The Best-Kept Profit Video For Currency Strength Meter (CSM)

This is a “Must-See” Currency Strength Meter video in my opinion, because I’ll show you some of the best-kept secrets of profit to using the CSM. I cover 4 trading methods in this video, and they are shared by traders who have been using my currency strength meter for years and have developed their trading methods based on this incredible tool.

If you are watching this video, I’d assume that you need no introduction on what Currency Strength Meter is, but if you do, make sure to watch the 7 best uses and the main CSM page for information on the meter. It is, in short, an indispensable tool in trading, as it’ll show you an at-a-glance view of the market, allowing you to make timely decisions while taking advantage of market trends…

This video is 18 minutes of straight to the point talk on Currency Strength Meter. I dive directly into overviews of these methods, followed by entry conditions, and much more, so you can use the meter and follow these methods today. Of course, one word of warning, as with everything Forex, there is no absolute. These methods have shown to work in the past, and it is relatively reasonable to expect them to work in the future, but of course, there is no guarantee… Even if sometimes all conditions are right, these methods may not work due to other factors, such as unscheduled (or even scheduled) news releases, market sentiments, order flows, etc… that are beyond the scope of these methods, so always use caution and most of all, common sense, when following these methods… I’ve found that these methods are effective over 80% of the time, and that is considered great odds for Forex… So feel free to trade them on demo accounts first, and give it time, you’ll thank me later 🙂


  1. Mohammed Yusuff says

    Hello All.
    This is the today’s update relating to UK. will this news make GBP weaker???

  2. does currency meter robot still available?

  3. David Kennedy says

    Love the new indicator….it’s great that it is independent of the MT4 platform. Use Standard deviation….this is better. Going to spend this weekend learning it completely.

  4. I notice that the meter moves fast from weak to strong. Is there a time frame that I should wait before I go into a trade based on the meter? Sometime I go in long on a 5pt spread, but very soon the meter reverses.

  5. forex currency traders says

    Thanks for the heads up on this subject.

  6. Hi Henry,

    I hope you are well. Are you still planning to launch CSM 3.0 as I cannot download CSM as I have issues using Windows 7?

    Many thanks,

    • @ Gareth
      You can install using compatibility mode. type compatibility on your w7 run and follow instruction when the program lunched

  7. Thank you henry

    I am newbie in forex…iam from indoensia…
    i find the CSM yesterday…i instal to my computer…and work i test the CSM i get 20 pip in the same day…..

    i hope i get very much PIP with the CSM

    thank you very very thank you…

    God bless for you

  8. i use your meter and combine with my method(naked chart,non indi at all),100% win,and until today i never lost the trade,(my method using 30 tp and 60 sl for all pairs).thanks to your meter henry.

  9. I am looking forward to your new 3.0 CSM Henry you are the best!thanks:)

  10. Henry, I have 2 computers side by side, both on win7, both on mt4 demo with the same broker,both using the same server at the broker.
    I have your currency meter on both pc
    I noticed that right now as i look at them that they are not in sync
    eg yen on the 1st pc is at 9 while on the other its 2.2.
    this goes for all pairs, nothing matches.
    Am i missing something here?

  11. Adeyinka Basir says

    hi Henry, i tell you that you ‘ve been so generous to the success of every other traders and i really appreciate this act of yours and do wish you keep it up. Pls HENRY, wat about the C.S.M 3.0 thought u said before April 1, 2011, we ‘re still waiting???

  12. Hi Henry
    I tried to watch the videos but on my connection gave up after a few hours.
    From the description it sounds like the meter is basically performing stochastic calculations????
    Is that right?
    There was a fair bit of talk of ‘beta did this or that’ for CSR but nothing like stats or real info to back it up as far as I could find?

    • Oh, and I forgot to ask you – why the different pricing on CSR dependant on bank balance? You’re explanation confused me or maybe I heard wrong? Does it only trade fixed lot size rather than %risk as you commented that a smaller account probably couldn’t handle the drawdown of a ‘larger account balance’ ???????? Cheers 🙂

      • No, bigger account requires bigger lot size, so in order to trade bigger lot sizes, you need the silver or gold version.

        For any starting account of 20K or less, the standard version will do.

    • No, not based on stochastics.
      CSR is available at

  13. Hi Henry,

    Another subscriber, Terrence, wrote on March 26:
    “I have just downloaded your CSM. The value for EUR and NZD both show as 0.00.
    Have you any tips how to correct this fault ?”

    I had the same problem.

    Your advice was to enable all the currencies and to restart MT4 and the meter. I tried to do this but still got a reading of 0 for EUR AND NZD. Maybe I don’t understand what enable means. I clicked on “show all” as a way to “enable” the currencies.

    Thank you for your help.

    • Unless your broker is missing some pairs, and in that case, those two readings won’t have enough data to do calculation. V3 fixed this issue.

    • fxlakebum says

      Trent, Try this and see if it will fix your problem.

      In your Metatrader 4 program go to Tools ->Options -> Server (Tab) -> Check Enable DDE Server

      Now Close Metatrader 4.

      Start Metatrader 4.

      Start Currency Strength Meter.

      That’s it, it should work flawlessly.

  14. Well, the meter by itself is pretty cool, but not super ultra useful…which IS pointed out in the videos. But when you have an idea of what you expect the market to do, via fundamental analysis, or technical analysis….this meter makes your trades nearly 100% accurate. Takes a little adjustment to understand how to make use of it, but well wsorth the effort. Since i have learned how to use it, i have not lost a single trade.

    SO…in conclusion…. Thank You Henry!! You are Awesome!!

  15. Dave Cruikshank says

    Mr Liu, Thank you for providing this excellent tool free of charge to us retail traders. Also thank you for this excellent explanation. I’ve been using Ver 2.0 for about 6 months now, but I now understand it much better. There were times when say the USD would be 8.0 and the AUD would be 0.0 and I would go to that pair and see no movement. If I understand correctly it is because the market is at the top of it’s range possibly. I couldn’t understand how the numbers could be that and the pair not be moving strongly. I look very much forward to your release of version 3.0 God Bless you for helping the average trader with all of your free education. I have purchased you E-book about Trading the News. I highly recommend it to everyone. Just 1 or 2 of the tips alone in that book will pay for the cost, even if you don’t trade the news. The same with Henry’s weekly newsletter subscription for $49. Also a bargain.

  16. Hi Henry,
    I am regular user of this meter and your fundamental analysis. when your 3 version will be available?

  17. Mr Henry,Thank you for the video i started using the meter 3 months ago.i

  18. I have been following you for 2 years. I just bought your e-book and took a few of your tips and just three days I am up 257 pips. 3 years ago I tried to do this with no patients and blew my account away. You have made a believer out of me. I would like to know if the news profiteer is something I need to purchase. I would like to know how often this up dated. Do you have any particular trading desk you like.

    Thanks Skip

  19. martin reeves says

    Excellent work Henri again,
    Interested in what the million dollar system is all about, is this going to be available soon?

  20. I was just wondering when version 3 is going to be released? I think you said before the first?! 🙂

    Great gauge. It has helped me a lot!! Gracias senor

  21. Hi Henry Liu

    Thanks for the info.

    But could you let me know whether your latest version of the Corrency
    Meter Robor is compatible is compatible with all versions of Windows.

  22. Your meter does not work on a Mac. I boycott all businesses that do not cater also to the Mac

  23. Hola Tienes soporte en español, sigo varios meses tus publicaciones pero por el tema del idioma se me hace difícil.


    • Sandy Harlestone-Smith says

      Yeah, come on Hnery, no Mac, no Spanish…How about Arabic and Estonian too and while you’re at it, a Sharia compliant version would be useful as would one from my Sinclair ZX81 Spectrum….


      One of the biggest problems with doing people a favour is that they end up thinking you owe them…

  24. Hey Henry, thanks again for the tips and tricks. I’ve been trying the daily reversal trade for the NYSE open and it works like a charm (except on fridays it seems). But I have a question regarding the european session opening trade. Do you enter the trade at 2:30am or 2am? 2am makes more sense to be but I just want to be sure.

    Also, how much longer until the csm v3 comes out? I can hardly wait to get my hands on it…so to speak. 🙂

  25. Henry, How real is this thing? It sounds too good to be true. I’m doing well in forex manually trading and do follow you from time to time for fundamental insight. However, if your robot is good I will use it. If I can get at least 5% a month I’d be extremely happy although I’m getting more than twice as much as that manually trading but I’d be happy to have my time back by using a bonafide robot.

    So Henry, How real is this?

  26. Henry, what can you say about Admiral Markets broker? He has different working hours then the others, he starts the week 5:15pm New York time and closes 4pm. Is it gonna effect CRS somehow?

  27. i am wondering why the meter has the same numbers in everyday ???? if someone could tell me it be nice to know

  28. Sandy Harelstone-Smith says

    Hi Henry. Is the the V3 release of your currency stregth meter still being released today (March 28th) or has that been put on a back-burner while you float the Robot offering?

  29. hi henry, the link “add to cart” is not functioning~~

  30. thanks for your currency strength meter, i start using the meter 3 weeks ago. i am still watching it on demo. ps send me your weekly outlook report

  31. where is the Trick No 5 video The link is taking us some where else its takin down wrong link we want to here about the million dollar trader

  32. Henry, in your video Trick #5, you said you would be releasing a video in the next 24 to 48 hours.
    I would really like to hear how he accomplished growing an account from $10K to $1M in just over 3 months.
    Although most of us wouldn’t be able to duplicate, it is always good to hear what he did to accomplish the incredible increase in a Forex account.
    As any information that we can pick up from this would be fantastic.

    When can we expect to see the video explaining this method using CSM?
    Thanks for the meter by the way I do use it regularly and also looking forward to the 3.0 update

  33. Thank you Henry. I’m please to know the new version of CSM will be available soon. Great work!

  34. Dear Henry

    Thank you. I will download and try out and let you know the outcome.

  35. Hello Henry, thanks for all the work i have use the meter and it helps with my trading. love this video as it is based on some serius results from traders. I guess i should also give a big thnaks to them.
    Looking for to see the next video.

    Keep the good work


  36. Henry,

    Would you be able to shed a little more light on the million dollar trick guy as his trick you explained seemed to be very short so short that I think I missed it. I would love to view a copy of the account for the guy with the million dollar trick, since it is only a demo account then it shouldnt be a problem should it? To be honest I had to have a quiet laugh about the whole thing, it seems very hard to believe,

    Thanks Devin

  37. Ron Lawley says

    Hello Henry,
    Thank you for your information . I am always impressed with your efforts to help new traders. I am still looking for something that works for me and am happy to try most things out there.
    I still think it is a learning process with a lot of precise judgement needed not a simple matter of memorising a few techniques. My learning is progressing so thanks for your help.

  38. sheldon hazen says

    Hi Henry,
    Much appreciation for the efforts that you have put into this project free of charge. Looking forward to the new Meter 3.0, and I will keep you informed of my progress.
    Keep up the great work.

    • Hi Henry,

      Thanks for your effort and sincerity to get a lot people off the forex blanket free of charge through your CSM best profit tricks video. I watched it last Thursday evening and start applying it on London market opening of last Friday on my demo account. At the end of the day, 137pips stood still for me.

      I will continue using it one or two weeks on demo to reach some level of perfection before i go live. I will very soon upgrade my status to mentoring program because If free gift can perform like, certainly your products with monetary value will be excellent.

  39. Hi Henry,

    First, I’d like to congratulate you for the news profiteer, for you have done a tremendous job and also thanks for sharing it wit hus.

    My question for you Henry is how does the meter calculate currency strength. I have one that makes adds the last two bars on teh 240M chart.
    Yours is probably different. Can you please explain?

    Thanks again and happy pipping!


  40. Phoebe Ejimbe says

    Great video! Thanks a million, Henry for sharing. Looking forward to your next video and the latest version of your CSM.

  41. Am downing your CSM now.I know its a good work. Please help us by giving us more fully mechanical trading strategies .
    Thanks and God bless

  42. Thank You Henry!! I use your meter every time I take a trade , it is the best indicator I’ve ever seen ! Your meter is the helping make nice profits trading the Forex. Thank you so much.

  43. Thank you for the meter. Its new for me and look forward to the study and deployment of it. It seems their is room here for adaptation and creativity.

  44. Where can I register for the mentoring programm

  45. Hi Henry,
    I have just downloaded your CSM. The value for EUR and NZD both show as 0.00.
    Have you any tips how to correct this fault ?

    Thanks Henry

  46. I think it’s great if you made currency meter indicator in mt4 it’s a little file so, not a software.

    • Henry Liu says

      Actually there are lots of meters made for the mt4 platform that work as indicators… But that’s not what CSM is… My meter is a standalone Free product and for the purpose of displaying strength and weakness of a currency, it is sufficient doing what is is intended to do.

      • Dear sir,
        don’t confuse us.your software name is Currency Meter 2.0 or news profiter meter
        which one is correct………………………………please first clear it.
        your strength based on pairs or single currency?

    • Of course, the CSR robot has an internal meter build-in to work with MT4, but the problem is that it takes time to gather up the ticks per chart, so if you want to have meter show up on every chart, then you need to attach them on all your charts, which will bog down your PC… if you just have it on one chart, then you need to either share your screen of change the pair on that chart, which means another 5 seconds of delay to get the data… I see lots of disadvantages as an indicator/ea for manual trading. But as a standalone program and an automated EA, its great.

      So the obvious solution is to have a standalone software that can be set to display at all time, you can change your charts while keeping your eyes on the meter. Unless, of course, you are thinking of some automated strategy to use with the meter, and that’s what CSR is for…

  47. thanks about detail explanation in your video.. i hope you can release currency strength meter v3.0 with good appearance..

    because v2.0 its look like old program… hehehehe

    i like to use your meter as one of my trading style..

    i hope your can improve the program and can provide a chat section.. to ask question to you..

    thanks again

  48. Wow! Thank You! I can’t wait to download it.

  49. Great video. Will be watching for the next video and the Currency Meter 3.0 release

    Thanks again Henry

  50. Sandy Harlestone-Smith says

    Not sure what’s going to be in V3, but the ability to sort the pair order would be great.

    As would the facility to have historical data on the changing values for each pair.

    As would some sort of feed into MT4 itself for those of us that trade directly from MT4 and through other EAs.

    These are purely ‘great to haves’ from my perspective as the existing version does a really good job just as it is right now, so please don’t think I’m being churlish Henry!

  51. Great ideas. I haven’t seen the meter but an eager to give it a look. And the ideas are phenomenal.

  52. Thavarath Keith says

    Hi Henry,
    First off all I’d like to say thank you so much for your great information it contain a lot of
    the strategy that full of experience, and education I really love it and waiting to have a chance to joint in the future.

  53. Hi Henry,
    Thanks for that; I have the current csm running, but from what I see values have yet to change – anything I should be doing to ensure updates?

    • Please follow the steps in the installation guide on the top fo this page.

      • Hi again Henry:
        I see there are a few people like me – not seeing any change in the Currency meter each day. I followed the installation steps. Today, I un-installed the program, then re-installed it, but again, nothing changed. Perhaps you can send me a screen shot of todays meter to my email address. Thanks again Henry, you are doing a fantastic job to help the small guys in the community.

        • Errol please try with following the installation steps from downloading to restarting your platform. If it still doesn’t work, then please wait until V. 3
          BTW, most people with problems such as yours were able to fix by following the steps, either checking the DDE server or adding the suffix in the meter. No one to my knowledge is stuck with unchanged meter except you…

    • I am also seeing the same thing. I just uninstalled the meter, then re-installed it. Nothing changed. Just as a clue – what is the picture of the icon ? I am looking at a masked man. Is that correct ?

  54. R. John Montague says

    Hi Henry,

    I’ve just aquired your strength meter and will let you know my results in the near future.

    Many thanks.

    R. John Montague

  55. Guus van Goethem says

    I just love this stuff. You’re a great teacher, Thanks

  56. Dear Henry,
    THANK YOU; THANK YOU; THANK YOU :))) Sharing your expertise for free, sharing your market analyis daily, regularly… You are great!

  57. Hi Henry

    I wou;d like to subscribe your mentoring program kindly let me how to join the program

  58. Hi Henry,

    It is great to see someone who is willing to share success and knowledge without having a “fanfare” attach to it that blows baloney up our ears…will try your meter for sure.. keep the good work

  59. Henry, I really like your video, thank you for your thought.
    I am a newbie in Forex, don’t even have a Demo Account.
    I asked Apari asked for a Demo and they refused because
    I ;live in British Columbia. Could you please suggest another
    Broker. I will be downloading the Currency Strenght Meter.
    Thanks for your help.

  60. Anthony Jordan says

    Hi Henry first time here.
    look forward to more from you

  61. I dint understand the 4th Trick #The Constant Scalper, can someone please explain?

  62. james johnson says

    hi henry. thank you so much for csm, it has really become one ot the tools i rely on: to keep it simple, it helps confirms the position aiam in or not to stay in. thanks again

  63. Great tips (as always 🙂 ) from Henry. Thank you..

  64. thank you

  65. Hi Henry. How are you?
    Henry all the videos that you post are excellente. I’m getting your e-mails for the last 3 or 4 years when at first I bought your book; was excellent too. Henry I use your meter most of the time in (reverse trade’s) and according to the chart’s one of the best way that I like to trade and profitable.
    Thank you so much for all the new good things that you constantly are adding to us.

    King regards

  66. Thank you Henry, your efforts are priceless

    I have one question, When the meter is for example EUR 7.00 and USD 1.5 do you automatically enter the trade or do you wait for a confirmation e.g it has remained at 7.00/1.5 for a certain amount of time before entering the trade?


  67. thanks Henry! awesome video. 😉 looking forward to the next version.

  68. chichi beli says

    thanks henry

  69. chichi beli says

    hi henry,
    thanks for this video

  70. Charles Peters says

    Henry you are one in a million and I thank you for your honesty and continued helpfulness.
    Without your continuing guidance I would be at a loss on how to earn income.Personal
    factors preclude me from “gainful employment” so for me you are all I have.I wish you
    continued good health and personal success.May the “higher powers”bless and protect you and your loved ones.

    If not already available,please let me know if I can download your 7 CSM tricks.

  71. THANK YOU!!!!! I’m a beginner,and I appreciate all you do to support us!
    In kindness and gratitude,

  72. Robert Quinichett says

    Hi Henry,
    I was in your 10K program but dropped out after losing the 1st 3 or 4. Received refund instantly. That alone confirmed what I already believed about you as a person. Look forward to new meter( have not used the 1st one)

  73. Henry, I would like to know how to join your master mind training program and I also want to know the fees structure of your course..thank you

  74. Great

  75. Hi Henry I’ve been using your strength meter for a while now and it has helped me with a lot of trades. I haven’t used it for a particular setup but after your video I will try some of these strategies. Cann’t wait for the $1,000,000.strategy video I hope the person who discovered it will soon be a millionaire.

  76. Henry, I have had the strength meter for about a year and have only used it to give me a reference concerning current trend. I have been a 10K members since last summer and still have full confidence in the method. Looking forward to the next video!!! Maybe we can turn 10K into a million in more then one account!

  77. Thanks for sharing these methods. Will you be providing any updates on your mastermind class? I wasn’t able to go this time through but am very interested in how it is progressing.

  78. great video things like these will help remove the fear of 4x trading. Thanx

  79. great stuff, as always. Looking forward to the next video, i can use a million dollars! lol

  80. Great Video. Looking forward to the next installment!

  81. Hi Henry, you are a Master and your CSM is the best! I look forward to many years of your great analysis, insight and feedback of the FX market.

    I am looking forward to your new 3.0 CSM and the video on the $1MM method, which brings me to an important point regarding the terminology that you use. I think it would be better to call it “methods” versus “tricks”. Tricks sounds too scammy if you know what I mean. Just a thought…

  82. Great work!

  83. Darrell Jones says

    Looking forward to the next trick. It sounds like a real winner.

  84. Thank you Henry that was an excellent video!! Giving lot of ideas for an aspiring trader like me.Once again thanks a lot.

  85. Hi Henry,

    Thanks for sharing these tricks. I look forward to the next video. I hope that it is something that I can apply to my trading and hopefully help me to develop confidence and profitability. Question: Are you coming up with an EA for this?

    Thanks again.

  86. Hi Henry, this is so great, I look forward daily to learn from you , and without any doubt you have a great multitude as students behind you, proud of you man.

  87. Thank you soo much Henry for your generosity on given the CSM for free…. I have been using the CSM for a while and it has been very useful tool for me…. It has really improved my trading…

    Once again, thanks a lot. I look forward for the new 3.0 CSM.

  88. Thanks alot for all that you are giving without charging anything, Henry.
    You are a good man. I am a newbie and when I get consistently profitable in my trading with your meter, I will surely sign up for your mentoring course.
    Cheers and thanks again.

  89. Thank you for your generosity. There are lot of great folks in the trading/forex community, and you, Henry, are one of them.

  90. Serge Charles says

    Hey, awesome news on the updates on the CSM. Looking forward to seeing the 5th video.

  91. please, i need a link on where to download this meter. thanks

  92. Phoebe Ejimbe says

    Henry, thank you ever soooooo much for your great works and generosity. It is unparrallelled! I find your currency strength Meter very useful and I look forward to the revised version. May you be strengthened in your ever-helping support to traders. I do know that ..”it is only in giving that one also receives in abundance”. And so, may you receive in multiples of that which you are giving to traders.


  93. taiwo iyanda says

    hi henry,
    you been an big blessing to me in open my eye to alot of thing in trading that as really help me. pls that million dollar trade am expecting it, what you are talking about that guy . it look impossible. but i know is possible, am wait for that vidoe thanks alot.

  94. Sandy Harlestone-Smith says

    If it is possible to have the data on the charts themselves, can it be tailored (by us users) to pick up just the two currencies for the current chart displayed?

    I currently use another form of meter which does have these facilities, but your data appears to be somewhat more accurate and definitely faster reacting than that which I currently utilise.

    • The answer is “not at this moment”. I might make the orders adjustable, but as far as showing them on MT4, it probably won’t happen, because I am really trying to make the new version independent of MT4.

  95. Sandy Harlestone-Smith says

    Is there any way to have the data available an and ind which can be loaded on the MT4 chart itself?

  96. Sandy Harlestone-Smith says

    Is there any way to change the order of the Currencies displayed Left to right?

  97. O’Henry !!… Big Thanks for your excing video… and where can I install a CSM ? Thanks

  98. The meter appears but the number are all at 0.

    • Moderator says

      Hi pierre, please make sure to have your MT4 platfomr open when using the meter, and make sure the DDE Server setting is checked (under Tools/Options).
      The new version 3.0 of the meter will not require a MT4 platform and set any DDE server option or enter suffix, etc… As Henry mentioned, we should have the new version available for download by next week.

    • Make sure you follow the installation guide. If your broker uses suffix after the symbol, you need to check the 2nd check box “My Broker uses diff…” and enter the suffix in the textbox. It is case sensitive.
      If it still doesn’t work, then wait for the new version next week.

  99. Hi Henry

    Many thanks for your mission and vision. You keep my hopes alive!

  100. Thanks for the video Henry, very interesting ! waiting for the new CSM

  101. Daniel Sunday says

    Hi Henry, thank for your free service. God will surely reward you for your labour of love. My Bible says in Proverbs 11:25 that “the liberal soul shall be made fat, and he that watereth shall be watered also himself”. Keep it up. God Bless you.

  102. The currency meter shows the strength and weeknees numbers but do not change even though I input the check mark in the box ‘ My Broker uses different Quote’ and type in an ‘m’ for my broker symbol. It was working and now it does not. I even removed it from my computer and reinstalled it to no avail.

    Is this due to you making a new meter?

    • No Randy, it could be when you updated your MT4, the DDE Server field needs to be checked off and re-checked again. Sometimes MT4 is weird like that…

    • Moderator says

      Hi randy, this has nothing to do with the new meter. If it was working before and not now, check to see if your MT4 demo account has expired. If the demo expired, the meter may not work, since it’s not getting data anymore.
      In the upcoming new version 3.0, this would not be an issue.

  103. Henry; Fantastic video. The key word I listened for is Consistency. I am looking forward to the New Currency meter and that last method you will share. You are indeed a wonderful human being. Thanks again.

  104. Great and exciting video. Looking forwad to the new CSM.

  105. Henry you are the best!thanks:)

  106. I could not install in my pc..i`m using windows 7..

    • I have tested with every single versions of Windows and meter works fine. Not sure why you are having issues, but I will be posting a new version in a week or so, and it will definitely be a much easier version to setup.

  107. Thanks H, i have recently downloaded the CSM, thus far i had success using it. I have been following your advise on news trading and it helps a lot, your comments always insightful ,thanks again.

  108. Exccelent video.I am waiting for the new CSM and next video

  109. Hi Henry,

    Gee Henry… Tom Yeomans must really hate you for giving away free something that he is charging hundreds of dollars for.

  110. Hi Henry,
    Thank you so much for your “free” service.
    Great tips from other Traders, which is also appreciated, especially for beginners. Have been using the meter for 1 week and can see the difference in my trades.
    Look forward to updating the new meter AND see the #5 The Million $ Trader.

  111. Henry, there are not many people like you in this world today as many are just for themselves. I,m sure you know that you could make some money by selling this product but wish to give others a starting point in self-employment.

    Thank you for giving back, by this you will always be blessed

  112. Thanks Henry. In the video you talk about showing screeshots but I was not able to see none. Anyway looking forward to the 3rd version and I hope it doesn’t take to much memory.

  113. BARRY APPS says

    Thanks, Henry. I have been using your version 2 for past year and have had some very good results when news trading and day trading. Now I most certainly look to your next version along with the Robot follow-ups. These 5 tricks are most interesting ,particular at opening sessions.
    Also ,do you have any strength feeds with GOLD /USD. as I sincerely follow fx gold/usd.

    • Since Gold is pegged to USD, for strengths and weaknesses you can just look at the gold chart. There are no distinctive advantages of putting gold and silver in the meter because there aren’t multiple pairs for gold with different currencies…

    • BARRY APPS says

      Thanks Henry for your reply. I understand.

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    Very nice tricks on this video, always nice to have wider views over some trading systems from others.

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    Have been experimenting with the CM for only a couple months but looks very encouraging.
    Can’t thank you enough.

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    tony :—))

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    I’m interested with trick # 1.
    If i used the UK open, it’s posible to buy strong/weak on the GBP/USD? Because I really confuse why on trick # 1 is sell strong/weak.

    • I believe during market opening, traders who are already in the market usually will take profits to secure their gains, and that causes a temporary reversal, which is why he looks for a combination of extremely high/low pairs. Usually you should get 20 to 30 pips if you time your entries right.

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    Thank You
    God Bless You

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