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  1. I don’t find the logic behind the selection of the best currency pairs, maybe because the online CSM isn’t working. At the moment of writing your desktop CSM is showing me USD 5.90, EUR 1.80, GBP 4.80, CHF 4.00, CAD 6.00, AUD 2.50, JPY 6.30, NZD 6.50.

    So EUR is the weakest currency at the moment and NZD the strongest. If I try to avoid the bigger spread on NZD pairs, JPY would be a decent choice.

    According to your article it’s always “sell weakness and buy strengt”. In case of better news I would sell EUR against the currency I’m focusing on and in case of worse news I would buy JPY or NZD against it. Is this correct? I’m asking because neither selling weakness and buying strength nor selling strenth and buying weaknes is giving me the suggested pairs.

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