Precision Trading – What Do Mastermind Mentoring And Roger Federer Have In Common?

I get asked this question a lot, what is my Mastermind Mentoring Program all about?

I think I can sum it up in two words, “precision trading”… 

Let me explain…

You can probably classify trading into 3 different categories… First, you have the long-term trading where trades are held for days or even weeks.  Second, you have the scalp trading where you get in and out of the market in a matter of minutes.  Third, you have precision trading, where you wait for a setup to get in and out within the first few hours, but usually always in the same day.  Long Term trading appeals to investors who use lower leverages and focus on the long term outlook of the market, and the gains per trade could range from 100 to 1000 pips. Scalp traders are mostly traders who focus on probability and discipline.  Scalp traders usually targets 1 to 10 pips of gain per trade and it always comes down to the number game.  Scalpers are the type of traders who feel that you have to work hard for a living…  I personally know a scalper who take 20~ 40 trades a day, 14 hours a day, 5 days a week… 

Precision Trading on the other hand, is a completely different game, and it is probably the most popular type of trading as most traders don’t have the patience (or account balance) to wait for weeks, nor the discipline (or time) to scalp trade.  And my Mastermind Mentoring Program is all about precision trading where we focus on short term opportunities with laser-like precisions.  There is no need to trade around the clock like a scalper, nor risk huge drawdowns like a long-term fundamental trader… it is all about precision, where we wait for the market to come to us, enter the trade, and cash out…  Very much like what Roger Federer did in this video…

Mastermind Mentoring is all about reading the market, finding high probability setups, and only execute the trade when the timing is right.  It is a combination of fundamental analysis, technical analysis, market cycle, and market psychology…    Read about my Trading Methods for more information…

-Henry Liu

About Henry Liu

My name is Henry Liu and I am a Forex Trader and Mentor. I help traders achieve consistent income trading Forex while spending less time trading. My focus in trading is a combination of Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, and Market Sentiment. Far too many retail Forex traders concentrate on just one aspect of trading, technical analysis, and ignore everything else; it is my goal (and vision) to educate every trader on how to take advantage of news trading and become more balanced traders.

You can find more information about me on my Google Profile.


  1. Hi Henry,

    What’s the difference between this mentoring program and the home study program? The home program is $997 only.

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