Chapter 2 – Why does the Forex Market move?

The real question is why the orders are piling up one way? The answer, of this supply & demand symptom that we are seeing of more demands on the EUR/USD is the key to understanding Forex Market.


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Take a moment and think about it. The reason why EUR/USD is moving up is because the market thinks (perceives) that EUR is more valuable than USD. That is why it is getting bid up. The real underlying question is: Why does the market think EUR is more valuable than USD?

Here is the real answer: Forex Market moves because of fundamental news. If there are no news releases, there would be practically no movements in the Forex market because the value of every currency pair would be fixed, with no expectation of better or worse, the market will stay at a standstill.

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So, we’ve come to a full circle now illustrating WHY the market moves. To put it in a different perspective, Forex Market moves because it is constantly trying to reach equilibrium with news events, pricing in surprises in fundamental news and sentiments. In other words “The Price EUR/USD (or any currency pair) is trading at is NOT its real value, but a perceived future value, an estimated value that the market has placed on it, as results of past, present, and future (estimated) events.

That’s why it’s so important to understand Fundamental news. Every high impact news release changes the perceived value of the currency, understanding these fundamentals will give you a bird’s eye view of the market and allow you to place trades and stay on the right side of the market…

Important Concepts

  • Fundamental news moves the market.
  • Market constantly ajdusts to reach equilibrium.
  • Current Price is a reflection of market perception of what
    the future price is going to be.


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