Methods of News Trading: 1. Trade The Spike


Three Ways to Trade Fundamental News:


1. Trade the Spike

  • We wait for the news release to come out. Based on the release number we enter the market immediately either with a Long or a Short position.
  • We try to catch the initial spike move, or part of the move.
  • We will put our Stop/Loss 15 pips from the pre-release price and our Take/Profit at the maximum expected range based on the report and its historical data.
  • This type of trading requires that you react fast enough to the release and use a broker that gives you good fill during news releases.


About Kelvin Ching

I'm a professional Forex trader and I have been trading for over 7 years. I was a series 3 broker and a registered CTA with the NFA, the main regulatory agency in the United States, and I have been involved at the highest levels in commodity trading. I also have a background in Information Technology, graphics design, and programming... I'm the co-founder of, a site dedicated to fundamental analysis and news trading.


  1. Spot on Henry , nice one, its sounds like you actually do beleive in your teachings and you are commited to forex, I am still on the fence but i think i will probably join you on the course.
    Regards John (Great Britain)

  2. What happen? yesterday and today the same: no pdf available. mmm

  3. arthur williams says

    henry how do i buy your mentoring system

  4. unable to download .pdf

    • Just checked, it works.

      Make sure you right click on the button and then select save as or save target as.

  5. I am unable to download the video. The PDF was not problem downloading but I really want to audio that goes with it. Any suggestions.

  6. Hi:
    Sorry, please ignore my email, I got it, thanks.

  7. Hi Henry Liu,
    Honesty I appreciate your strategy and I hope to learn from you one day
    Pls concerning this mastermind pls do make your fees affordable for average people like me.
    I have tried to download your pdf but I cold not pls help me on this.
    I am one of your followers
    thanks a millions

  8. Hi Henry Liu,
    Honesty I appreciate your strategy and I hope to learn from you one day
    Pls concerning this mastermind pls do make your fees affordable for average people like me.
    I am one of your followers
    thanks a millions

  9. greetings henry check this scenerio out lets say i have a10000 trading account i only used 1 lot on every trade never ever going over this which is 1$ a pip why would i use stops since it would take 10000 point move against my position to get a margin call what are the probabilties that one currency would move 10000 points against another one in 1 to30 days .if everybody traded like this and the banks had no way to run stops what would this do to the market would it come to a stand still.your thoughts take care

    • John its pretty simple, most traders end up overleveraging and at the end of the day, greed always wins. So while your plan should work, I seriously doubt anyone would follow it for long time. Our biggest enemies are usually ourselves.

  10. Hi Henry
    please the e-book link is not downloading the e-book, please help out.
    Thank you.

    • Check your browser setting, I’ve tested and it works. I even tried it on a different PC just to be sure. It works.

  11. David Warrender says

    Hi Henry how many pips do you make in a week? and what are the criteria for your 30-day money back guarantee?

    • David:

      Mastermind Mentoring is not a signal service, the amouint of pips you can make is up to you, but I usually take one or two trades and end up with 35 to 50 pips per trade, excluding the long-term trades that sometimes end up with few hundred pips of gain…

      The money back guarantee is no-questions asked. All you need to do is show me that you;ve taken 5 trades based on my methods on a LIVE account. Since we have over 30 news per month and tons of other opportunities, taking 5 live trades is very easy, but it shows that you are serious and are indeed following me. Once you provide that, send back your DVDs, I will refund you promptly.

      • David Warrender says

        Thank you for your reply. Just two more questions

        1. How many trades do you make between 5amGMT and 2pmGMT?
        2. What is your success rate for the trades percentage wise?

  12. Thanks Henry and it is a beneficial session with you.

  13. Thank you Henry and I benefited from this Master Mentoring program.

  14. Hi Henry,

    Thanks for having this recorded for viewing. I actually signed up for the 1st webinar, but was unable to attend because like what Llily mentioned, we are in asia and the time for the webinar is 3 am in the morning. Hope there could be a change in time for the coming up webinar.

    Thanks again from Singapore.

  15. Henry
    Please the e-book is not downloading, please help to put this in place. i am enjoying your great work and just need to learn more so i can make money from using news.
    Thank you.

  16. junaid abdul majeed says

    dear teacher henry liu,
    i have no other way to respect you than to say a promised teacher and God sent forex analyst,sir i want you to please reveiw the charges for mastermind registration for the purpose of we poor Africans,that money is very small considering the life chance and the live opportunity we will be gaining but i and my friends have gone a long way to raise such money during last open registration in master mind but we couldnt raise it and we so much beleive in forex trading to survive in life.i have been following your news for over a year but still i cannot join the mastermind because of that fees.
    please i will like to hear a good news so that i and my friend can also benefit from master mind class.
    thank you sir
    your faithful student from Nigeria.

  17. mohamed bahaa says

    Dear Mr. Henry Liu
    i would like to thank you very much for your effort , and for your nice advices , i have the following suggestion for you that alot of the new traders will like , to open a live trading room service with fees.
    i see that will help alot of new traders that have a fair experience in trading forex , and that will minimize their losses and in the sametime they will learn from you , because they will follow a great trader like you.

    • Traderoom is a good idea but this program is more into education than actual trade signals. I currently have a traderoom with Omnovia and it is meant as demonstration of my methods in live market condition and it’s only available to my Mastermind Mentoring students. I share a lot of trading methods, talk about real life applications, and discuss many indepth analysis that are all private. So if you stick around, after the 3rd webinar I’ll be making a offer so that everyone can join my Mastermind program… thanks.

      • Hey henry

        i dont know now how much will be this program? and what its include please send me an email with this details

        thanks man

  18. hi henry i have two trying to understand this strange correlation of the usd euro gdp yen relationships it seems that if the news is negative usd the dollar actually strengnthens against euro gdp and weakens to the yen chf gdp weakens to the yen euro weakkens to yen. when the dow goes up the pound euro go up the dow goes down the pound goes down ive trying to get my mind around this for a while your fundamental insight on this would be greatly appreciated also bloomberg news service is 1700 a month vs trade the news 175 amonth ive heard that bloomberg news clients get the news before the others is this true.take care

    • Too many questions in just post John.

      What you understand is risk aversion versus risk appetite. Risk aversion means traders don’t want to take risk, so they want safety. Both USD and JPY are safe-haven currencies, so in risk aversion mode we see USD getting stronger (and JPY) against all other majors.

      Risk appetite, on the other hand, means traders demand risk. Maybe demand risk is not the right term, but demand return on investment for taking on more risk is a better definition. Traders are optimistic (i.e. DJIA goes up) and other high yield or volatile currencies also goes up, such as AUD, CAD, NZD, GBP, etc… This is a very common market condition as of the last couple of years.

      I had both Bloomberg and Tradethenews, and sometimes one is faster than the other, but its random… for my trading purposes I use Tradethenews and I am satisfied.

  19. Don’t forget to signup for the next live Webinar by clicking on the “REGISTER NOW” button. This is going to be part II of news trading, it is a bit more advanced, but for those of you who have dabbled at news trading a bit, it will be INVALUABLE.

    Or you can register by following this link:

  20. Henry,
    Many thanks for the effort of educating and building the confidence of newbies like myself. However, we would be glad if you could make the video downloadable so that we can take it around in phones and other mobile devices for viewing at a more convenient time.

  21. your news letter always leave me confused. can you please tell me how to interpret it

    • bernard if you watch one of my trading videos along with one of my analysis, I think everything is pretty self-explanatory. You can find more information in this video and also on my news trading blog Read both articles on Forex News and Forex News Trading on the top menu.

  22. why do you do this when you make so much money from trading?
    rumours has it that when you make money out of trading then you don’t show it to someone else but keep it to yourself. it’s when you don’t make money that you create courses to make money out of that??

    • Thank you for not being disrespectful and say “those who can’t trade, teach” because if I get a penny every time I hear that…

      I have a lot of marketing and IT background before I started trading. I enjoy building an online business and make extra income, and the most obvious answer is that I do this because I can. If you were to propose to 100 successful traders and ask them to share their trading and pay them good money monthly, 90% will say yes. I don’t think anyone will turn down money, as long as the offer is good.

      And of course, the other reason is that I found I am great at teaching… this is something that I didn’t tealize until I started writing my daily analysis. I think a lot of people could benefit from my system and at the same time I could make some money, so why not?

      Last but not least, most people who do good in one area of their lives also are usually good in other areas, this has to do with attitude, sense of responsibility, and integrity. So if you like this video, you should expect the same or better in the actual course. Thanks.

      • Henry ,You dissapointed me,I thought you are a veru busy fellow.,why do are you wasting your time on answering this type allegation when nobody is forcing him to be part of it in the first instance.
        You simply could have ignore it after all everybody is entitle to his opinion,be informed that the begining of failure is to start thinking that you can satisfy everybody.Just follow your mind and if you are justify good enough.

      • Great answer , I agree with you ..left him disappointed by himself

  23. Hi Henry,

    How are you getting on with your £10k t0 £1M programme? Are you on track? Can you send me some progress?

    Thanks and well done!

  24. Hello, this is very interesting video, but i can’t buffer it while along i’m watching it. can you give me a link to download the video? so i can watch it repeatly and i don’t need to buffer it while i’m watching on it. Thanks !

  25. hello henryliu, this is very interesting video. but can you give me a link that be able to download this video? because my internet speed can’t buffer this video while along i’m watching on it. I need to download it so i can repeat it again and i can watch it without buffering. Thanks!

  26. This was great How do I get started ?

  27. how do i know the time when there are major moves in major currency pairs like eur/usd, gbp/jpy and gbp/usd

  28. how do i know the market cycle for my region? ie. when a eur/usd makes its major moves

    • Market moves when their local market is open for business. So most European currencies are more active during the market opening in Europe, which is around 3:00am EDT. As far the time for major moves, you should signup for my newsletter or visit my blog, I always analyze the market and provide a good trading plan for the news…

      Check out:

  29. I am an engineer by profession and trying to earn some money from trading AUD/USD fair. However, I have never succeded in few attempts.

    Could you advice me how I can take advantage of oppourtunities as avoiding risk of loosing money.

    • The simple answer is to join me in the Mastermind Mentoring system, not only you’ll get the entire course, but you get to trade with me everyday in the traderoom.

      • how do i get started and is this something that i would benefit from considering I am green in the trading world?

        • I suggest that you signup for the next webinar. My course is not really for absolute beginners, however you should be able to catch up in less than a couple of weeks by taking a free online course to get up to date on all Forex beginning stuff..

  30. Very good video. What is the cost of your mentoring program?
    Second , do oyu have an affiliate program attached to this. I have access to lot sof people.

    • I’ll reveal the cost later. There is an affiliate program please email to kc [at] newsprofiteer [dot] com and he will assist you.

  31. Godson Amadi says

    I have improved a lot using with your videos.Thank you very much.what i am only worried about is on how to recognize all the opportunities and trade profitable like you.what do you recommend me to do.

  32. You are another George Soros in the making. Keep it up!

  33. I enjoy your webinars and thank you for presenting them. I have a conflict on 22nd, but will try to download the PDF. The idea of recording is good. I hope that you will be able to do this. I don’t have the money to sign up now, but maybe later. Thanks again for your work for us.

  34. Henry

    How do i get up to date and up to the minutes news as and when it comes out?


    • There are a few newswire services such as or, they all provide audio services which are very fast and suitable for trading.

  35. Lawal Olabanji Lateef says

    Hi Sir Henry,

    Thanks again for everything.

    I have been trying to download the PDF but I’ve not been able to do that because it does not come up anytime I click it.

    You can send it to my mail box b’cos I know It will surely help me.


    • I can download it without any issue. Press Ctrl while clicking on download may help as your browser may try to stop the popup download window.

  36. I LOVE U MAN!!!! U turned Me from Loss to Profit
    A Lot of Thanks & Looking 2 C U in Cairo.

  37. hi henry love the webinar but if you can, explain the darkside of the forex market. what i mean is how to spot manipulation by the banks such as stop running or manuvering around certain technical levels.let me explain last week i was trading eur/usd the euro was moving pretty strong against usd it was coming up on the 61.8 fib on the 240 minute chart which is a strong technical level it came up on 130.310 stalled pulled back alittle bit then shot straight through to the 76 fib level in london then it sold off all the way through the new york session back down i saw this as aclear move to shake the 61.8 shorts to pop the stops which was probably 100 points which was the 76 fib then they brought back down 150 points i know the the 61.8 shorts went nuts on this. your thoguhts please

    • The conspiracy theory of the number “23”, that’s my thought. It is a movie by Jim Carey which is not that great but I think when you draw enough fib, pivots, support/resistance, market is bound to move within those lines, and some of them will work… while they provide clear hindsight picture, the real question is are they repeatable and actionable for you to trade in the future? If they are not, then don’t concern yourself with them, just focus on the predictable (such as news trading) and leave the conspiracy to the theorists…

      And yes, I do agree a certain manipulation is going on in the market…

    • Aniekan Okpokpo says

      Hi Liu, thank you for being a real loving and caring friend. I am very very young in Forex trade. i am prepared to submit to your tutolage to swing me into expertise level which i know you are. please, can yoou do that for me? i will be really grateful.

      once agani, I love you.

      mr. aniekan okpokpo

  38. HI HENRY,

  39. Hi Mr Henry,

    l have no knowledge whatever on forex,Please how do i start and for how long can it take for me to master it.

    • You should start with a beginner’s lesson and the principle is quite simple and a week or two should be enough to know your way around trading. But to master it, it is a completely different subject and may take you years, without the right guidance. I think my Mastermind Mentoring will help you get there sooner.

  40. Harry Leftwich Qld Australia says

    Good day Henry,
    What you can do is have the seminar recorded the it could be played back at more conveniant times, as I am in Australia
    Harry Leftwich Gold Coast Australia

  41. Hi Henry,
    I have not had time to listen to the 2nd and 3rd vid, but will do so over the weekend. The 1st vid was excellent, explained in a very clear manner and long may you live for all the good work you seem to be doing.
    My problem too is that we are in Middle East and may not be able to get on the webinar. Maybe you could send us a recording after it’s done. We would certainly like to join your mentoring program. We came to know of FX in 2004, but have not yet got the hang of it and obviously lost money. I feel we certainly need some hand holding (my husband and I are 62 and 56 respectively.) We certainly hope very fervently, we can some day get an income sitting at home and enjoying a retired life.
    Kind rgds,

  42. I notice yr webinars are usually held at 3pm (EDT). This makes it very difficult for those of us who are in asia to attend yr live sessions and hence the opportunity to ask questions. may i request you consider conducting them over the week end as many of us still need to go to work during week days – our goal of cos is to sack the boss. And perhaps conduct the sessions a little earlier. 3pm in miami is 3am in asia. Thx for yr consideration.

    • Lily I can’t change the schedule for this particular webinar, but I will adjust the next one. Thanks.

  43. Don’t forget to leave me a comment and let me know what you think about this video, thanks!

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