry. On reading your articles, I saw an indicator called FOREXXCODE. Do u use it? And how does it work? If it is profitable, how can I get it. Tnks and God bless.

  69. The CSM appears to work just fine except it has not displayed any “NEWS times” for the past 3-4 weeks. All I get is the standard “No News for the time being” notice. I has worked perfectly in the past. I have even downloaded a new version, still no change. Please advise, love it!.

  70. hi,

    about S&W analysis( currency strength meter). strength and weakness can switch in a dime.

    one moment it looks strong for euro . so you thinking maybe buy on pullback ,then you buy and S&W turns around.

    how can you avoid this then.

  71. Udayanga Kumara says

    I’m using Windows XP professional , Version 2002 , Service Pack 3.
    I have tried out several times with CSM.
    It ask to install dotnet 3.5 above.
    I have done it.
    Still not working CSM on my PC.
    Error giving “CurMeter has encountered a problem and need to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.”
    Can anyone help me on this matter ?
    Thank you all.

  72. can use CSM on windows 8.1

  73. Trying to use through my VPS, get the “There is some problem with connection” message. I have installed it on my regular desktop, works fine. Wonder if the VPS is the problem?

  74. Conrado Macaraig says

    The CSM in laptop stop running. I tried to reinstall it many times already but kept getting: “Error 101. InstallUtilLib.dll: Unknown error”. What seems to be the problem? I’m on Windows 7

  75. wahidyossry says


    why i can’t download on my lap , i am using Google chrome browser

    thanks to inform me the right download link

    • what error message are you getting? but you should be able to download to your laptop.

      • Ramesh Mohan says

        Hi Kelvin,

        I’m Ramesh from Malaysia KL. Would you be kind enough to explain how to download the Currency Strength Meter ?

        Appreciate your response on this Sir.

        Thank you and have a great weekend ahead.

      • hi sir kim, i’ve downloaded the CSM but it does not work well then I delete and download again but could not download lg please help pack kim, thanks greetings

  76. Hi
    I wanted to download the CSM on the computer, but my computer warned me that the file might cause harm to my computer, did anyone encounter this or anyone can advise me. Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Jo, it’s possible that you may get a warning since our software is not registered anywhere, but rest assure that it does not contain any harmful files or viruses.

  77. waltertaylor says

    I’m looking for currency strength meter for mac osx

  78. Hi Henry and Kelvin,

    I had a problem when installing the CSM … which is an error occured on my Vista 32bit that came out “please retrieve LoaderExceptions infomation”, how I have to fix this?

  79. Princewill Ogbolu says

    I am a long time user of the csm and i really cannot take a trade without it but something happened that i had to redownload mine and after installation and registration the figures indicating the strength of each pair has refused to display. I only see red and blue colours with the news updates to the right.. No figures just blank colours. please how can i rectify the problem.

    • Have you tried your CSM again? It could be that the CSM server was under maintenance on the weekend; it should be working properly now. Otherwise, try reinstalling it.

  80. Hi Henry and Kelvin,

    I really appreciate all the valuable info here on your website.
    It’s really awesome.
    The CSM is also very helpful.

    Although I think there is a fundamental flaw of it.
    While the red and the orange ranges are 2 points wide (9-7 and 7-5), the yellow range is 3 points wide (between 2-5).
    So there is some distortion in the data this way.
    What do you think?


  81. M Rizal Ahmad says

    Hi, my CSM has stopped working. Problem Event Name: CLR20r3
    I can’t uninstall / install. Can you help me

    Thank you

  82. Simeon A .O says

    Hi, Henry and Kevin, kindly help me with CNT, i downloaded it and it went through but the registration is not going through, therefore it is not working yet.

    I had uninstall and reinstall and still the error message of “There is a problem with connection”

    Please is this from your end-server or my stsyem?

    Expecting your reply.


    • Hi Simeon, we apologize for the inconvenience but this is a known issue and it will be fixed in the next update. Try reinstalling CSM again; if still unsuccessful, use the CSM web version located in our home page.

  83. hello mr liu,the guru,pls sir the new CNT i download could not install although I followed the advanced installation guide. thanks

  84. Abhinandan.v.raj says

    There is some problem in registering the CSM “There is some problem with the connection” is the caution. plz guide me to fix it.

  85. i cant download currency strength meter can you help me pls

  86. emmy_0422 says

    Thanks Mr Henry and Kelvin. this is another indicator, I think this will help me alot, though , I have not started trading. God bless you

  87. Hi I’d just like to are the values calculated on a daily basis?

    Is it possible to get daily, weekly and monthly?

    • Hi Claudio, at this time the CSM strength meter only calculates/displays the live actual strengths; we do not keep or display any daily, weekly, or monthly history.

  88. Thank you Henry, this meter is like a compass to me. It has helped reduced two losses : my sense of mental loss, and monetary losses. I trade better now. Thank you.

  89. ibikunle tolulope says

    please where is the download link?

  90. Badmus Taiwo. says

    Please, can someone please help me out, I’ve been trying to download this CSM for the past one week now, is there any special web for it?

    • Try again, it could have been a connectivity issue with the CSM server at the time of reservation. If still no luck, then you may have to use the web version located in our home page.

  91. May i know, it get calculated data from our mt4 or from ur server?

  92. Badmus Taiwo. says

    Hi, mr.henry, how can I get CSM 3.0.6 download on my IPad. Thank.

    • Sorry,CSM is not available as an app for Ipad or Android. However, you could go to home page on your Ipad to use the web version of the strength meter.

  93. I downloaded CSM 3.0.6, tried to register but it keeps saying “There is some problem with connection.” I re-installed it again about 3 times still the same, how do I fix this?

    • Hi Ezra, we apologize as this is a known issue that happens to some users. Try on a different computer or use the web version located in our home page; we are working to have this issue fixed on the next update.

  94. already downloaded and used the CSM for a day, but somehow it doesn’t work out in the next day…
    try to re install but stuck in the registration window, the “there is a problem with the connection” comes up and currency strenght meter in your site on the right sidebar also disappear ,
    any solution sir ?

    • The CSM server was down for maintenance this past weekend, which could explain why you couldn’t register the 2nd time around. Please try again, but if you are still unsuccessful, the you would have to use the web version located in our home page.

  95. Hello came across this site thank you for making all this available – the CSM, CNT EA, and the forex education etc., will take advantage of this information to improve as a trader. Kind Regards. Happpy Pippin to all 🙂

  96. Hi Henry,
    Thanks for the great SCM tool. I watched your video and you asked on there that if anyone had any other way they are using this tool to let you know. I use it in conjunction with the super channel.ex4 indicator. This indicator is a great way of determining support and resistance for each time frame and when used with CSM it is a great way to determine trade entry and exit points. For example if see say JPY is around 7 or 8 and GBP is around 2.5 then I take a look at that chart with the super channels on it, I look at each time frame from 1 minute up to 4 hours and see if the super channel trend matches for each time frame. If they do and CSM indicates a trade in the direction of the trend then I look for the best price to place a trade. This is a bit of a simplification and I have several other indicators that I look at to see if things line up, but CSM has become a major tool I use for my trading. I find it to be a great indicator of market conditions and seems to be very accurate. Thanks for a really great tool!

  97. luis urquieta gomez says

    Kelvin , there isn’t a mobile version for the Meter , is there?

    • Hi Luis, we do have plans in developing a mobile version/app, but it is not available yet. You can check on the currency strengths by going to our home page from your mobile device.

  98. Juan Ginard says

    Hi Henry, in a previous answer you said me “PIPS is the amount of pips a currency pair is at the current time in reference to the daily range. For example, If EURUSD is currently at 1.3500 and the daily range is between 1.3450 to 1.3550, then the PIPS figure would be 50”, but the example confuses me, the result where did 50 come from?, is the high minus the current price, or do you minus the current low value? Thanks.

  99. tim timpson says

    yes, its me again, i am finally able to get to your page, my csm 3.0.6 has not worked for the past 5 hours.

    • Hi Tim, why do you say your CSM is not working, is not showing the strength values? I checked and CSM is working normally. If in fact your CSM is not working properly, in the meantime, you may use the web version located in our home page.

      • tim timpson says

        no, what i mean is that it is on my desktop, but when i click on it, it gives me that error message and the meter will not show up, confusing since i’m running everything the same at my house and its been up and running on my laptop.

  100. Hello,
    I Install CSM but when i register it it replied THERE IS SOME PROBLEM WITH CONNECTION.And i m trying this daily but i don’t know that this is which type of software.?

  101. It still says there is some problem with connection, when I try to register.
    It is 10:50 am est. 12/3/13.
    I’ve been trying for a few days to register.
    Any idea when this will be fixed?

  102. Hi All, Afraid my CSM crashed out as the 5min alarm went off and locked my whole computer. Just would like to know if it is my computer or if there was a problem.

  103. ForexNation.Org says

    Hi guys. I’m having problems with the CSM – just showing red and blue squares – no values, no mid-range. Can you please advise if there’s a server problem?

  104. Does the meter operate under Windows 8? Like others have noted earlier today the registration process is failing to-day. I need to re-download due to a windows 7 pc failure. It worked fine on it but I cannot register it on the new Windows 8 machine.

  105. Ken Carmody says

    Hi Henry,

    Have had this before, and LOVED IT, but now, when I download the CSM, and Register, it says it can’t make a connection ?? I’m ONLINE, dont’ understand. Tried removing, and re-downloading, didn’t work. Can you help?? I love this thing. Thanks

  106. The meter seems to be malfunctioned? All the numbers are blank on Dec 01, 8:18pm EST.

  107. Pierre Warner says

    I watched the series of 4 videos from A very interesting presentation on currency strength, but when I got to the bottom line they were selling software to show currency strength costing $10,000 (might have been £10,000) Anyway V. overpriced in my opinion.
    So I searched for a strength indicator and found CNT and your Currency Strength Meter. Downloaded smoothly and is now working on my PC and FREE !!. Thanks guys, lots of interesting stuff on your website, so I hope the start of a useful relationship.

  108. Juan Ginard says

    Where do I can see the Bank of International settlement Forex volume distribution list. Thanks.

    • Hi Juan, not sure where you can find the Forex volume distribution list but here is there website:

      • Juan Ginard says

        You used in the formula for calculating the Currency Strength the BIS Weighted Formula, but do not know how to calculate this, I would like to incorporate into an Expert own, but … Is it a profesional secret?.

        • You can download the report and based on the figures to come up with your own adjustments –

          • Juan Ginard says

            Thanks, I’ll try to do something good with my EA.

          • Juan Ginard says

            Hey Henry, can you tell which is PIPS in your formula?, Says it is in reference to the Daily Range, which are two values ​​in your example you put as 1.3450 and 1.3550, are the maximum and minimum of the day?, And if that is, what is the difference with the Daily High-Low?

          • Juan, PIPS is the amount of pips a currency pair is at the current time in reference to the daily range. For example, If EURUSD is currently at 1.3500 and the daily range is between 1.3450 to 1.3550, then the PIPS figure would be 50.

          • Juan Ginard says

            But the Daily Range is the maximum and minimum of the day?

          • Hi Juan, the daily range is the daily high/low range for the currency pair. If EURUSD’s low is 1.3450 and high is 1.3550, the daily range would be 100. The daily range is calculated from 5:00pm EST to 4:59pm EST 24 hour period, standard day for the Forex market.

  109. Hi

    I can’t see any download link for CSM , How download?


  110. silvia lestari handayani says

    Hi, Mr. Henry. Why can’t I upadate/ refresh the online CSM that is on the right side bar of this page, even after I click “refresh meter”. The information given is just still the same for the whole day. Thank you, Mr. Henry.

    • Hi Silvia, I just tested it and it’s working properly. Often times, when the market is not moving, it may seem that the currency strength values are not updating.

  111. What pairs do you use to calculate CSM values? I have only this pairs in MarketWatch, but CNT shows quite different values:
    Do you use more or less pairs? If yes, which are the differences?
    Regards, Kornel

    • Hi Komel, the CNT dynamic strength indicator uses all available pairs in your MT4’s market watch. In regards to why the values may be slightly different, please click on the following link for answer:

      • Hello Kelvin,
        Thank you for your answer, I had read that post. You wrote “You could remove some exotic pairs from the market watch window if possible.”, so I removed all exotic pairs, like HKD, SEK, NOK, CZK, HUF… So the above mentioned 28 pairs remained in the MT4’s market watch. Now CSM shows EUR = 4,70 and JPY = 6,50; but the EA shows EUR = 6,50 and JPY = 3,90. The time zone is ajdusted correctly, So I still would liket to know which pairs the CSM use to calculate it’s values.

    • I have been unable to download the strength meter. It will not open up. Please help,
      Thank you

      • Hi Colin, was it working before? Were you able to register successfully after you completed installation? The CSM does have an issue with registration after you complete the setup; so if you are having this issue, try re-installing it> If you do have the registration problem, we are working on a fix for the next update; in the meantime, you’d have to use the web version of the CSM in the home page.

  112. today at the start of asian session the CHF was orange in color around 5. USD was in yellow around 3. still usd/chf was gaining strength even in the london session. why is that so?

  113. till yesterday i was on a losing streak. i was about to blow my fourth account. but then someone guided me to your site and had a look at CSM. wow it completely changed on how i used to trade. now at support and resistance levels i know what the sentiments are and plan accordingly.

    good bless you Mr. Liu

  114. I should have said I am NOT sure what critical means. Does it mean it is so strong that it should be bought or that it will probably drop and should be sold? Can you help?

  115. bobby haryanto says

    i can’t register from the software with message “there is some problem with connection”..

    • Hi Bobby, unfortunately this is a known issue that in some computers you may experience the connection problem. We will have this issue fixed for the next update but in the meantime, you may use the web version in our home page.

  116. Am I correct in saying that no matter whether it is a Buy OR Sell trade, that the 1st currency in the pair needs to have a higher value than the 2nd currency on the “Currency Strength Meter”??

    Cheers Peter


  118. Ron Anderson says

    Would it be possible to add a new option to select weekly strength rather than just daily strength. Sometimes its good to know if the currency has strengthened over the past whole week.

  119. First of all thank you very much, for the effort you putting guys, i dont know is it just me or this is happening to everyone i couldnt find email from you when i register in the beginning but in junk mail so you might guys want to refer this to new users or how to be solved and second issue is the activation key was valid!

    for the meter i really love it i used to use it while ago just small request can we put more option for the alert (ex. 5, 10, 15 min)
    i dont know if it has been discussed as many traders now using mobile and ipad app do you ever think of lunch it in app-store and android too? as they do have in android multitasking feature.

    Thank you so much henery & kelvin

    • Hi Talal, thank you for your support. We’ll consider your request for the future releases and definitely have plans to make versions of the CSM for Apple or Android in the near future.

  120. Adekunle kayode says

    Your CSM is wonderful no has bin helpful so far. The little challenge i have is i cant trade the news cos the time on the currency meter is +1 . I mean the time count on my CSM is +1. assuming a news is coming at 1PM. it will be coming as 2PM on my CSM and the same thing is happening to my CNT EA placing a trade a hour after the times has taken place.i tried the changing the server time and logging in the correct user name and password. i have also tried removing it and re installing it but no positive result. pls help.
    i am using forextime platform and windows 7 ultimate.

  121. Whether NetProfiteer Meter is good because your CSM is not at all installing on any of the OS..I have tried Windows XP,Vista but the problem still the same saying error “There is some problem with connection”..Either you release the new working version soon or try to fix this bug which lots of peoples are facing..Waiting for comment soon

    • Ravi sorry about the issues you are having. There are some fundamental issues with the software because it’s depedent on google and other 3rd party softwares that change their API periodically. We are moving away from using 3rd party and recreating everything from the ground up, so it may take some time. There are no quick fixes for the time being and we will need to release a new version. The plan to release is before September. Thanks for your patience.

  122. It is awesome indicator! Thank you so much dear Henry.

  123. Justin Park says

    What a pity you don’t have Mac version. Cross-platform Java version would be better.

  124. Hi Henry, thanks for your hard work and the awesome CSM 🙂 – Are you happy for me to run the CNT on a Demo and Live account at the same time? – cheers

    • Hi Fabian, it’s really up to you, but we always recommend using it on a demo account first, so you know for sure that it is working properly with your broker.

  125. Henry. I notice a difference between the CSM and the meter in CNT_EA. Around the Euro open today these were the readings for Aud and Usd
    CSM AUD 2.8 USD 4.6
    CNT_EA AUD 4.6 USD 2.4
    Should this be happening? I presume the CSM should be the one to follow.

    • Hi Bob, did you set the CNT EA with the correct ServerTimeOffset according to your broker server time. Often times, the strength values could be somewhat different, but the relative strength between the currencies should in most cases very similar. The CNT EA works with all of the currency pairs available in your MT4 market watch window. You could remove some exotic pairs from the market watch window if possible. If you are trading manually, you should follow the CSM, whereas the strength meter in the CNT EA is for the EA.

  126. Bruce Crawford says

    Hi Henry yes I cant get the currency neter to run ,keeps saying theres no connection. Have you been able to rectify the problem. Two other friends have downloaded it ok and can run it. Obviously a windows configeration issue ( I think)


    • Hi Bruce, we are aware of this issue and apologize for the inconvenience. We will have this issue fixed for the next release. In the meantime, please try installing CSM on a different computer or use the CSM web version located in the home page of

  127. MikeS(Tex) says

    Henry, the CSM has been working great up until a week ago. I still get the currency strength vertical bars, the news bar but the News tab on the right always gives me “No News for the time being”. Even during major announcements like NFP coming up on Friday. I reloaded it and still the same results. Am I doing something wrong?

  128. nivaldo padilha says

    hello, this is not appearing, the news in the currency strength? no news for the time being?

  129. How do I download the CSM? I looked for a download button after watching the video but to no avail?

  130. pipshunter says

    i have download and install the currency meter. However when I start the software it is asking me to register which I did but i am getting this error when i press the submit button ” There is some problem with the connection”

    • pipshunter, unfortunately this is a known issue and we hope to have this issue fixed on the next revision. In the meantime, you can use the CSM web version located in the CNT homepage.

  131. Fernando says

    hey Henry any change to pay with visa my montly subscription.. as l have problem with pay pal account..

    thank you


    • Hi Fernando, unfortunately we only have Paypal as our payment processor. However, you could contact our support(at)currencynewstrading(dot)com email to setup for wire transfer.

  132. hi i really like this site, because i can interact with other FX traders, i will like to know where i can download the currency strength meter

  133. I have just downloaded the CSM but having the error message on activation something about no connection or Connection Error.

    I suppose it is something I am doing wrong.

    Any ideas of what could help me to utilize this program?


    • Hi Gideo, this is a known issue and we’ll have a fix for it on the next release. In the meantime, try re-downloading and reinstalling the CSM; or try on a different computer if available. If everything fails, then you can use the CSM web version located on the CNT website.

  134. Why EA was Expired ??

  135. RASHEED BADMUS says


  136. pratheesh says

    Dear Henry

    Your currency meter is superb that is helping me a lot for successful trading

  137. onas dina says

    The market is crazily ranging

  138. Wes Ford says

    I have been having some issues with the registration process in activating my desktop CSM, it is having a connection problem. I have ran it as administrator, made exceptions for the firewall and even turned of the firewall and everything I can think of…I seen some other people have had this issue and was wondering if there has been a fix for this?

  139. Thank you

  140. Richard Hailes says

    How do I download your currency metre. I have been trying for ages but all I seem to get is advertisments.
    Please…..just tell me how what I need to do !!!!!!!

  141. Pls, Have been trying to install the CSM for some time now & it’s being giving me an error message “The is a problem with connection”
    Can someone help on how I can resole it. Expecting your reply.

    • Hi Samuel, we apologize for the inconvenience; we are working to fix this issue in the nex release. In the meantime, you can use the CSM web version on our website, located on the right sidebar of our home page and other pages.

  142. Adrian Trisnadi says

    Hi, I got a problem with my CSM since last week. Sometimes, it’s just freeze, mostly when one currency reach 0.00 on the CSM.

  143. john marston says

    Hi, I’ve seen comments about a known problem, not being able to “connect” to the meter. I have left this for some weeks but still can’t connect?

    • Not being able to connect refers to the initial registration process. If you have been able to successfully register for an account, then you should not have any connection problem… Were you able to register?

  144. Henry, whats the best time frame to use the meter with?

    • I use it mainly to determine the direction of the markets for the day, as the meter resets daily. So I wouldn’t recommend to use it on a fixed timeframe, but instead use it to confirm your entries.

  145. I could not find the download link for this Henry

  146. i wish i had found you and your currency meter months ago Henry . It really is such an asset and I find your CNT website most helpful and informative in the field of trading the news . Many thanks.

  147. Hi Henry
    Why are the Sydney and Tokyo session lights always on and the London and New york never light

  148. Bret Sallee says


    Really enjoy the news feature with alerts on the CSM. One question. I see how to pin the meter itself so that it’s always on top. But I noticed when the news result alerts popup they stay in the background, so that if you have your browser open for example, you don’t see them. Anyway to get them on top???


    • they are meant to show on top, could be a programming issue, will double check from our end, but I guess it depends sometimes on Windows :). Glad you like the CSM.

  149. traderbinary says

    Hi Liu,

    1)How to identify the reversal using your strength (in advance)?

    2) what time frame of this CSM is calculating?
    3) If I am trading biary option,how to determine minimum best expiry time?

    4)How to know trending and reversal ?
    5) how to know if it is over strength/over falling and about to soar again?

    please let me know answer to above to use CSM in a full strength.

    • Hello, welcome to CNT. Here are some answers to your questions. 1) The CSM is not really meant to identify REVERSALS, it is meant to identify strength and weakness. 2) This indicator calculates the trading day, which is different than the daily timeframe. It looks at the open/close for the day starting from GMT+2. 3) I have no idea how this would work with Binary Options. 4) Once again, this tool is not meant to determine trend or reversal. 5) Once again, this indicator does not determine strength/over falling and about soar again.

  150. Henry i ‘m some how unable to login to new csmeter at point of registration it says when i sign in i have a problem with connection is their a way to fix this?

    • Please re-download and retry installation. We have seen this issue, but it is very rare. If you are still unable to register, please use the web version in the CNT website in the meantime.

  151. i like your indicator. could it be developed for an android phone?

  152. @henry
    the csm downloaded is not updating any news on the metal trade platform. i hope am not using the old version of the csm because is showing me no news update till next week. please what should do

    • Hmm CSM does not need MT4. CNT EA does. If you have issues with CNT EA, then you need to make sure that you’ve followed ALL steps in the installation instructions. That means you need to register for CNT member, enter the user/pass in the appropriate field of the EA. Also you need to enter Suffix if your broker uses suffix. If you still have problems, then let us know.

  153. Christian Schild says

    Hi Henry, I have downloaded the csm on my Metatrader4.
    How come the value of the indicator is different from the data shown on this page??
    On the page EUR 8.00 JPY 3.20
    On indicator EUR 2.00 JPY 6.70

  154. Muhibbullah says

    where to download option of Currency Strength Meter?

  155. tim timpson says

    henry, my csm 3.0.6 has stopped working about 15 minutes ago

  156. hello mr liu,the guru,pls sir the new CURRENCY STRENGHT METER i download refuse opening.when i wanted to register my account.telling me (problem with loading) pls sir what do i do to rectify this problem

    • This is a known issue on certain types of Windows configuration. We have marked this issue for future updates. In the meantime, please use the online version of CSM (right on the sidebar).

  157. Thank you so much Henry!!

  158. thank you for this .

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