CNT EA Advanced Installation Guide

The following installation instructions are for advanced users or for users that are unable to succesfully complete the installation using the standard installation file.
Below are the CNT EA files that you can download and manually copy into your MT4 platform folder.


1. Once you have downloaded the files, copy and paste the CNT_EA.ex4 file into your MT4_Platform_Folder/experts/

2. Copy and paste the CNT_EA.dll file into your MT4_Platform_Folder/experts/libraries/

3. Open your MT4 platform and continue setup by following the steps starting from step 9 of the CNT EA Installation Guide

Note: One easy way to find out where your MT4 platform folder is located, is by right-clicking on the MT4 desktop icon and click on Properties. Usually it is located directly under the C: drive or in Program Files folder.


  1. atifafzal says


    I am unable to install CNT EA because the setup is not going to completed. The setup is every time asking show the Metatrader folder where Termical.exe file is located. Once I am giving the path of terminal.exe file then setup is not automatically detecting it.

  2. still can use this ea?try use on Roboforex but get error..’no connction to server’…….not get prob with others ea…any help?


    Anytime i want to load the EA i use to receive this megs . (produt:CNT_EA. Licencing Server is not available-rev.7-8460) please what can i do?

  4. chidiebere says

    The CNT_ea did not working on my platform….It did not show on my navigator /libraries am using HOTFOREX MT4 build 988 version…Any suggestion is welcomed..thanks

  5. Silver Ratnik says

    I placed files into the correct folders but I get alert “licensing server is not available or you do not have internet connection….)”. As I obviously have internet connection could someone please help me what should I do?

  6. Hello, I have problem with your CNT EA 1.1.2. The error is: Our licensing server seems to be not avaiable or you have no internet…

  7. Agathe Bauer says

    Since around 1.1.2016 I get the following message:

    Dear User. Our livensing server seems to be not available or you have no internet. Please recover internet or try later again. “CNT_EA” will not work. Please restart Metatrader to try again.

    Is it just me getting this message? I tried it on different machines (Home and VPS), both with the same problem.

  8. Nayanapriya says

    I have added EA to my MT4 but trade didn’t opened ?Why is it ?

  9. I finish copy CNT_EA.ex4 on experts folder and CNT_EA.dll on libraries folder but

    when i attached CNT EA on graph it say Licensing server seems to be not avaiable……im already enabling expert advisor on option setting..and did everything that write in above guide???why its still not avaiable?????please help …please

  10. I’ve found the issue but not the solution: CNTea works flawlessly when on my laptop pc and refuse working from my VPS. Same configuration. it’s a problem of communication between the CNT.dll and the server: could it because of the Firewall? or could be another issue? thanks a lot……

  11. Anthonie Moore says

    Successfully installed CNT EA using the advanced method. Only thing is, the integrated currency strength meter isn’t visible. Another thing I noticed was that 59 seconds before news release my terminal froze. Any suggestions?

  12. Hrdlicka says

    My answer:

    after instalation MT4 on Strategy this message:

    CNT_EA EURUSD,M1: Reading File
    CNT_EA EURUSD,M1: no file

    It’s OK ??

    Thank You.

  13. I installe the EA correctly but this appears once I start it….
    ¨you have to enable libraries in order to work with this product¨, what can I do to fix that? I don´t know how to enable libraries. I have other EAs and they work perfectly.


  14. Jeremy Olsen says

    I am practicing with the CNT New Trading. I was able to load it and it appears to being running fine until right before it places a trade. then i get the following message in the expert tab. also there is a orange pad lock in the upper right hand side of the window. not sure what is going on and am looking for some help.


    2015.03.03 05:28:46.970 MACD Sample USDCHF,M5: Error opening SELL order : 4109
    2015.03.03 05:28:46.622 MACD Sample USDCHF,M5: Error opening SELL order : 4109
    2015.03.03 05:28:45.439 MACD Sample USDCHF,M5: Error opening SELL order : 4109
    2015.03.03 05:28:44.904 MACD Sample USDCHF,M5: Error opening SELL order : 4109
    2015.03.03 05:28:36.222 MACD Sample USDCHF,M5: Error opening SELL order : 4109
    2015.03.03 05:28:32.261 MACD Sample USDCHF,M5: Error opening SELL order : 4109
    2015.03.03 05:28:32.261 MACD Sample USDCHF,M5: trade operations not allowed by settings
    2015.03.03 05:25:41.938 Forex-News-Expert_v3-4 GBPUSD,M5: initialized
    2015.03.03 05:25:41.647 Forex-News-Expert_v3-4 GBPUSD,M5 inputs: LabelAccount=Account Settings:; [email protected]; Paypal_Trans_ID=39V18606AM973422H; LabelRisk=Money Management:; Lots=0.1; MaxLot=10.0; Use_MM=false; MaximumRisk=1.0; LabelGMT=GMT-Server shift in hours for BackTesting:; GMTToServerShift=2.0; LabelFilter=News Filter:; TradeHigh=true; TradeMedium=false; TradeLow=false; LabelCurrency=Currency Selection:; EUR=; USD=; AUD=; NZD=; GBP=; CHF=; JPY=; CAD=; LabelTime=Time Settings:; TimeBeforeNews=30; ToKeepS
    2015.03.03 05:25:25.444 Expert Forex-News-Expert_v3-4 GBPUSD,M5: loaded successfully

  15. Has the ea been updated for the new mt4 build or its still in progress?Because the pending orders are not executed even if there is an instant spike.

  16. Michael McBain says

    OK another problem or two…

    How do I find out what my Broker Server time is? It is in Sydney and when UTC?GMT is 12:00 then Sydney is 22:00 so do I set 10 as the Server time offset?

    Does this EA work if I have it on a H1 chart but all my other charts are M1 or M5 charts?

    With thanks


  17. The CNT_ea did not working on my platform….It did not show on my navigator either…Any suggestion is welcomed..thanks

  18. Sept 6, 2014


    Good morning. I just want to ask the specific procedure on how to link MT4 with CNT EA to a specific broker?

    Your help is greatly appreciated.


  19. Dear Sirs, I can’t install the EA on my new platform. I have the following versión. Any help available?
    KTrader 4.00 build 670.



  20. hi , mr henry liu, i need CNT_EA for fxpro mt4 new version: 4.00 build 670. the advanced i install is not work proper. why my CNT_EA is restricting orders at the time of news, when ea about to place order, sometime it place oniy one pending order, sometime two pending orders, what is the problem? 2014.08.01 15:00:16.089 CNT_EA(2) USDJPY,M30: delete #28211181 sell stop 0.10 GBPUSD at 1.68202 sl: 1.68352 tp: 1.67852 ok
    2014.08.01 15:00:15.565 CNT_EA(2) USDJPY,M30: delete #28211180 buy stop 0.10 NZDUSD at 0.85282 sl: 0.85132 tp: 0.85632 ok
    2014.08.01 14:59:37.863 CNT_EA(2) USDJPY,M30: modify #28211181 sell stop 0.10 GBPUSD at 1.68202 sl: 1.68352 tp: 1.67852 ok
    2014.08.01 14:59:37.383 CNT_EA(2) USDJPY,M30: modify #28211180 buy stop 0.10 NZDUSD at 0.85282 sl: 0.85132 tp: 0.85632 ok
    2014.08.01 14:59:36.686 CNT_EA(2) USDJPY,M30: open #28211181 sell stop 0.10 GBPUSD at 1.68202 ok
    2014.08.01 14:59:35.865 CNT_EA(2) USDJPY,M30: open #28211180 buy stop 0.10 NZDUSD at 0.85282 ok
    2014.08.01 14:30:50.048 CNT_EA(2) USDJPY,M30: initialized
    2014.08.01 14:30:49.821 CNT_EA(2) USDJPY,M30: no file
    2014.08.01 14:30:49.702 CNT_EA(2) USDJPY,M30: Reading File
    2014.08.01 14:23:59.626 CNT_EA(2) USDJPY,M30 inputs: EAversion112=”CNT_EA_1.1.2″; ReleaseDate112=”February 8, 2013″; label_0=”=== Trade parameters ===”; UseMoneyManagement=true; IsThisMiniAccount=false; AccountRiskPercent=0.01; FixedLotSize=0.1; MaxInitialLotSize=0.01; AllowNewTrades=true; label_1=”=== Account Information ===”; UserName=”sundayade”; Password=”ayodeji”; label_2=”=== Trade Selection ===”; Suffix=””; UseStraddle=true; SecToStraddle=20; SecToCancel=20; StraddleSL=15; StraddleTP=35; StraddleGap=15; StraddleTrail=10; E
    2014.08.01 14:23:59.626 Expert C2014.08.04 02:29:44.927 CNT_EA(2) AUDUSD,M30: delete #28213005 sell stop 0.10 AUDDKK at 5.1585 sl: 5.1735 tp: 5.1235 ok
    2014.08.04 02:29:43.474 CNT_EA(2) AUDUSD,M30: modify #28213005 sell stop 0.10 AUDDKK at 5.1585 sl: 5.1735 tp: 5.1235 ok
    2014.08.04 02:29:42.552 CNT_EA(2) AUDUSD,M30: open #28213005 sell stop 0.10 AUDDKK at 5.1585 ok
    2014.08.04 02:11:54.010 CNT_EA(2) AUDUSD,M30: initialized
    2014.08.04 02:11:53.987 CNT_EA(2) AUDUSD,M30: no file
    2014.08.04 02:11:53.986 CNT_EA(2) AUDUSD,M30: Reading File 2014.08.05 14:59:43.334 CNT_EA

  21. hello Mr kelvin how are you doing? please i need your help, i have tried to attach the cntea to my metatradr platform but not working ,i have used all the instruction listed here by you still nothing is working out,please i want to ask for a favor i use vps for my meta trade demo if you don,t mind can i send you my vps log in so you can help me rectify the fault so i can be happy again.waiting to hear from you soon
    best regards

  22. Terrence Brannon says

    On Windows Server 2012 (and maybe Windows 8) for builds greater than 600, in your MT4 terminal go to File -> Open Data Dir

    This will open the folder that you need to paste the expert into. Then go up one folder and then go into Libraries and paste the .dll file there.

  23. Sam Kimball says

    Cannot download the CNT EA. Also, “libraries” folder does not exist.

    • Hi Sam, right-click on the links and click on “save target as” and then select file location where you want to save the file. The libraries folder may be located inside the experts folder.

      • During my installation I spotted a mistake in the installation guide published on top of this page. Instruction “2) Copy and paste the CNT_EA.dll file into your MT4_Platform_Folder/experts/libraries/” should read “2) Copy and paste the CNT_EA.dll file into your MT4_Platform_Folder/libraries/”.

        Then a question for Henry and the CNT team.
        One of the objective of the CNT EA project was to identify the best Forex brokers to trade news with. Do you have (at least preliminary) results of this analysis?
        I’ve found very difficult trading news with my current broker (Oanda) who has excellent slippage but skyrockets spreads at news time.

        • Bela Komoroczy says


          I just could manage to install the EA, or at leat now I see it in my MT4 trader.
          the clue was that the Experts folder that was actually used was not inthe installation folder but inthe following folder(* is used to mask out my personal data):

  24. I am looking forward to the version which is compatible to MT4 600 and higher.

    Thank you for the effort.

  25. Hi guys,
    just tried installing the EA on a demo account and not sure if it’s working due to a continues popup message.

    Using the newer MQ4 (build 610 from 14 Feb) where all the directories have changed. The standard install didn’t work, so I manually copied the two files into the right directories per the advanced instructions. And all looks ok.
    When I load the EA onto a chart and enter my CNT user/pwd and hit OK it pops up a window with
    “Do you permit to call function ‘MqlLock_51127AA2_7_1I etc’ from “CNT_EA.dll’?
    No matter how many times I hit “Yes” it just keeps coming back.

    If I hit “Cancel” at any point it goes away and the EA seems to just sit with the “gathering info….”

    It’s currently running on my VM with Axitrader as the broker.
    Running Win Svr 2003 R2 Ent.

    Presumably the continuous popup is not expected behaviour.


    • Hi Kov, we apologize for the inconvenience. We should have a fix available soon for the newer MT4 build 600 and above.

    • Dear Kov!

      I have nearly the same problem. But I do not have a popup-windows. It shows up on “Experts” almost every second:

      2014.10.06 12:44:01.484 CNT_EA USDJPY,M1: function ‘MqlLock_51127AA2_7_11iIIiiII1’ call from dll ‘CNT_EA.dll’ critical error c0000005 at 14A9EBA0.
      2014.10.06 12:44:01.484 CNT_EA USDJPY,M1: function ‘MqlLock_51127AA2_7_iIi111iIii’ call from dll ‘CNT_EA.dll’ critical error c0000005 at 14A9EAE3.
      2014.10.06 12:44:00.812 CNT_EA USDJPY,M1: function ‘MqlLock_51127AA2_7_IIIiIiIIii’ call from dll ‘CNT_EA.dll’ critical error c0000005 at 14A9EC00.

      Can someone help me?

  26. redishetti panduranga rao says

    Dear Henry / Kelvin,

    I Downloaded & tried to install the EA by all the possible ways, but it always says that the folder chooses in incorrect. I dont know, where to install the file. My broker is FXCM. I tried to instal at “C:\Program Files (x86)\FXCM MetaTrader 4”, where the ‘terminal.exe’ file is located, but it is not working.

    I installed theFXCM metatrader MT4 chart yesterday only, hope it is the latest one.

    Generally many installations choose the installation folder automatically and ask for confirmation, why not such a facility is not there for installing this EA for this.

    Please advise me, on how to proceed.



    • Hi Pandupr2, we apologize for the inconvenience. MT4 made significant changes in the latest build 600+ updates that affected the way many EAs function/install; and many MT4 brokers have not yet updated to this new build. However, we are working on an update and may have to offer two versions of the EA, for the new and old MT4 build. When working properly, the EA installation does list all available MT4 folders in your PC; it does automatically chooses one because it is possible to have multiple MT4 installations in the same PC.

      • Hello,
        thanks for all your efforts to make our trades profitables.
        I am looking for the updated version of this EA for MT4 610, do you know when will it be ready?

        Thanks again

  27. 2. Copy and paste the CNT_EA.dll file into your MT4_Platform_Folder/experts/libraries/


    I don’t have that folder in the experts folder, I’m using MT4 build 610

    • Sachin TOkhi says

      Hi Izinbard
      Please follow the steps below:
      Open your Meta trader terminal > File > MQL4 > Experts > Paste CNT_EA

      Close your Metatrader and open again > follow the steps to setup EA on your chart.

      I hope this will help.

      Best regards


  28. Hi,
    Since yesterday CNT EA stopped working. On the top right corner of the screen the indicator shows up with a cross (instead of a smile).
    I have removed the EA from my chart; deleted the EA files (ex4 and dll), download them again and installed.
    My login information is correct but still it doesn’t work.
    Can you help me please.
    Thank you
    Kind regards,

    Xapu Lin

    • Hi Lin, please make sure that you enable expert advisors by clicking on the top menu button labeled “EXPERT ADVISORS”. If disabled, the Expert Advisors button has a red icon or a green icon when enabled.

      • Hi Kelvin,
        That was the problem.
        The more we look the less we see.

        Everything is working now.
        Thank you.
        Best regards,


  29. hi guys, Installed all good, got the account and changed the settings so that it would take into account a 3 pip spread. Had fixed lots to begin with and waited for the UK MPC.. the system placed orders on the GDP JPY as buy and EUR GDP as a buy… Both were cancelled as it was set to ten sec, so have extended that..

    Question, why did it not do the straddle? I.E.. why did it not place orders as buy and sell.


    Mark Ogden

    • Hi Mark, The CNT EA is designed to place two pending orders 15 pips away from the current price (StraddleGap: Default: 15) just before the news release time (SecToStraddle: Default: 20), to try to catch the spike. In most cases, when the news are released as expected (no surprise) the market does not move beyond the 15 pips to pick up any of the orders, consequently the CNT EA will cancel the orders 10 seconds after the news time (SecToCancel: Default: 10). If you extended the SectoCancel setting, the market may still have not moved enough to trigger any of the pending orders in the allotted time. As per your question of why the EA did not place buy and sell orders, the CNT EA is designed to straddle using different pairs according to the strength meter. In this case, BUY GBP/JPY and BUY EUR/GBP, although both are BUY orders in the BUY GBP/JPY it is buying the GBP whereas in the BUY EUR/GBP it is actually selling the GBP. Therefore it should trigger the BUY GBP/JPY on better UK news or BUY EUR/GBP on worst UK news.

  30. Hi, i have downloaded CNTEA in my metatrader and the EA shown on th right corner of my chart. On the left part of the chart shown the information and the CSM. However, there was no effect when there was a news regarding the ISM manufacturing. May i know how does this EA works ?

    As i read the details of this EA, it supposes to place the trade automatically according to the news going to release. Please advise, thanks

  31. habib umer sheikh says

    HI SIR I upload ea to my demo account for checking …… but in EURO/USD chart it just showing me EA BUT IT NOT SHOWING ME CHART LIKE YOURS chart …. kindly tell me what i do how i set it sir ? 🙁 plz help me in this it just saying insallizing CNT EA and colleting data but it still not uploading in my EURO/USD CHART HELP ME PLZ

  32. I recommend coding the gmt offset time to set from your server.

  33. What is advantage of using Advance versus Standard/automatic installation?

    • We recommend using the standard/auto install, and use the advanced installation only when the standard install is not working; there is no difference.

      • carlforexdec says

        hola estimado kelvin no e podido intalar la ea de forma automatica me envia un mensaje diciendo falta espacio en le disco pero si se hay que podria hacer

        • Es possible que Ud. este usando la version actualizada de MT4 build 600, en tal caso el EA no le funcionaria. Estamos trabajando para actualizar nuestro EA lo mas pronto possible.

  34. Hi again Kelvin,

    I still couldn’t delete my demo MT4 with the CNT EA. A warning pops up re. copyright. Also, when I opened the EA’s properties in each of my 3 accounts’ live charts, each one disappeared after a warning popped up stating that my license was expired. I tried downloading the EA again but this time, it wanted me to turn my MT4s off. Only problem, they were off, so any suggestions for me to do, please? Thank you kindly.

  35. Hi there, I like the sound of your ea but I have followed the instructions and get this dialog box saying ” Your product CNT_Ea has expired”???? how do I fix that one?

  36. Hi, I saw the EA has a dynamic currency indicator and it is different from the one I downloaded in term of the strength values. Why is that so?

  37. Hi there,

    My system has a cross instead of a smile and it says “Initialising CNT EA, collecting data”

    Any ideas as to why it is not setting correctly?



    • Hi Steve, when you have a cross, it usually means that you need to enable ‘Expert Advisors’. Click on a menu button labeled ‘Expert Advisors’ and has a red ‘x’; once enabled the button should show a small green play icon.

  38. any suggest how to choose broker to run to run this ea ??? or maybe you can write the right broker for this ea?
    thanks for info.

  39. Ivan Baldewijns says


    is it possitbe there was no news trading in the previous week and also not this week.
    My EA gives ” not trade this week”, already two weeks?

    • Hi Ivan, we do have lots of tradable news this week and had a few last week. Please ensure that you have entered your CNT username and password correctly, and restart your MT4 if necessary. Also make sure to install the EA in one chart only.

  40. finally i got the installation guide on the site, its running very well now. thanks Mr. Henry.

  41. Dear Mr. Henry I just downloaded the news trading EA and installed it, but the program is not coming up. Could it be because i already have CSM installed? Please help

  42. Ginni Roache says

    Not sure if you will answer this as my CNT EA is not working it says Old Version and when I try
    to download it again it doesnot come thru Please help.

  43. Md Belal Hoshen says

    Hi, i downloaded CNTEA-setup exe, As per CNT EA installation Guide, i tried to run the exe but its always shows welcome to EASetup, below the exe there are two options – Next/Cancel, problem is that Next options is not active as well as expose, always shows cancel ready for click, So how cud i run the exe pls do help. Another problem is downloaded CNT_EA.dill V1.1,2 file but its not open when i click on CNT_EA dill shows black page something like, need ur advise coz i’m a new member of ur esteem site just joined yesterday pls do needfull, Best of luck for future plan.

  44. hello. I get the following message “Cannot select tradable pairs…”

    • Hi Stevo, check if the currency pairs in your platform have a suffix similar to EURUSDfx, EURUSDx, EURUSDpro, etc.. If that is the case, you need to enter the suffix in the “Suffix” field of the CNT EA settings. Using the previous examples, you would enter: ‘fx’, ‘x’, or ‘pro’ in the suffix field.

  45. Deepak k says

    i entered my user name and pw correctly then also its comming eror in dll part in the chart

  46. Saravanan Kanagaraj says

    “our licensing server seems to be not avail” – EA is not working

    *restarted mt4
    *re install the EA and
    *internet also working – still EA is not working , kelvin pls help me to solve this issues

  47. Saravanan Kanagaraj says

    2013.05.15 15:00:16 CNT_EA EURUSD,M5: Trading Error:BASKET – Unable To Place Order Successfully, One-Sided Order Closed

    it’s not trading auto ,kindly help me to auto trade

  48. rachmat sadikin says

    God, Thank you so much henry creating this usefull tools !!

    Im in alpari NZ demo and live soon, participating for broker search.

    Is it i need to fill my broker data to you, or the EA sent information by itself to the broker page in our website here?

    It seems that in true STP EA lost much pips rather than market maker broker, maybe news trading like BTN Lightning n CNT that work great in market maker, i didnt know the reason behind true STP performing bad, i guess they played the spread and heavy slippage maybe ?

    • Hi Rachmat, the data is sent directly from your MT4 platform.

      • John W. Hempel says

        Thank you to all who have worked on this EA. It was very easy to install. It appears to be working. Now I am anxiously awaiting some news!

        I should have read the instruction page before I tried to install it. Everything worked, once I figured out that I needed to enter my user name and password from the site! 🙂

        I have been following Henry’s postings for several years. I am amazed at just how often his numbers work out. Please keep up the good work!

  49. Henry,
    I have installed cnt ea using the advanced program as I could not get it to work using the standard program. Everything is working except I have no red and yellow vertical lines and the smiley face is frowning.

    • H doug, please make sure that you have entered your CNT username and password correctly. Why didnt the CNT installer didnt work, what was the error message you were getting? Are you installing it in a windows PC?

      • Responding to your query:

        1 – The installer appeared to work (according to its log) but the .dll and the .ex4 files were not deposited within my folders – they were missing.

        2 – All appeared to work and a platform was launched (don’t know whose MT4 – another instance perhaps, just not mine).
        It seemed to work (CSM, red/yellow lines, text data, etc..) just missing all my charts, indicators and profiles.
        Logged off that instance of MT4 (the one launched at the end of the installation setup) and opened my MT4 that
        I have been using for some time. All my stuff is there, just no CNT EA in Navigator, no CNT files within
        the /experts folder – advanced install chosen at this time.

        3 – I’m using a WIN XP Platform

        4 – Ensured the edits within the EA inputs were proper (username and password are correct and that ‘pro’ is included within
        suffix field and the problems remains no red/yellow lines and a sad smiley face.

        The below errors are occuring within the ‘Experts’ tab of Terminal (compiled from the most recent …/experts/log file):

        00:04:08 CNT_EA USDCADpro,M15: Reading File
        00:04:08 CNT_EA USDCADpro,M15: no file
        00:04:08 CNT_EA USDCADpro,M15: initialized
        00:05:21 CNT_EA USDCADpro,M15: function ‘MqlLock_51127AA2_7_iIi111iIii’ call from dll ‘CNT_EA.dll’ critical error c0000005 at 044DEAE3.
        00:07:10 CNT_EA USDCADpro,H1: function ‘MqlLock_51127AA2_7_i1II1IiIII’ call from dll ‘CNT_EA.dll’ critical error c0000005 at 044DEBA0.
        00:07:10 CNT_EA USDCADpro,H1: function ‘MqlLock_51127AA2_7_iIii1ii1iI’ call from dll ‘CNT_EA.dll’ critical error c0000005 at 044DEEB5.
        00:07:10 CNT_EA USDCADpro,H1: function ‘MqlLock_51127AA2_7_1Ii1ii1i11’ call from dll ‘CNT_EA.dll’ critical error c0000005 at 044DEE60.
        00:07:10 CNT_EA USDCADpro,H1: function ‘MqlLock_51127AA2_7_IIIiIiIIii’ call from dll ‘CNT_EA.dll’ critical error c0000005 at 044DEC00.
        00:04:05 CNT_EA USDCADpro,M15: deinitialized
        00:04:05 CNT_EA USDCADpro,M15: uninit reason 5
        00:07:07 CNT_EA USDCADpro,M15: uninit reason 3

        00:04:05 CNT_EA USDCADpro,M15 inputs: EAversion112=”CNT_EA_1.1.2″; ReleaseDate112=”February 8, 2013″; label_0=”=== Trade parameters ===”; UseMoneyManagement=true; IsThisMiniAccount=false; AccountRiskPercent=0.2; FixedLotSize=0.1; MaxInitialLotSize=3.2; AllowNewTrades=true; label_1=”=== Account Information ===”; UserName=”xxxxxxxx”; Password=”xxxxxxxx”; label_2=”=== Trade Selection ===”; Suffix=”pro”; UseStraddle=true; SecToStraddle=20; SecToCancel=10; StraddleSL=15; StraddleTP=35; StraddleGap=15; StraddleTrail=10; EnableSound=true; HighImpactOnly=false; label_3=”=== Strength Settings ===”; ServerTimeOffset=0; lable_4=”=== Pairs Exclusion (Format: Pair1,Pair2) ===”; ExcludePairs=”EURCHF,GBPCHF”;

        Hope this helps.


  50. hey, can i choose that i want to trade only the important news ( the red ones ) and not the not so important news like the yellow ones ?

    thanks a lot

    • Hi braddock, you can set the HighImpactOnly setting to ‘true’ in the CNT EA settings window, if you want to trade only the high impact news releases (the red lines).

  51. gospel my birth day april 24 says

    my chart does not display the vertical red and yellow lines. pls am i to place the buy and sell orders(straddle)
    seconds before the news or is it automated? what is my role in using ENT-EA to trade.

    Thank you

  52. Hi Henry,
    First i would like to say thank you for such an excellent work that you have done here.
    Just a question i need to ask – while the software has triggered the straddle to open 2 orders, none of these have filled in the last 6-8 news releases.
    Am i missing anything as i have loaded the software as instructed.
    Once again thank you

    • Hi Sunny, most of the news releases for the past two days have come out near as expected, therefore market did not move enough to pick up the EA’s straddle pending orders. I’m currently running a few different demo platforms and depending on the broker, the last tradable news was the Australian Employment Change and the NZ Employment Change. If you are unsure if your EA is working properly, just check the version number in the EA settings window and make sure you are using the latest update. Check that the EA is working correctly, it should be showing some vertical red and yellow lines on the chart, a smiley face on the top right corner, some text information and a dynamic strength meter on the left side of the chart. Within the texts on the left, it should also tell you of the next upcoming news release (unless is Friday or the weekend and there are no more reports for the week). Monitor the trades during the news times or check your trade logs. Check that the pending orders are been placed and/or cancelled at the correct times (by default orders are placed 20 secs. before news time and cancelled 10 secs. after news time if orders are not picked up). If the orders timing is an issue, then make sure your PC clock is correct by synchrosnizing with the internet clock. I hope this helps.

      • Thanks Kelvin, All else is working well and i am getting the setup but they are not filled and as you mentioned it did not move enough to trigger the order. thanks once again.

      • Hi everything is working fine but no orders have been filled — have you had any trades yourself yet and if so how did they run ??
        I understand that things take time to perfect just would like to seeif anyone has any sucess .

        • If you look at the Forex brokers page, you’ll see all of the trades closed by the EA from different users using different brokers. The last two trades (NZ Retail Sales and UK Retail Sales) were tradable depending on the broker. For example on NZ Retail, on my FXCM demo it was a lost but it was a positive trade on FX Open, ACM, IBFX, and others.

  53. My comment was to really say Thank You Henry for your assistane and your knowledge sharing with trading.

  54. anjum jafri says

    2013.02.06 08:14:20 CNT_EA EURUSDc,H1: function ‘MqlLock_5111358C_6_IiIIIIiiIi’ call from dll ‘CNT_EA.dll’ critical error c0000005 at 624DEAC0.
    i am getting this error in help

    • Usually happens when you don’t have a valid name/pass. If this is after the upgrade, make sure you re-enter them.

    • I have used Henrys info for along so -all free – so I am testing this out so I maybe can give some info back that can assist Henry with this new venture , I use Aplari UK will keep you informed.
      I am an old guy and not to much into forums but will try to give some input.

  55. I updated to the new 1.1EA.

    It seems that it is creating some (not all) trades without SL/TP. Is this proper behavior or does it represent an issue? I noticed this because it now has open ended trades (this is just a practice account…it is important to test first of course)

    Is it potentially a client-side issue (I am using FXCM MT4 – and I am new to the platform )?


  56. ajjaj kachhi says

    I have installed the EA successfully but i see its not placing trades..
    even those vertical lines even not displaying.

  57. Hi
    Today 01/23/13. There was that Canada BOC Interest Rate and the market in USDCAD rose 70 pips
    And EA did not enter any trade. Important to note that the clock down to match exactly the time that comes out of the message and everything is normal
    So why is not going to act????
    Thank you

    • The EA by default cancels the trade 10 secs. after the news release; so it is possible that the trade was cancelled before the market moved more than 15 pips from the pre-release price. Another explanation could be that the broker didnt allow the trade to be executed. If you want, you could change the settings on your EA, to allow more than 10 secs. after the news release.

    • This could be isolated to your broker. It could be that your broker decided to ignored ALL orders in between. I have seen this happened before. My suggestion is to put the EA on a different broker, demo even, just to see them side by side, you’ll see what I am talking about.

  58. Hello all
    Today is my first day testing the EA, i got this message:
    [4:52:57 AM] Jose Rumbaut: 2013.01.18 04:52:36 CNT_EA EURUSD..,H1: function ’MqlLock_509E3A07_2_iI1Iii1iI1’ call from dll ’CNT_EA.dll’ critical error c0000005 at 6023DBD0.
    What is wrong there ?

  59. Hello all

    My broker use suffix … The EA in the chart recommends to update the EA with CNT EA 1.0C, where I can get that ?

  60. Funso Isola says

    Hello Mr Henry, if i don’t comment about the CNT EA, am an ingrate. Infact, it works just as if you designed it for me. I is working PERFECTLY for me. I re-modify some parameters in it to my taste and it works with 100% accuracy. please kindly refer other CNT members that have problem about this EA to me, i will be glad to explain it to them how it works and how to set it. Thanks to you a million times Mr Henry.

  61. Installed…appears to be running but don’t see any indication of trades (cancelled or otherwise)…been running 72 hours….should I have seen something by now? Thx

    • Yes, KFC, you should at least see the clock counting down towards the next news. Can you verify that you are seeing that? Also can you verify you are seeing the meters on the lower left corner?

  62. Aiyana Sequana says

    I installed the latest version of the EA yesterday and everything seems to indicate it it working fine, smiley face and all. (I used all the default settings.) However, it did not place any trades for the UK CPI or the US Core Retail sales. Any suggestions as to what I need to tweak?

  63. Buss Palmer says

    do you have to install the EA on all charts or just one and if you nstall it on just one can it work on other charts?

    • You only need to install the EA in one chart. The CNT EA will select best pair to trade automatically regardless on what chart you have it installed on.

      • Buss Palmer says

        Thank You Kelvin, I much appreciate the support, keep up the good work. I have installed the EA on a chart I rarely use, will the EA notify me if is looking to trade a pair?

  64. Pls Henry the time can be clearly seeing, is there anything i should do, because the time is headed beside the currency meter. every order thing is o.k. thanks

  65. Thanks for the update but I do have one small request. Would
    you be so kind as to place version numbers on your updates so
    I can keep things in order and know for certain I have the current

    Right now I think we moved from CNTv1.2 to CNTv1.3 correct?

    Thank you once again.

  66. Thanks for the speedy update and advanced installation page, very much appreciated and I am looking forward to using the EA

  67. Fidelis E.O. says

    I’m happy for this revelation.Truly it’s wonderful on my finding.
    Thanks and God bless you.Please keep it up.

  68. excellent understanding information thank u

  69. Mohammad Manzur Elahi Sarker says

    Thanks a lot dear sir.

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