CNT EA Installation Guide

Below are the steps that you need to follow to install the CNT EA.

Step 1: Download CNT EA by going to the Download Page, then save the file CNTEA-Setup.exe on your desktop (or anywhere you want), or simply click to run the installation directly. Double Click on the setup file and it will Launch the installation program.
Step 2: Close all Metatrader terminals running on your system and click Next to continue installation.

Step 3: Please read important information and click Next to continue.
Step 4: Please read license agreement. You must accept agreement if you want to install this program. Click Next to continue.

Step 5: Please select Metatrader folder where you would like to install the EA. If your MT4 folder is not listed, then click on the ‘Add MetaTrader Folder’ button to browse and add it to the list. Once selected, click Next to continue. Hint: Choose the folder where you have terminal.exe
Step 6: Review information. Click on the Prev button if you need to make any corrections and click Next to continue.
Step 7: Please wait while the installation wizard copies files into your system. After completion, you will then click Next to continue.   Step 8: At this point, the installation wizard has finished installing the CNT EA into the Metatrader platform you have selected. Now you can click on the Finish button to complete your installation. After completion, you will then click Next to continue.

Step 9: After completing the installation wizard, your Metatrader platform will open by default; otherwise, open it manually. You should see the newly installed CNTA_EA listed under expert advisors in your Navigator window as shown above. Click on Ctrl+N on your keyboard if you need to open the Navigator window.

Using your mouse, left-click on CNT_EA, hold the left mouse button and drag-and-drop into a chart.

Step 10: After dropping the CNT_EA into a chart, you should see the CNT_EA window open as shown above. At this time, you will need to enter your CNT member username and password. If you have not yet registered, please go to and click on the Log In/Register tab located on the top right corner of the page.
Please review and edit other default settings as necessary. Click here for detail information on all of the CNT EA settings.

Important: If the currency pairs in your Metatrader platform contain a suffix (ie. EURUSDpro), you will need to enter the suffix next to the field labeled ‘Suffix’.

When you are done with your desired settings, click on the “Common” tab on top of the window.

Step 11: After clicking on the ‘Common’ tab, please check that you have all of the required settings checked or unchecked, as illustrated in the screenshot above. Then click ‘OK’ to complete setup.

You are all done! You should now see a chart similar to the screenshot above. If you have a red ‘x’ in place of the smiley face on the top right corner of the chart, then you need to click on the ‘Expert Advisors’ button of the Metatrader platform menu to enable expert advisors. You should also see some vertical red or yellow lines which mark the upcoming news events (unless there are no more news for the remainder of the week). You should also see some text information and a strength meter on the left side of the chart.

Important: Please note that you only need to apply the CNT_EA into one chart only. The EA will automatically trade all available pairs in your platform, regardless of what chart you use to setup the EA.

If you have any issues with your installation due to overzealous firewall policies or antivirus programs, please disable them temporarily and restart installation process. Although we have tested this installation process on all versions of windows and MT4 platforms that we could get our hands on, we can’t cover every possible scenario, and almost 100% of the time installation issues are results of the user’s particular configuration… Sometimes the user is behind a proxy, Antivirus, or the internet access is not stable, etc… so before you ask for support, make sure to first reboot your machine, disable your firewall/antivirus, then try installation again.

If you still can’t install CNTA EA, then I’d suggest that you be as specific as possible with your support request. Make sure to include your version of windows, a screenshot, etc… not just “it doesn’t work”, or “I can’t install, help!”, because it will certainly not be helpful for our staff. Remember, CNT EA is provided free of charge, while we are trying to provide a good user experience, it is sometimes not financially possible to provide timely support for a free product, and we hope you understand.

Last but not least, if you find CNT EA useful, why not tweet us, share this EA on facebook, or just let other know about us? Make sure to like us on facebook and join our CNT community, after all, CNT and CNT EA is supported by users just like you. Thank you.


  1. James Angel says

    Hi Kelvin.

    EA does not work me, me a window appears with the following information:

    Dear user, our licensing server Seems to be not available or you have no internet.
    Please try later or internet recover again. “CNT_EA” will not work.

    Please try again to restart metetrader.

    can you help me with this? or if someone else knows, please can you help me?

    • Same here Dear user, our licensing server Seems to be not available or you have no internet.
      Please try later or internet recover again. “CNT_EA” will not work.

  2. Prince Ukandu says

    hello house i kept getting : Dear User. our licensing server seems to be not available or you have no internet. please recover or try later again. i have been trying and i have good internet………..anyone with good idea on how to resolve this error

  3. Hi

    I am getting the following error: Product: CNT_EA Licencing Server is not available. I checked my username and password and they are correct. Please help

  4. Zdenek Pleticha says

    The licensing server is not responding and apparently hasn’t been for many months according to other posts I’ve found on this website. Is there anyone still monitoring this website/product. I know it’s free but I would think 5 months would be plenty of time to get this issue resolved.
    Thanks you for your consideration…

  5. Hi

    I have successfully installed the CNEA. But the problem is, nothing is showing from step 11 screenshot.

    It’s only showing the smiley face on the top right corner. May I please get help on that.


  6. i cant seem to install the CNT EA.

  7. Hello,

    I try to install CNT EA setup to FORTFS terminal folder [FORTFS is the broker] but get the message as:

    You have selected the directory. This seems to be an invalid Meta trader directory. Please choose another to be able to install.

    Please can you help.

  8. Hello, I have downloaded the CNT EA, but the wizard keeps saying that my Hot Forex Metatrader is invalid, even though it has the terminal .exe file. in it and this metatreder was downloaded 1 week ago.
    Can you Help?


  9. Dear Kelvin,
    I struck at installation at “select MetaTrader Folder” as you have mentioned in above replies and as guided I have “C:\Program Files (x86)\MetaTrader – Pepperstone” where the terminal.exe was installed. I have selected the path many time including restarted the system. It has the same issues. Is there any solution for this. Please advice.

  10. Hi,

    Is this EA still working and if so is there any results from the last year or so on it’s performance?



  11. Hi Henry,
    I have just downloaded the set up and try to install it but did not work so I did the advance installation. Every thing was fine like I saw here But the EA is not trading and can see a big red padlock at the right corner of the platform can you please help me fix it.
    Thank you.

  12. i tried installing the EA. but got stuck at a point and is saying ” the output source could not be written. you may not have enough disk space or file may already be started. meanwhile i have up to 120gb space in my hard disk what is the way forward?

  13. Guys Help me! the system keeps on giving that my authorization failed….What can I do? it’s also true that when confimed my account, it was asked me a “valid key” that i couldnt realize where to find….I’m a bit confused! thanks

  14. I keep getting ‘you have to enable library to use this product’. What’s wrong?

  15. Anthonie Moore says

    While I was able to install CNT EA. I don’t have the screenshot that is expected (After step[ 11)

    • Anthonie Moore says

      After tweaking, I can see just about what I expect, with the exception of the current strength meter. Can someone please advise?

  16. Sergey Filyushkin says

    After installing the EA on the platform, what to do? How to set up? How it works? In what time frame? How many currency pairs can be opened on the platform? How to check his work?

  17. Sergey Filyushkin says

    Once installed Adviser to the platform, what to do? How to configure it? How does it work? In what timeframe? How many currency pairs can be opened on the platform? How to check his work?

  18. Sergey Filyushkin says

    После того как установил советник на платформу, что делать дальше? Как его настраивать? Как он работает? На какой паре? На каком таймфрейме? Сколько валютных пар можно открывать на платформе? Как проверить его работу?

  19. Hello – trying to install the program – at step 5 I see no files listed so I use add metatrader folder and I click on program files (x86) and add my metatrader – metatrader 4 @ and I get the message – invalid metatrader directory

  20. Bernhard Schweigert says

    THE EA just triggered the pendings 45 minutes before the news Industrial Production (MoM)

    Manufacturing Sales m/m were not initiated, that was at the time.

    Do I need change time settings?

  21. Bernhard Schweigert says

    1 year no commends here. Do we have a new version or is it still valid? mt4 got a lot of upgrades therewhile.

    • Bernhard Schweigert says

      I didnt saw the last commends. maybe its the browser. you can delete this. 🙂

    • jonathan lim says

      looks like the EA died a silent death. nobody is replying on the treads bellow. issues aren’t being resolved too.

      I tried to install this on my windows 7 but got stuck when asked to choose the folder. the installation file don’t want to accept the folder with the “terminal.exe” on it.

      anyways, i tried to do it manually (as stated in the advance installation guide) but also didn’t get it to work since there is no “expert/libraries and expert/” folder inside my MT4 folder.

  22. Geoffrey D. Samba.k says

    Hi Guys, am installing the CNTEA but when i try to choose the mt4 directory it says this seem to be an invalid mt4 directory. but it is a valid one.

  23. hi. me again. no the cnt ea never worked at all.. ive done everything as youve said. only thing this having a sad face in the top right corner of the chart instead of the smiley face.. what has gonw wrong?

  24. I have installed the CNT EA and all seems well. i have got a few hours till a news report comes out before i know that it works. But instead of a smiley face i have a sad face.. pls help

  25. Woodstock says

    Hi Kelvin,
    Have loaded the news trader, everything appears ok on the screen. Got my time correct. Just noticed two trades attempted, both cancelled. Problem being CADCHF Buy Stop and CHFSGD Buy Stop, both cancelled however there was no corresponding Straddle orders for SELL STOPS on both trades. As I said, everything is working on the platform. I did read this week on another forum that MT4 version starting with ‘7’ has problems with shutting down the platform, deleting EA’s and indicators etc. Could this be a problem in that your CNT is having problems with MT4-version 7XX?

  26. Peter Godau says

    Howdy hi, installed well after manually doing it, wouldn’t install with setup, sets up the CNT folder in program files but no EA or DLL but manually easy.
    My only question is how do i expand sideways the currency strength meter as the pairs labels are squished into each other, would like it expanded like picture above.
    Hoping for a favorable answer.

    Peter Gggggggggggggggg

  27. Yemitab (an FX Trader) says

    My installation was successful. I can see:
    1. The dynamic strength meter
    2. the vertical lines with economic news on different days
    3. The free fundamental report: setting, Account properties, trade setting

    BUT, my concerning is the below quote:

    “You have to enable Libraries in order to work with this product”

    Please I need more explanation on that.

    Is it that something left to do which I’ve not done?

  28. Followed Advance Installation Guide. It worked!

  29. hello I get everything but the red and yellow lines of the news someone can help me please .thanks.

  30. Pips havester says

    Hi admin thumbs up for u guys ,
    Am having challenge installing the EA ,I GOT HOOKED at step 5 i could not select my MT4

    • Try installing the EA using the manual installation (by downloading and inserting the files into your MT4 subdirectories):

      • akhimien eromonsele meshach says

        ex4 file not working on my mt4. please how do i convirt?


      • Hi, I followed the manual setting and it worked. Am trying it out now on the next news.
        You guys are wonderful!

      • hello,
        mine installed properly yesterday but i noticed the time on the EA is 1hr faster so it triggers before the news release; what do I do? Waiting for your prompt respone

      • Kevin, I was able install the EA using advanced settings.

        I can attach it to my chart and see the smiley face. I have inputed my username and password. but it doesn’t bring any of the upcoming news settings on chart so it does not seem be running.

    • Use the EA Advanced install and it should load, if it works good luck? because I have just download the CNT EA and I have the same issues as you have.

      My PC system is windows 7 Ultimate which is up to date in software up dates. When I loaded in MT4 platform the CNT EA it loaded but made no trades at all, when it should have?

      then I re-loaded on a ECN MT4 platform and parts of the EA where missing on the chat H1.

      Does anyone answer these issues because what I see is no one does!!!

  31. Michael McBain says

    OK Guys it installed for me when I used the Advanced Guide and copied the two files directly into my MT4 platform.

    The only problem though is on the Common Tab under Dafety the second box is ticked – Allow import etc and if I try to tick the third box as in the screen shot it tells me I must have Libraries loaded and I have no idea how to do that?

    Is it a problem?

  32. Stan Burgess says

    well that EA is a waist of time! it doesn’t work. my MT4 is too advanced for it so I have been told by somebody from CNT and tried to sell me one of his ones. why keep it up on your messages when we all have the latest MT4 system. you should take it of your notice board

  33. Stan Burgess says

    I have loaded the EA on my MT4 and the smiley face comes up on the screen but when the news come on at 4.30am the UC MPC it didn’t come up with the pending lines that you said would be on the pair and nothing happened. is their a problem with the installation ? or do I have to do more to get it running? I also tried to install it on my old computer which runs XP program and doesn’t have Programs (86) only programs it wont load up have you got a fix for that?

  34. Stan Burgess says

    I presume I will have to keep my computer and MT4 platform running is this right? I don’t see it in the installation manual. also being in Australia does the time difference change anything

  35. hello Mr kelvin how are you doing? please i need your help, i have tried to attach the cntea to my metatradr platform but not working ,i have used all the instruction listed here by you still nothing is working out,please i want to ask for a favor i use vps for my meta trade demo if you don,t mind can i send you my vps log in so you can help me rectify the fault so i can be happy again.waiting to hear from you soon
    best regards

  36. Hey Guys,

    I just installed your CNT EA. There’s no error. But would like to check – once we have the EA running on any one chart, does it have to be on the chart have to be on 1H or it can’t be on any time frame? Thx

  37. Sam Kimball says

    Followed the Advanced Installation Guide; it worked!! 🙂

  38. jst installed d EA after several unsuccessful attempts. Yet i cudn’t find it on my platform (Instaforex) even after reviewing the Installtion Guide above

  39. Hi
    I just updated my system from windows XP windows 7 64 bit. I downloaded the CNETEA and started the installation. But i don’t see any selection in step5. It is not listing any MT4 for selection. when i select manually the folder where the MT4 is installed, it complains as directory selected is not valid.

    Can you please help me?

  40. cyril Oghenovo says

    I have just complete the installation process and finished setting up the parameter. let me try it till next week before any other comment. Thank you all

  41. when i try installing it says the there space on your disk is small or i am running it aready but i have 180 gb and i am not running it

  42. As per quote below, my problem also is that I’m getting only the smiley face, but no other indicators on the chart- I have tried re-entering my username and password, as well as re-starting the MT4 platform..

    I’ve installed the EA manually as u advised.
    I have EA on the chart now with the smiley face but no line, no text nor strength meter
    Please advise

    Avatar of Henry LiuHenry Liu says:
    February 12, 2013 at 9:42 am

    Remember to enter your username/password from CNT.

    • John Taylor says

      I am having the same problem Loclan. Had to install it manually. I have the smiley face on one of the charts,but no line,or strength meter. My password and username is the same as what I registered with CNET. I am using Tallinex. Have you fixed the problem with the new Mtatrader MT4 600 platform yet?

      • Hi John, the latest MT4 build works fine with the CNT EA (as of build 646), please update your MT4 if available and try the automatic installation again.

  43. Hello Henry and Kelvin.
    I have downloaded the CNT and tried to install, with the basic instructions, I installed, but was unable to find the CNT under the expert advisors in MT4.
    I tried to just paste the files in the designated directories, but it also showed nothing under expert advisor.
    I checked my MT4 and it says build 625, does this have anything to do with the ability to install?

    • Maybe this gotta do with the broker that I use?
      it seems like when I use FXCM it works, (demo) but when I am using another broker called IKO it doesn’t work…

  44. badmus julius says

    Pleased is it possible to pay through bank , I wish to join your live trade rooms pls.

  45. badmus julius says

    pls, i just download CNT EA and follow your installation guide and it run perfectly, but on my meter platform in expert advisor their no CNT EA there or is it because i did it on weekend, pls help me out.

    • Please make sure you selected the correct MT4 folder during installation. If installed correctly, you should be able to see the CNT EA icon under expert advisors in your navigation window.

  46. ravinduforex says

    I have a issue with the CNTEA-Setup. When I select the folder where terminal.exe is located it says Invalid Meta Trader directory. But that contains the terminal.exe of my broker ‘HotForex’. Can someone help me?

    • This issue should be related to the new MT4 build 600+; we should have a fix for this issue soon.

      • Dear Kelvin, I use Forextime MT4 build 950 and CNT keeps closing every chart window I open CNT on. And it gives the following error report: Product: CNT_EA. Licencing server is not available – rev7 -8460.

        CNT_EA worked well on previous Forextime MT4 builds. Kindly help. I love your service.


  47. Update, didn’t trade today either 🙁 I expected some of these to tickle the EA into doing something, even if it just to open and then close a pair.

    Manufacturing Sales m/m
    Building Permits
    Core CPI m/m
    CPI m/m
    New Home Starts
    International Capital Inflows

    • Please note that the EA only trades the high impact news and some medium impact news as scheduled in our Forex calendar. You can also see the upcoming news releases in the EA itself. However, the EA should have traded the US Core CPI at 8:30am but for the most part it should have been a no trade as the actual release was as expected at 0.1%

  48. Oops, I mean Kelvin, sorry.

  49. Hi Kevin…

    I finally managed to get the EA installed so that’s a plus.

    Only problem, it didn’t even open a straddle pair on the News this afternoon (US Ind Prod) let alone attempt to make a trade. All settings are standard Broker time is correct at GMT + 1 and the Username and password are correct too.

    Was it supposed to trade today on the news ???


  50. how come I cannot find my EA in my mt4?

    • Alex, look thru all of your open charts in your MT4. If you still don’t see it, then maybe you accidentally closed the chart where you setup the EA. In that case, drag CNT EA again into a chart.

  51. ShootingStars says

    Is this EA can be tested? Because I receive “2014.03.11 08:43:26.664 2014.03.07 23:59 CNT_EA USDJPY,H1: dll calls are not allowed; ‘CNT_EA.dll’-‘MqlLock_51127AA2_7_I1iIIIIi11′” message.
    My broker is OctaFX. Tx.

    • It will throw out that message usually when you don’t have a valid username/password. Please use your CNT member login in the EA. Follow the instruction step by step and you should not see the error.

  52. mr wayne says

    Hello guys , I try testing the CNT EA on the NFP just now , I just use default settings and type in my username password . Seems like it didn’t enter trade around news time . Is it something wrong ?? Does it enter trade every time when there’s a news ? Also is this current CNT EA workable on Build 610 MT4 platform ??? I know there are some programs that no longer function due to MetaQuote high patch update .

  53. Hi, thanks for the EA at first.

    I hope it will work properly.

    So after I install that, should I drag- and -drop it into the H1 chart? or the M1 chart?

    By the way, If I would like to use the EA to USDCAD, NZDUSD, GBPUSD and USDJPY news, should I drag- and – drop the EA into these chart independently ?
    Or I just need to drag the EA into ONLY one chart and it will work for all-currencies pairs?

    Thank you.

  54. carlforexdec says


  55. polash banik says

    It does not open any trade. I tried in demo account.

  56. I can’t get it work anymore. Just turns my MT4 off (disappears) with a runtime error 6030 code. Tried everything: re-install EA, MT4 no luck. It was fine before. FXPro. Any ideas, anyone? Thanks, A.

  57. Eric Valentin says

    Good Morning,

    I’ve received the same problem also. Previously I have no problem with CNT_EA, but after I did a fresh installation of my MFX, i tried to install CNT_EA and it said “You have selected the directory. This seems to be an invalid Meta Trader directory. Please choose another to be able to install.” i tried all the possible, like finding where the terminal.exe start from, but to no avail.

    Please advise.


  58. Good morning!
    After successfully downloading the CNT EA, I tried so many times to install it on my platforms but to no avail. After double clicking the EA setup, accepting the license, and next, the EA setup could not recognize any MT4 folder in my program file. When I tried to add/upload the MT4 via C:/program file/Meta Trader Alpari-UK, this is the message that I received: “You have selected the directory. This seems to be an invalid Meta Trader directory. Please choose another to be able to install.”

    Secondly, I have also tried to install the setup through the advance installation mode (i.e 1, Once you have downloaded the files, copy and paste the CNT_EA.ex4 file into your MT4_Platform_Folder/experts/.2, Copy and paste the CNT_EA.dll file into your MT4_Platform_Folder/experts/libraries/.3, Open your MT4 platform and continue setup by following the steps starting from step 9 of the CNT EA Installation Guide.) but when I opened my platform I could not also find the CNT EA there.

    Could you please advise me on what to do?

    Best regards,

    • Hi Divine, I have not seen any issues of the CNT EA no being able to detect your MT4 folder. Please make sure you are adding the correct MT4 folder. You may right-click with your mouse on your MT4 desktop icon and select properties to find out the exact location of the MT4 folder.

  59. Hello there!

    The EA seems to have some troubles running on the updated version of MT4 terminal (Version 4.0 build 574, January 10, 2014). It says “Initializing CNT Ea, collecting data” and that’s it.. nothing happens. I really love the CNT project, can we expect any updates?

    Anton V.

  60. Should i open CNT EA in all chart or just one chat? Since i have it open in USD/JPY can it trade GBP/USD during the news?

  61. Kelvin,
    the settings in the EA, are they for 4 or 5 digit brokers?
    Kind regards,

    • The CNT EA settings are for both 4 or 5 digit brokers. The CNT EA automatically detects whether you are using a 4 or 5 digit broker. You can always double-check your settings by monitoring your trades during the news times.

  62. Hallo Kelvin.

    I’m Pras from Indonesia Sorry my bad english i use google translation. I use a VPS Trading located in Canada when my VPS hour show at 6:46 PM My broker FXDD hour show at 02:43 PM and my broker hour show at .00.43
    1. How do I set in each of my broker?
    2. When there is news event trading robot can simultaneously how many times? I need this information to measure the strength of my account.
    Thank you very much for the info Kevin.

    • Hi Pras, to answer your questions:
      1. the only setting that may be set differently depending on your broker time is the ServerTimeOffset setting. I can’t tell what setting you should set for your brokers, since your Canadian server reference depends on the location (there are different time zones within Canada). This indicator may help:
      2. There shouldn’t be any limits as far of how many simultaneous instances of the EA running on your server. It depends on your VPS server capacity, and you should limit one CNT EA per broker. If you have any issues with your CNT account login, you may create more accounts.

  63. Kelvin,
    i keep getting the message that my product CNT_EA has expired, this stardet on sunday but is still there, what can i do?

    • Please try restarting your MT4, as you probably may have lost connection with the licensing server. If it does it again, try reinstalling the CSM.

      • Kelvin, i restartet the computer more then ones, de-installed CNT, even MT4 en reinstalled everething, but still the same result CNT_EA has expired. i installed everething on another computer but still the same message.

      • Another question Kelvin, it does not trade everything, only high impact, setting is High ImpactNews Only= NO
        Kind regards,

        • Hi Frans, at this time, we only schedule a few low to medium impact news; last week, there were only two high impact news. We are working on a new version that will include all news and you will have the ability to select which news to trade.

  64. I also would like when exactly the calendar updates downloaded to the EA? Is it happen one time per day/week/month or what?

    Last question, your EA is free for demo and real accounts, do u have any commercial plans in the future?

    • We usually update the Forex calendar at the end of each Friday during the market close, but the EA constantly checks for any updates. We are working on a CNT-EA version that will also be able to trade retracements, pre-news, and let you choose the news that you want to trade.

      • That sounds good to me. What about the other part of the question? “do u have any commercial plans in the future?”

        Is it enough to run the EA before the news and close it after closing any opened positions?

  65. Hello platform Ironfx time 23.00, 22.00 Poland time what to write one? 1 ?

  66. How many MT4 accounts that CNT EA can be installed?

  67. Hello mate,
    This is great Ea for trade in News, I am happy to use that. I have one question, is there any difference set for input parameters for every pairs please? Sec ToStraddle=20; and Sec ToCancel=10;
    Best Regards!

  68. Your set up instructions were great, working first time. New to CNT, 55 mins to my first news event

  69. Hi Henry Liu,
    I’m new install CNT EA almost work fine but I did not see the Strenght meter on left side of the chart ?
    Could you help me how to fix it ??


  70. I have just installed the EA. It seems to be working OK but instead of the usual smiley there is a letter J. Does this mean that it is not installed correctly? I have checked that I have entered my password and username correctly and that EAs are enabled.

    • Hi Des, do you have another EA installed on the chart? The CNT EA should display a smiley face on the top-right corner of the chart. Try reinstalling the CNT EA or remove and install in a different chart.

    • I have opened another EA, which I know works well, and that also has a letter J instead of a smiley. It appears that my broker, GFT Uk, does not like to smile!

      Thanks for your suggestion.

  71. Hello Henry,

    the EA was leaving this log entry:
    CNT_EA EURUSD,H1: no file
    CNT_EA EURUSD,H1: reading file
    and it did not try a trade. Could you explanin if this is a problem and how to fix it?

    • I’m getting this log entry as well. No trades were done when there was an high impact news. Is this a problem?

      • Please make sure that you have entered your CNT username and password correctly. Check that you have the EA setup in one chart only, and if your currency pair names have a suffix (ie. EURUSDx, EURUSDpro, EURUSDfx, etc…) you need to enter it in the suffix field in the CNT EA settings.

  72. Hi I am receiving the following error message
    function MqlLock_51127AA2_7_11iIIiII1′ call from dll CNT_EA.dll’ critical error c000005 at 69A7EBA0
    also critical error c0000005 at 69A7EAE33

  73. I get message from cnt from my mt4,

    ” Product CNT_EA. Licencing Server is not available – rev.7 – 8460. Dear User. Our Licencing server seems to be not available or you have no internet. Please recover internet or try later again. ”CNT_EA will not work. Please restart Metatrader to try again.

    What happens please help me to fix it

    • Hi, the CNT EA may have lost connection with the licensing server, simply restart your MT4 and it should work.

      • Hi Ching, I have not been able to use the EA on any of my Demo accounts with Pepperstone and FXChoice. It brings up a window saying, “Licencing server is not available” and asked me to restart which i did but stiil did not work. i DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY. Pls help out.

  74. Hello

    I installed it correctly and then ran my metatrader4. but it doesn’t work.
    wrote: initializing CNT EA, collecting data…
    it is on my chart screen for last 2 hours but nothing happened so far.
    is it because today is Sunday or any other reasons???

    thank you!

  75. Bernhard Schweigert says

    what does it mean the numbers of “cnt ea dynamic strength meter bis weighted”

  76. Chathura Adikari says

    when i running EA. I have got following error massage. please see image.

    function ‘MqlLock_51127AA2_7_IIIiIiIIii’ call from dll ‘CNT_EA.dll’ critical error c0000005 at 650AEC00.

    2013.07.19 CADJPY order opened and it was loss

    Please help me to solve that issue.

    • Hi Chattura, please verify that you have entered your CNT username and password correctly. Make sure that CNT EA is not attached to more than one chart. If everything fails, try reinstalling the CNT EA again.

  77. Olusegun says

    The challenge i had yesterday during the new trading session, the EA placed both trades of buy stop for audusd and bus stop for usdchf. But both trades were exited immediately after the news was released, , maybe because the deviation wasn’t strong enough, but eventually, the market moved quite a number of good pips in the direction of usdchf. In such cases, what does a trader do?

    • Hi Olusegun, the CNT EA was designed to trade the initial spike immediately after the news release time. Therefore, whenever the market does not move enough to pick up the orders, it gets cancelled. If you want to, you can change some settings like the StraddleGap, to lower it to increase your changes of picking up a trade or the SecToCancel, to increase it to cancel the orders at a later time.

  78. Olusegun says

    i am having a problem with my EA, the vertical red or yellow lines which mark the upcoming news events is not showing and no trade was placed during the news event

  79. kim hansen says

    Is there a time limit on the licence?

  80. I’ve installed CNT and everything looks ok but it says there is no more news scheduled for the week. In your Forex Calendar for June 10-14 you mention 3 news releases for NZ, AU and the US. Is the EA supposed to be trading these 3 releases?

  81. Emmanuel Brown says

    my broker’s time is plus 2 what should l key in as timeoffset ?

  82. Hi! Anyone knows what is the correct value for the ProviderIDs field?

  83. i just finished installing the CNT EA on my MT4, but the currency meter is not showing on my chat

    • I have the solution had the same here, settings and follow this
      If the currency pairs in your Metatrader platform contain a suffix (ie. EURUSDpro), you will need to enter the suffix next to the field labeled ‘Suffix’.

    • Please make sure you have correctly entered your CNT username and password, and or try restarting your MT4 to reload the EA. Also check that you have entered the correct suffix if your currency pair names have one (for example: EURUSD.f EURUSDfx EURUSDpro).

  84. Kingsley says

    Hello Henry, I will like to commend all the good work and effort towards the success in Forex Trading. Well done. I used your EA, it works but I cannot set d lot size.

    is this miniaccount—-false

    that is what I set in my EA, when the news came out and hit the target, i found out the my lotsize for d trade was 0.2 instead of 0.02 set in the EA. so I reconfigure the EA again to

    is this miniaccount—-true

    when another news came out, it hit my target and i found the lotsize is 1.98.

    Pls I will be glad if you can help me sort out my lot size. I uses AGEA Broker.

    Thanks and God bless.

    • Hi Kingsley, If you want to trade a fixed lot size of 0.02, then set:
      By setting the UseMoneyManagement to false, it disables the use of the AccountRiskPercent and will always trade the specified FixedLotsize. Please note that with this setting, it will always trade 0.02 lot size regardless of your account balance. If you want it to use the UseMoneyManagement setting, so it starts trading around 0.02 but increase or decrease lot size based on your account balance, then simply change the UseMoneyManagement to true.

  85. Yan Putra says

    I wanna ask about ServerTimeOffset
    Cause i dont know how to look my Broker (MT4) Server Time.
    For information i use Exness.

  86. Hello
    Thank for your share.
    I am EA on GBP USD and 🙂 is ok
    But not open trade after one week?
    My broker is LQD market, GMT +3 so ServerTimeOffset = -1

    Thank you

  87. Ab.Rahim says

    Hello kelvin.
    I have already installed the EA.But where do i need to change the server time as my brokers server time is GMT+3?Also which chart i have to use like 1M or 5M or 1D?Thank you for your nice EA.

    • Hi Ab., simply click on the smiley face icon located on the upper-right corner of the chart where the EA is installed. It should open up the CNT EA settings window where you can edit the ServerTimeOffset. If your MT4 broker time is GMT+3, then you need to set your ServerTimeOffset to -1. It doesn’t matter what time frame you have your chart setup with the EA, you can use any; I usually use the 1H timeframe just so I can see the upcoming news on the chart.

  88. Donatus Okechukwu says

    Ok, Sir, I’ve’ installed everything looks ok but like todays USD
    Core CPI m/m it did not enter me .pls how do i enter the mkt at the news time sir? although its on only gbpusd that i used to installed CNT EA OR SHOULD I be changing it from one currency to another whenever there is news coming pls i need to know

  89. Abdul Ali says

    Hi Kelvin and Henry

    I have installed the EA on both of my MT4 platforms (one financial & easy forex) and it seems to have everything in place just like how it was displayed on the above picture, however it hasn’t taken a single trade yet and yes I have checked the history nothing has been displayed yet. I did use my username and password but it has missed 2 news so far including this morning EU GDP figures. Now I am waiting to see if it will do anything on JPN GDP figures. Please help

  90. shahrul says

    Hi Henry,
    just want to know… if i have 2pc used, 1 in the house and another 1 in office, should i install in both computer to get the signal? what happen if i install at home pc and shutdown then i open my pc at office without installation the ea, still i get the signal?

    • hi Shahrul, you should have the EA installed in one PC, and leave that PC running at all time. If you plan to use one PC at a time, meaning you will turn off your home PC when you use your office PC and viceversa, then you need to have the EA installed in both platforms.

    • how come the EA can only be attached to one chart? Can this be set up for multiple trading pairs?

      • Sam, you only need to attach the EA to one chart to work; it will automatically trade all available pairs in your platform regardless of what chart you setup the EA on.

  91. Ayo Odetunde says

    Hello Henry,
    Thank you for the software.
    After installing the EA on E/$ chart, the smiley face showed and disappeared along with the chart almost immediately.
    I made several attempts still the same thing.
    I’m using Paralles desktop 8 on MacBook pro.
    Please advise

    • Hi Ayo, I’m sorry we do not have experience running Paralles desktop 8 on MacBook pro, so can’t help you much there; but I assume that if you are able to run other EAs, the CNT EA should work as well.

  92. Hei guys… I just installed CNT EA on my MT4 safely…. I can see the vertical line showing the past and upcoming news event. But how do I enter a trade with this…?? Will there be any buy or sell indicator that will appear on the MT4 ?? Any manual or video that can help me with this would be great??

    • hi Rizz, once you have setup the EA correctly, it should automatically enter two pending orders 20 seconds before the next scheduled news. If the market moves more than 15 pips away from the pre-release price, it should pick up one of the orders. The EA also sets the TP and SL automatically, and has a built-in trailing SL.

  93. The EA dont make trades and show this error:

    2013.04.26 14:30:08 CNT_EA USDJPY,M5: function ‘MqlLock_51127AA2_7_IIIiIiIIii’ call from dll ‘CNT_EA.dll’ critical error c0000005 at 650AEC00.
    2013.04.26 14:30:08 CNT_EA USDJPY,M5: function ‘MqlLock_51127AA2_7_1Ii1ii1i11’ call from dll ‘CNT_EA.dll’ critical error c0000005 at 650AEE60.
    2013.04.26 14:30:08 CNT_EA USDJPY,M5: function ‘MqlLock_51127AA2_7_iIii1ii1iI’ call from dll ‘CNT_EA.dll’ critical error c0000005 at 650AEEB5.

  94. Henry, I have upgraded to Windows 8, will cnt ea work on this platform?

  95. Hi Henry, I attached EA on last Monday . look like you showed, but till Thursday no pair open, and om history too no activity. My broker are Alpari UK. What is the problem.Thank you

  96. m.hosni tamrin says

    regards respect for all the teams CNT EA…..
    after I tried EA on demo accounts written account invalid .. why .. and can not appear meter streng .. please explanation

    • hosni, please ensure that you have entered your CNT user login and password correctly. If using the same CNT account in multiple demo accounts; if error persists, it may be necessary to create another account.

  97. Sándor Mészáros says

    Hey CNT Team!

    I have a question: How long do the vertical lines for news releases stay on the chart? If the aswer is “forever”, will it mess with the EA if I put it on all my charts to see how a news release affected the different currency pairs? You said the EA only needs to be put on one chart to work, but will it still work if it’s there on all of the open charts?

    Thanks for you help!

    • hi Sandor, I dont think it would properly if you apply the EA to multiple charts. The lines only stay for the duration of the week. An alternative, would be to apply manual vertical chart lines from MT4 to use as reference.

  98. Sándor Mészáros says

    Hey CNT Team!

    I’m using a white background in my MT4 and the Dynamic Strength Meter’s lightgray numbers and lightblue currencies are completely unreadable. I have to put a black colored rectangle behind it just to read the thing, but that doesn’t stay in place.

    Any chance of updating the built in CSM colors to something readable on a white (or brighter color) MT4 background? It could be using two types of color schemes for dark and bright backgrounds, adjustable in the settings “DarkBackground true/false”. Is this possible?


  99. Ari Suryadi says

    I get message from cnt from my mt4,

    ” Product CNT_EA. Licencing Server is not available – rev.7 – 8460. Dear User. Our Licencing server seems to be not available or you have no internet. Please recover internet or try later again. ”CNT_EA will not work. Please restart Metatrader to try again.

    What happens please help me to fix it

    Thanks Henry Liu

    • Hi Ari, As the message implies, it is an error message if the license server is down or you’ve lost internet connection. We have not seen or received other reports of any issues with the license server. So if you are still having this issue, check your internet or MT4 account.

  100. takieddine says

    Hi Henry,
    I’d ask you about trailing stop , my broker AAAfx don’t use it ,
    CNT EA can do trailing stop or not ?

    • Hi takieddine, yes the CNT EA has a built-in trailing stop setting. By default, the StraddleTrail is set to 10 pips trailing stop, but you can change it if you wish in the CNT EA settings window (by clicking on the smiley face).

  101. David Kennedy says

    So far I love this thing!!! I’m up about 55 pips in two news trades.

    It didn’t look like it closed the trade at 35 pips…so I got out at 25. Looked like it hit it and didn’t close. No problem. I’m not complaining…the trailing worked great.

    I am wondering about the fixed max….I set it at .02. It opened the sell stop order at .01. I’m wondering if the straddle is taken into account. .01 on two buy/sell stop preorders. Would I need to set the fixed at .04 to get a .02 trade?

    • Hi David, did you set the UseMoneyManagement to “false”? Please note that the FixedLotSize setting only works when the UseMoneyManagement is set to false.

      • David Kennedy says

        Thanks for taking to time to answer this! I appreciate you guys… have credibility with me already.

        Question: So it seems there’s three ways to limit a trade. 1. With the risk setting. 2. Turn off MM by setting it to false and set fixed lots less then Maxintial. 3. Set the Maxintiallotsize to the max unit I want to trade.

        • David, there is really only two ways to set the trade lot size: 1.With the AccountRiskPercent. and 2.Turn off UseMoneyManagement by setting it to false and set FixedLotSize. The Maxintiallotsize is mainly used to limit the trade lot size for the AccountRiskPercent setting. Let’s say you set your AccountRiskPercent to 0.2 and Maxintiallotsize to 0.5, if you have an account balance of $10,000, therefore you will be trading 0.2 lots per trade. Then your account balance grows to $30,000; so now, based on your AccountRiskPercent the EA should trade 0.6 lots per trade; but because you set the Maxintiallotsize to 0.5, therefore you will be limited to trade 0.5 lots per trade.

  102. hi,

    I cant see the vertical lines of the Economic News Release

  103. hi,
    In CNT EA – Dynamic Strength Meter not works properly.
    it doesn’t shows anything else.


  104. Hi Henry

    Just want to inform you that the CNT_EA showed positive signs of working.

    I had to upgrade my OS from Win Vista to Windows 7 Professional. I also reinstalled the latest CNT EA and the problem stopped.

    However nothing yet has shown on the screen except a message saying:…. “Initializing CNT EA, collecting data..”

    Its been like that since it worked.

    I also noticed this website did not work yesterday. I got broken links all the time i tried it.

    • Your EA may be working properly but it says “Initializing CNT EA, collecting data..” because markets are closed on the weekends. Check again when the market open to see if everything is in order and ready for the next upcoming news.

      • Thanks.

        Actually it happened on a weekend. The EA is working now and i had my first profits from it.

        The website broken links has been solved.

  105. Hello Henry,
    This is to applause your profound effort; I am so grateful. I used your currency strength and made a good amount in few minutes but lost them all due to mismanagement. However, your EA seems to be a way out, I just installed the 1.1.2 version and it has not traded; how can I locate version 1.1.0?
    Please accept the assurances of my highest esteem.

    • Hi Daniel, thank you for your continuos support. Only the latest version 1.1.2 of the CNT News trading EA is currently available. In this latest version we have fixed several issues that we-ve encountered since its first release. When you say that the EA has not traded, if you look at your account history do you see any cancelled orders. If you do, then this could be normal, it simply means that the straddle trades were not picked up since the news reports weren’t as surprising enough to move the market. Depending on your broker, but for most you should have picked up this morning’s Canada employment news trade, since this one did move enough.

  106. Ayo Odetunde says

    Hi Henry,
    Thank you for your great effort and this EA in helping traders.
    Unfortunately, i have not been able to install the EA.
    I downloaded it, in the process of installation, after accepting the agreement, this message came up; ‘could not find NtLoadKey2 entry point in NTDLL.DLL.’
    I’m using MacBook Pro. MT4 installed through Crossover.
    Please advise.

  107. Hello, i had installed the EA successfully, i can the chart which was same of what you are showing, but i do have one query, that is shall i apply this EA on all charts or not necessary, if it is applicable to one chart like EURUSD, then if there is a CAD or AUD news it will take automatically or not??

    • Yes it will automatically select the pairs, just need to apply to one chart.

    • Hi, For NZD Unemployment, no orders were taken, but AUD Employment pending orders taken for AUDCAD and AUDNZD, one order has been deleted immediately, that is AUDNZD, for AUDCAD there is no movement and no price action movement too but still the order was in pending,not deleted, why it is so? if i watch the above pair price its moving on other platform but there is no price movement here???????

  108. I’ve just installed the latest version (v1.1.1) and it tells me there is no more news scheduled for this week. This seems very strange as with the previous version there certainly was news scheduled. Is this perhaps another bug, or is it just me and my computer?

  109. Onyebuchim says

    Hi Henry,

    I tried another computer and after two trials it worked.

    I took it back to my PC and its still having the same problem.

    What do you advice i do?

    • Try reinstalling the MT4 platform and the EA on the computer that is not working.

      • Onyebuchim says


        I tried reinstalling the MT4 Platform and reinstalled with the Latest CNT version (v1.1.1.0) and its still the same problem.

        Its really weird that my PC seems to be the problem. I might consider upgrading my VISTA to Windows 7.

        However the Currency Strength Manager connects very well and its working.
        Is there a way of checking if my login details is verified in your Authentication Server? Could you also check if my login location could be the problem?


        • We use load-balancing cloud-services to combat against DDoS, so without having your IP address, I cannot really check it. Maybe your IP is blacklisted as it is from a riskier region, and it that case, a proxy server would work. But you should always try to have the latest patch or software, issues like this shouldn’t happen

  110. Onyebuchim says

    Hi Henry,

    I’m still experiencing the same problems in the current CNT_EA

    Product: CNT_EA. Licensing Server is not available – rev.4 – 5604

    Dear User. Our Licensing server seems to be not available or you have no internet. Please recover internet or try later again. “CNT_EA” will not work. Please restart Metatrader to try again.

    I have tried restarting many times and it’s still the same problem.

    Please is there another method of getting authenticated without the License Server?

    I have tried other Direct Internet Connections without Proxy Server but still the same problems.

    Please help

    • No, the EA needs to be authenticated, this is the security of the EA. Have the EA ever worked for you at one time?

      • Onyebuchim says

        No. Previous versions had the same problem.

        • I would recommend to try on another PC or use a different internet connection that does not involve proxy. There are over 2000 users and they have been able to get the EA to work at one time.

          • Onyebuchim says

            Thanks for the advice. Although i have tried different internet connection without proxy, yet the problem still persisted. But i’ll try another PC to verify if my PC is the cause of the problem.

  111. Christian Schild says

    I see to get action but always has been cancelled without any trade being made.
    Is this normal or what is the problem??

    • Check to make sure the EA is taking the trade at the right time. If your PC clock is off, sometimes the EA will misfire at the wrong time, thus no trade.

      • Christian Schild says

        Hi Henry, yesterday I see 10 trades opened but all have been cancelled before any trade was made.
        My MT4 is set at 5 hours behind my time at Jakarta.
        Present: Jkt 10.00am….. Market watch 04.00 am…GMT 02.00 am..
        Server Time offset is set at: 0
        Please advice

        • Christian Schild says

          Sorry I am using a Remote Desktop Connection with my ApplePC

          • It doesnt make any difference. Make sure your PC clock is synchronized. The PC that’s running the EA. If your PC is off, the EA will fire at the wrong time. I am investigating a way to incorporate time sync in the EA, but that’s digging deep into windows DLL, something that I am not yet prepared to do.

        • Market Watch 4am = GMT 2am, so its GMT +2? Then the setting should be 0.

          • Christian Schild says

            Ok thanks for the advice. I checked my PVC clock and run it.

          • santosh Gudla says

            Hello sir,its really great wonder making a EA which i was thinking to tell you after long observations i made on Fundamental trades ..its good but when i installed i am having following doubts..after installation the account should have power and internet connection,as u told my account connect with your server..i think its not necessary to login my own ssytem ..
            and i have not get any trades even i made right feb4,i made for AUD/USD Builiding approval news but it did not take any orders …why this happen..

            and there might chances of loss with this system ever?

          • The EA doesn’t trade every single high-impact news, just the ones that move the market and a few that we are currently watching. News such as AU Building Approval goes directly with the health of real estate market in AU, but since the unemployment rate there is low, the economy is good, there are no forseeable impact from this release, so we don’t trade it.

      • Christian Schild says

        Hi Henry,
        I have re-installed the EA on my MT4 and set the times as required.
        Trades are opened but always cancelled. –buy cancelled—sell cancelled—
        My PC an Apple Mac and I run the MT4 on a VPS..
        Your advice much appreciated

        • hi Christian, this could be normal; when the news release numbers come out as expected, market does not move more than the 15 pips (by default in the EA) away from the pre-news price. Therefore, the pending straddle orders don’t get picked up and are cancelled 10 seconds after the news release time. The main idea of the CNT EA is to catch the spike when the market moves due to a surprise in the release number.

  112. Donald Pule says

    Hi Henry

    I’ve just subscribed to RD VPI via IBX now and have installed CNT EA in there. My problem is that the EA does not respond well, it does not show lines nor connect, it does show a smiley. I’ve installed CSM which works 100% but the EA is not.

    Note that I have the EA installed on my PC and works 100% on my 3 brokers including IBFX but on the VPN it does not work. Please help.

    The Support Team on redpaladin say there server is not limited and that I must check with the EA owner for possible solutions.


    • The EA uses a Windows DLL “wininet.dll” to communicate with our server. This DLL exists with all windows machines. Make sure your VPS has this DLL in there and that port 80/443 are not blocked.

      • Donald Pule says

        Hi Henry

        The EA is operational on the VDI now. The MT4 was updated as it was Build 432 and it is now Build 445. This fixed the problem.

        Thanks a lot. Now I’m ready to ramble.

        • Glad to know… I think it really matters with the MT4 Built nowadays. Before all builds are backwards compatible, but with MT4 moving closer to MT5, issues like this will happen.

  113. I cannot connect with CNT_EA, Igot a mesage saying “Our licensing Server seems to be not available or you have no internet…” probably the issue here is that we have Proxy Server… can somebody help me how to configure CNT_EA in proxy server? Thanks in advance

    • Albert, please try again. This message has to do with our copy-protection server that checks and make sure that everyone is using authenticated EA. I will have to talk to my support and see if we can fix this issue once and for all.

    • Just keep on trying until you get into the EA. You’ll need to restart the MT4. Sorry about this.

  114. Onyebuchim says

    I have installation issues.

    Its saying License has expired.

    Where can i send a sceenshot

  115. @Henry Liu . Thanks for this EA, but i will like convert the EA to Java in order to use with Jforex (Dukascopy), Please Can you give me a hint or the process. I can get the EA file.

    Thank you

  116. Addition to my message: I am talking about GBPCHF which was also opened automatically.

  117. Just to report that on an IBFX demo, worked fine setting the orders on time and executing the Sell @1.46260 and taking profit at 1.45910 giving a profit of 32.86 by correctrly calculating the entry at 0.87 lots.
    Will check it on other brockers

  118. Thanks Mr Liu,
    I have done just as you said, its working now, I have seen the Smiley Face,
    I have another question, can I install the CNT EA in two different Brokers MT4 Platform in one Computer using the same Username and Password I registered the CNT EA or do I need to re-register the CNT EA with another Username and Password in order to use it in the second broker’s Platform.

    • Donald Pule says

      You’re not limited on number of brokers to use and you need to use with same CNT login. However using more platforms might affect the PC performance. I’m at this point using 3 Brokers at one time and ir works fine.

      Remember the idea is to test the brokers you can so that eventually Henry can tell us which broker is good for the CNT EA.

  119. BTW: The reason I was stopped out instantly at 32 pips on the NZD CPI on NZD/USD was because FXDD raised the spresd to 36.3 pips!!! (Was up to 40 pip spread)

  120. Thanks, Henry for this EA!
    Suggestion: Since there can be slippage with Buy/Sell stops, please have the EA change the stop to the fill price once the trade is filled.
    I had a trade and FXDD slipped me 17 pips. So my stop was 15 + 17 = 32 pips, and I lost 32 piips on the trade.
    Messes up money management.
    Thanks so much!

  121. UCHE ABUGO says

    Helo Mr Liu,
    Thanks for all your effort trying to assist Forex Traders at any Level. I am using Window 7, MT4, I have installed the CNT EA Successfully, I saw the vertical red lines which mark the upcoming news events, I also saw a Text which says CNT EA Dynamic Strength Meter-BIS Weighted. but a red ‘x’ in place of the smiley face on the top right corner of the chart, then I clicked Expert Advisors yet nothing happened so what do I do.

  122. Adewunmi Lukman says

    i had install it on EXNESS MT4, but instead of it to give currency pair on the platform it gave another commodity like meterline, cop and more of it, what should i do, this is the new version tha you ask us to re-download

    • I’m sorry, what do you mean by another commodity meterline, cop and more of it? Please make sure you have followed the installation properly, entered an username/password, and if your MT4 currency pair has a suffix, you need to enter it in the settings.

  123. tan kean yong says

    Hi sir, should we attach the EA to all the different chart??

  124. Hi Henry, I have been running this CNT EA for the past one week but didn’t see it has any trade at all. Is it still running ok?

    • Yes, some traders just reported profits with last night’s AU Employment. Make sure you are seeing the countdown and double check the order history to confirm that there were cancelled orders. This shows that the EA is working, entering and exiting the market.

  125. Good morning henry.. I have installed the ea, and tick s correct boxes in the common, and the correct settings in the inputs. But when I click the ok button. It shuts down my metatrader. Pls advice, and I am using dig trader.

  126. Hi
    I download the installation file and it opens my first window without the next button
    What to do?

    • Do you see any button at all? Sometimes when you PC’s resolution and Font Size is set to Custom or large, it messes up with the windows. Do you see the window getting cut off or there is no window? I’d change my PC font size back to normal just to double check.

  127. Please am confused, since morning today I have been waiting to see action taken by CNT, EA. I have installed the CNT ea since last Friday waiting for today’s news,I can see two red lines with information concerning uk cpi and us core retail sales. also down I saw CNT EA- Dynamic strength Meter. in my chat, but the numbers are not showing. am using Instaforex chat .Please it how it suppose to be, most importantly, there was no trade.
    help Sir…

    • If you look at your account history, you should be able to see the two pending orders that were placed and cancelled at the time of the news.
      In the dynamic strength meter, if there are too many currencies it may not have enough space to display the numbers.
      If your currency pair names have a suffix (like EURUSDpro), make sure to enter the suffix (pro) in the EA settings; without the brackets ().

  128. Many thanks, Henry for your continued efforts to help the lot of traders! I am very keen to try out the CNT. It entered into two pending orders detailed as follows; 1) USDCHF: Buy @0.92913; SL @ 0.923763; Limit @ 0.93263, 2) USDJPY Sell @88.357; SL @88.507, Limit @ 88.007. No sooner the trades were taken in they were cancelled. There was no price movement recorded at all. I double-checked things well ahead of time.

  129. Dr. Ubeta Adikusnadi says

    Hi Henry
    This is the best News Straddle EA of its kind that runs automatically, and I have been looking this kind of EA for months. BTW, I have other EAs on my charts, will this CNT EA interferes with other robot EAs? Thanks alot for your generosity to share others with this useful EA. May Buddha bless you.

    • It shouldn’t interfere with other EAs, as long as it is installed in a separate chart. However, it also depends on the other EAs. We usually recommend to have the EA installed by itself.

  130. Shola Michael says

    hello and thanks for the EA. kindly help, my chart does not generate any other thing other than the red and the yellow lines indicating upcoming news and on the top left corner, it writes “initializing CNT EA, collecting data…” wish i could send you a pictorial view of my chart but don’t know where to mail it to

    • This usually happens when the markets are closed. It should start working once market is open on Sunday. Please open a question in the FXANSWER section if you are still experiencing problems.

  131. Do I have to load the ea on all the pairs?

    • You only need to load the EA in one chart. To make sure that all of your currency pair are available to trade, right-click on your MT4 market watch window and select ‘Show All’. This will enabled all available pairs in your platform to be traded.

  132. hI and thank you for this amazing EA
    I have installed it this morning…i followed each steps until the end…
    And tried it on a demo account
    20 sec before the news, i can see that something is happening (i can read sentence like (…monitoring…)
    But nothing happen
    I don’t see any positions
    I see nothing…
    Is it normal?

    Thanks a lot
    take care


    • Mido, do you see cancelled trades in the History tab of your MT4 platform? Remember the EA sets straddle PENDING orders, so if the market didn’t move, the trades shouldn’t be picked up. So it is working according to plan, from what you are describing.

  133. henry, i must say thank you for this wonderful work. may God keep blessing you, i must say i have learn a lot from you in forex trading. now i have nothing to give you, but to say one prayer for you, that God will open more window of farvour,blessings,and more wisdom unto you. i pray that soon base on the little i have learn from you. when i start making something i will not forget you. once again thank you for this gift.

  134. Thanks proved it today. then tell you how I was

  135. Olurotimi Lawal says

    please my cnt ea is saying no more news for the week what is wrong, after i downloaded the ea again because am not a DST. all these started what can i do

  136. Hi Henry, is your Currency outlook/short term directions news list the list which the EA uses? This list has some releases which are not in the list of the weekly tradeable news releases you send out & seems to match the EA real time parameters.

  137. Johan de Lange says

    I suggest that people read their broker terms and conditions before they install ea and waste their time.
    Some brokers do not allow trades to run under a certain time. They will execute the trade in a demo and in a real acc. but when it come to payout they may freeze your acc.

  138. Olurotimi Lawal says

    to make it easier i think you should list out some brokers and their offset, e.g whats the server offset for instatrader, SIG, hotforex, and alpari. thanks

  139. I have installed the EA, it worked a dream.. You guide was excellent and the whole thing installed itself perfectly, well done on a great piece of installation software – now if the EA works as well, I will be really pleased. Have been using the CSM for the last week or so with some benefits and now this is included.

  140. Thank you Henry!
    I’ve followed you for years but have been unable to trade news because of my schedule. This EA concept is brilliant.
    One question I have is the time frame on the chart. I just used the default H1 time frame. Do we need to use another specific chart time frame?

    • Layne, thank you for your support. The timeframe does not make matter. I just keep it at H1 so I can easily see the red/yellow vertical lines that mark the upcoming news.

  141. I have an live account to instaforex with uk server.that means the broker time is gmt time?

  142. Hi Henry, thanks for the EA. just one question, will the EA select the most suitable chart automatically at the time of the announcement or will we have to load the EA onto the suitable chart manually according to the strength meter?

  143. Henry

    Nice EA. Where can we see a calender of the upcoming news events? Does the EA compensate for 4 digit and 5 digit brokers?

    • we trade all tradable news releases on the site calendar, which is right on top of the page – Calendar Link – – We are also tracking medium releases, right now we don’t have a list of them, but you can see all of them on your chart when you switch to a higher timeframe. As far as 4 and 5 Digit brokers, yes the EA will know what to do, just make sure you try it on a demo first.

  144. thank you, Henry.
    It says no news for this week though.

  145. Henrry, Why is the csm data on the EA different from the stand alone csm. Am I missing some instruction setups?

    • Every broker has different amount of symbols available to trade, so the readings will be slightly off-sync. Just make sure you have enabled most if not all symbols in your Market Watch for the EA to function properly.
      Remember the strength/weakness is relative, it will still choose the best pair to trade, regardless.

  146. Okwara Godswill Ndukwe says

    YA, am on, only that am not seeing the yellow and red lines and the currency meter? nice job, hope it works out fine.

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