1. DONE EA Installation Page – Update Screenshot on Step 9 and remove the DownloadURL external Option shown in the EA.
  2. DONE CNT News Trading EA Settings: Need a banner on the top of the page for better look/feel.
  3. The NFP shows as a popular search as part of a Google code, it should show more popular search words later with more traffic; but we could remove it for now, since it looks weird; plus the search results has a large white space. Search Result Page – The is a link to NFP at the bottom.
  4. DONE Google+ button doesn’t seem to open a new page (target=”_blank”).
  5. DONE Broker Page – Wrong count of reviews and star average.
  6. DONE Add line separation at the end of reviews on individual review pages.
  7. DONE https://www.currencynewstrading.com/what-is-news-trading/ – Add the right Subnav
  8. DONE https://www.currencynewstrading.com/education/ add the right subnav
  9. DONE https://www.currencynewstrading.com/currency-trading-tips/ – add right subnav
  10. DONE https://www.currencynewstrading.com/definitive-guide-to-fundamental-trading/ – add right subnav
  11. DONE https://www.currencynewstrading.com/forex-learning-videos-that-makes-learning-forex-trading-fun/ add right subnav  (The right subnav would be the one pointing to other first pages in the Education Section).
  12. DONE In Definitive Guide section, change all part 1,2,3 to Part I, Part II, Part III.
  13. DONE https://www.currencynewstrading.com/45718/forex-fundamental-analysis-made-easy/  fix last screenshot
  14. DONE All News Analysis articles link to Fundamental Outlook needs to redirect to CNT.  The Score in the analysis is an iframe, use shortcode instead.
  15. DONE Fix pop-subscription form. Background image and text above the form is not showing.
  16. DONE Change all links to new Twitter account
  17. DONE Double-check after launch that post-bottom Google links are showing
  18. DONE Change Fundamental Analysis charts background URL to CNT
  19. DONE Create new category inside “Market Headlines” for Top 10 weekly posts?
  20. DONE Broker pips calculation is not correct


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