What is CNT News Trading EA?

CNT EA is short for Currency News Trading EA, it is an expert advisor for Metatrader 4, the most popular trading platform in the market. CNT EA downloads the weekly calendar from our server automatically, then places 2 trades by selecting the best currency pairs to trade with just seconds before the news schedule, effectively straddling the market in order to capture the entire move during high impact news.

What is Straddle or Straddling?

Straddle is term used to describe placing two trades, one buy and one sell trades, just seconds before a high impact news release, in an attempt to capture the entire move.

Are there risks to Straddling?

In theory, straddling sounds like the best thing since sliced bread, but the results may vary with brokers… For instance, brokers may not fill your order at the price you specified, or worse, fill the order at a much worse level, or slippage… Although slippage is unavoidable sometimes, with a good broker, the slippage is usually much less and reasonable. CNT EA will help us identify which brokers are reasonable and which brokers must be avoided at all cost.

How does CNT News Trading EA work?

CNT EA requires a valid CNT account in order to work, you can register a new account for free in less than 2 minutes. Once CNT is installed on your MT4 by using the setup.exe file (for more information on Installation Instructions, please the installation page), it will connect to our server and download the latest news calendar. CNT EA will start countdown 40 seconds before the news, and enter straddle trades at 20 seconds before (the settings are adjustable). CNT EA will monitor the market for up to 10 seconds after the release, then automatically cancel both straddle trades to avoid unnecessary risks. CNT EA will also trail stop once you are in a trade to protect your profits, it has everything needed for straddle trade.

There are other Straddle or News Trading EA available, why should I use CNT News Trading EA?

First of all, by using CNT EA, you’ll help everyone by sharing the results of your trades, so that we are closer to finding out the best Forex brokers to trade news with. Secondly, CNT EA is automatic, you don’t need to manually set the time, configure the pairs to trade, or sit in front of your PC during news time. You can just leave the EA running and check the results later. It is a “set it and forget it” type of EA. Thirdly, CNT EA has my CSM (Currency Strength Meter) built-in, so when it comes to selecting the best pairs to trade news releases with, you know the advantage CSM provides… By selecting the right pairs to trade, sometimes it means an extra 30 pips or the difference between a winning to a losing trade.

I am concerned about my privacy, what kind of information is shared?

CNT EA uploads the trade results, namely the entry, exit, stop loss, take profit, profit results, time, and broker. We never store account number information and we calculate results by pips, and not by profit amounts. In each broker’s page, we’ll share the last 10 trades uploaded by members. There are no personal identifying information being shared, unless you choose to share them in your profile page. Currency News Trading will never share or sell your information; we take the privacy issue seriously.



V. 1.1.2 – Official Release (Current)

  • Function – Added routines to make EA compatible with some brokers that freezes the platform during news time.
  • Bug Fix – Added loop to remove pending trades after the cancel time as some brokers freeze platform and pending trades may be left on after the cancel time.
  • Bug Fix – Trailing stop function revamped
  • Added additional security checks
  • Added load balancing authentication servers
  • Added Excluded Pairs Option allowing users to exclude certain pairs from trading
  • Added clear headings indicating the EA version
  • Added Release Date indication the release date
  • Added Function to turn off Money Management and use Fixed Lotsize instead
  • Added SL/TP Modification in case of slippage. EA will now re-calculate the SL/TP based on orderopenprice, instead of the Pending Price.

V. 1.0 – Official Release

  • V. 1.0C – Bug Fix – Brokers that use Suffix caused SELL trades to run with no SL/TP.
  • V. 1.0b – Bug Fix – Daylight Saving Time Calculation – Added function for the countdown to work with Timezones that don’t have DST.
  • V. 1.0a – Bug Fix – Added Load Balance Server To Combat DDoS attacks on CNT



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