Daily Forex Market Review 05/30/13 (+30 pips)

Daily Forex Market Review 05/30/13 (+30 pips)Today’s Trade Result: +30 pips
May 2013: +166.5 pips
April 2013: +851.5 pips
March 2013: +327.5 pips
February 2013: +127.5 pips
January 2013: +1107.5 pips
December 2012: +29 pips
November 2012: +35.5 pips
October 2012: +259.5 pips
September 2012: +112.5 pips
August 2012: +365.5 pips
July 2012: +158.5 pips
June 2012: +322 pips
May 2012: +323 pips
April 2012: +212 pips
March 2012: +302.5 pips
February 2012: +288 pips
January 2012: +80.5 pips
Sept~Dec 2011: +1335 pips

Let’s analyze the market and review the events that took place over the weekend during the Asian and the European market hours. We’ll analyze these news as we analyze the news and look into today’s US market session.

We’ll focus on relevant news, public comments, and any high impact releases that are shaping the overall market today, or in other words, considering the context of the market. Then we will look at the official trade recommendations issued yesterday and calculate profit/loss results. Then we’ll move forward with today’s analysis for all 7 major pairs plus any other pairs that are worth mentioning, and we will end the daily analysis with trade recommendations.

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