Forex Weekly Outlook May 22 ~ 26, 2017

We’ve got just 3 tradable releases scheduled this week, but these 3 releases have the potential of changing the entire market landscape, so my recommendation is to schedule your tradings around it, or at least be aware of them and either move with the trend or stay out of the way! May 24, 2017 10:00am […]

Forex Weekly Outlook – May 15 ~ 19, 2017

We got plenty of high impact news scheduled this week, here’s a brief list of tradable releases, for a complete analysis along with Forecast and Previous figures, make sure to visit our Forex Calendar page. Here’s a brief list (all in US Eastern Standard Time): Tue May 16 4:30am UK CPI y/y Wed May 17 […]

Friday Report – May 12, 2017

Tons of economic development took place today, but as a Forex trader, here’s what you should know: Peru Central Bank (BRCP) cut rate from 4.25% to 4.00%.  Market was widely expecting a hold.  This is not a major impact event for the general market but a telling tale of situation in Peru and South America.  The […]

Daily Newsletter Is Back!

Back by popular demand, our once long-running (10 years) daily newsletter is back. Just enter your email address in the Newsletter box above then confirm your email (we’ll send you an one-time confirmation email), and that’s it. You’ll start receiving your newsletter daily on Upcoming tradable news, market headlines, important economic topics for the day, and […]

Key Facts For The Upcoming FOMC Meeting

The Fed is not likely to hike rates yet again, at least not in the immediate meeting after the March rate hike,  that is, of course, the consensus; however, considering how much these so-called “economists” have gotten wrong over the past few years, if it were up to me, I’d say anything goes, although the […]

Interest rates too low for too long could cause financial instability: Fed’s Bullard

U.S. interest rates being kept too low for too long could cause financial instability in future and stronger market expectations for a rate rise are “probably good”, St. Louis Federal Reserve President James Bullard said on Monday. A relatively tight labor market in the United States may also exert upward pressure on inflation, raising the […]

Fed likely to hold off on hiking rates until September: Reuters poll

The U.S. Federal Reserve will likely wait until September before raising interest rates again, stretching to nine months the time since its first hike in nearly a decade, as it waits for clear signs inflation is picking up, a Reuters poll found. This is the second time this year that economists have delayed their rate-hike […]

Japan’s below zero rates complicate BOJ’s efforts to kick-start growth, end deflation

Driving interest rates below zero, the Bank of Japan has turned a comatose government bond market into an enormous free-for-all, complicating the central bank’s own efforts to kick-start growth and end deflation. The $9 trillion market for Japanese government bonds had been all but paralyzed since the BOJ began a massive monetary easing three years […]

Why oil’s plunge is causing mayhem in global stock markets

The latest plunge in oil prices is putting a smile on the faces of millions of Americans. But should it? Sure, the stunning crash in oil prices below $27 a barrel seems great for consumers because it’s driven gas at the pump to nearly $1 a gallon in some places. And the thinking is that […]

BOJ cuts key interest rate to -0.1%, will cut lower if needed

Japan’s central bank is stepping up its efforts to kick-start the country’s struggling economy by taking a key interest rate into negative territory. The Bank of Japan said Friday that it will cut the rate on current accounts that commercial banks hold with it to minus 0.1%, adding that it will push the rate even […]

IMF cuts global growth projections amid China slowdown, rock-bottom oil prices

The International Monetary Fund cut its global growth forecasts for the third time in less than a year on Tuesday, as new figures from Beijing showed that the Chinese economy grew at its slowest rate in a quarter of a century in 2015. To back its forecasts, the IMF cited a sharp slowdown in China […]

U.S. economy loses momentum as manufacturing contracts, construction spendung falls

The U.S. manufacturing sector contracted further in December, as the impact of a stronger U.S. dollar undermined export profitability, while U.S. construction spending fell for the first time in nearly 1-1/2 years in November, suggesting only moderate economic growth in the fourth quarter of 2015. The U.S. Institute for Supply Management (ISM) said its index […]

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