Currency Strength Meter Download Page – Latest Version 3.0.6

Currency Strength Meter is a Forex Indicator that displays an at-a-glance view of what’s going on in the market, right now. It points out the strengths and weaknesses of all the major currencies, so that you can focus on the pairs with the most potentials for break out. CSM is 100% free with no obligations whatsoever, its intuitive design has no learning curve, download it now and apply to your trading today!

The new version of Currency Strength Meter no longer needs DDE Server to be enabled from a MT4 (Metatrader 4) platform, it is independent and obtain its datafeed through our server. The latest update incorporates our upgraded cloud servers infrastructure, providing you with the fastest access possible via distributed network.

Ever since the release of V3 of our Currency Strength Meter, we’ve incorporated several new features, including the News Tab, where you get a countdown of the next high-impact news event based on your time zone, completely taking the guesswork out especially when you are not in the US/Eastern Time zone. There is also a news broadcast module, where you’ll get the actual release at the schedule time, as we’ve had many requests for this feature… Although it is NOT a newswire service, but you can surely use the broadcast to trade retracement trades, or to simply confirm your direction… this in itself should be reason enough to download this version of Currency Strength Meter.

Let’s not forget the importance of market news headlines, as we all know that the currency market is driven constantly by news, so we’ve incorporated a news ticker that will keep you update on any breaking news… The items on the ticker are constantly updated by our staff, saving you time from browsing through hundreds of articles a day…


  1. Hi Henry

    I have downloaded and try to install it but it says it cannot install need to install .NET Framework 3.5.
    when I download the .NET Framework 3.5, it say m not connected but i am connected. Any other option since i am using widows 8.1?


  2. Muhammad Saeed Afridi says

    installed new version but not activated……………………..

  3. Kingsley says

    I have downloaded the package but not able to install successfully.
    I keep getting error messages in the installation process.
    then I will get an “installation incomplete” message at the end.
    Please who can help?

    Do I need to install any software before installing the package?

  4. Hi – I have been using CSM for sometime – today I noticed that it wasn’t working – GBP stays on 1.80 and JPY on 6.70 – I uninstalled – re-downloaded and reinstalled – no change – I switched off AntiVirus and closed Firewall and reinstalled – still no change – strengths not changing at all. The meter indicates the news and the ticker tape at the bottom keeps rolling. My Internet connection has been checked – all ok.

  5. What is wrong i downloaded it but it worked one day and then nothing.
    What is the problem?

  6. Star Sapphire says

    ok great news.. it now says that I have registered successfully… only problem is that there are no numbers now i still have a problem.. please help and advise.. i already tried repairing it but it doesnt make a difference… i will keep trying.. thank u

  7. Hy Henry,

    Thanks for your services but time to time this problem with CSM still exist. Like today it’s not showing a numbers just blank colored cubes instead. Please fix this problem for me. I really like to use CSM to identify which currencies are strong / week before to make a trade.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Best Regards,

  8. Hello,
    from yesterday the CSM is working again

    Thank you!!!

  9. i download new verson CSM but it still problem plse help me

  10. Hi

    Is anyone looking into the problem of registration. Cannot register at all. Please help

  11. Hello Henry,
    how other people said the CSM squares are blank…….

    No numbers shown, just blue or red squares

    Thank you

  12. Hi! Henry,

    I’ve got a problem with CSM. Lately it was showing a red boxes and I did un install and tried to install it again. Unfortunately it’s showing the sign of “problem with connection”.

    Please let me know if it’s a global problem or just me. When to expect this problem to be fixed?

    Thanks for this service and CSM was very helpful tool to have. Hope for the best.

    Kind Regards,
    Your friend

  13. Hi

    Just wondering if anyone is looking in the problem. Cannot register our account. My friend also have download it and he siad it been a week, all it appear is blank colour box.

    Kindly advise.


    • It has been down for days. I have uninstalled and reinstalled but I just get a error message “not responding”.
      Tried it 2 different pc and get the same results.

    • Hi

      I’m also experiencing the same problem, I uninstalled and reinstalled the csm and it still does not reflect any values. Can someone who has managed to solve the problem please share on what to fix this.

      The program is great when working but equally frustrating when not working.

    • Nayanapriya says

      me tooo can’t register the account

    • Muhammad Saeed Afridi says

      just like me……any solution

  14. trader07951 says


  15. ATIQUE RAHMAN says

    Even I can’t register, I’m using from long time. But due to issue I uninstall and install again but this time can’t register.

  16. Hi

    I could not registered myself what should I do now. Please advise.

    • ATIQUE RAHMAN says

      Even I can’t register, I’m using from long time. But due to issue I uninstall and install again but this time can’t register.

  17. please can you give me an alternative to downloading the meter? i am unble to download the CSM on my mac. please help.

  18. Hi Henry,
    from yesterday I have again 1 blue and the rest of red boxes
    no numbers showing in the boxes

  19. hi,

    My CSM has stopped working. Yesterday was fine but it was not showing any values. Any idea why? Please help

  20. Hi,

    My CSM does not work. Unable to register. Giving connection problem error message every time to register. Anyone experiencing the same problem? Can anybody share how to resolve this problem?

  21. Larry Porter says

    CSM 3.0.6 shows blue for USD and red for the other currencies. There are no numbers being displayed. The correct trading zone is displayed. I’ve repaired and uninstalled/reinstalled but the same behavior continues. The ad banner, the news ticker, and the news announcement appear to be functioning properly.


  22. harsh laskh says

    CSM just shows red n blue boxes only . no value or anything. please fix this issue . thank you

  23. Same for me, boxes are just all red………..

  24. Marko Trd says

    I am using this currency strength meter for last 2 years, recently it is not working from last Monday (July 6, 2015). Can you fix it soon?

  25. Hi, is it CSM under maintenance? Since last Monday till now the number just show in red colour box.

    May I know how to solve it?


  26. Antonio Fernandez says

    Buenos días.
    Un placer de poder participar en esta comunidad.
    Pero tengo un problema que espero me solucionéis, Hace unos días Currency Strengt Meter me dejó de funcionar, me podéis decir como solucionarlo,sólo me sale el color rojo y azul en el nivel de fuerza. gracias

  27. CSM server seems to be down. Boxes all red one blue, no values showing. Tried downloading again , reinstall but still the same

  28. Emil Beaulieu says

    Hi Kelvin, my CSM does not show the values. The boxes are just all red

  29. Hi,
    I have been trying to download CSM since yesterday with no success. Is this download still available? How? Thanks.
    Best regards

  30. Hi Guys,

    I can’t download the files. The Error message I get is —

    AllAccessDisabledAll access to this object has been disabledD025416C97211D86Imquo17CI7uQKZ6Z6lWdB+rQazXypuDUAFZ/B/LstJqhzBTCw0od8CbJsB4u0FHV

    Kevin can you or some one help with the download please.

  31. there is some problem with conection. any help?

  32. CSM has been showing the same figures since morning,its not working is there a software problem or i have to uninstall it.Does is have a life span?

  33. Hi,
    Please, there’s a difference between currency strength show on CNT_EA and CSM. Is there a reason why? And how can this be resolved. Thanks

  34. Mega Mega says

    Thanks for sharing your CSM, look great can’t wait to try it.

  35. CSM is working fine, but I am not able to understand when colors of pairs are in orange or yellow that whether the currency is strengthening or weakening that particular time. Kindly let me know how to evaluate the current movement of currency in terms of strengthening or weakening.

  36. yea, mine one also connection problem, now still cannot use also… 🙁

  37. My CSM 3.06 not work at all since today.Uninstall and reinstall, when registered, appear connection problem message. How to solve?

  38. Thank you for the info on CSM. If u need any assistant on the sound recording, please do no hesitate to contact me. Your recording has a lots of pops because was too close to the microphone when you spoke. I’m a sound engineer and I operates a recording studio.

  39. tq sir i got my csm

  40. Currency Strength Meter is a great tool. Thanks

  41. Thank you. Grateful

  42. Just download currency strength meter. Looks like I need an activation key.
    But never got one from CSM. What can I do to get one?

  43. jesu vadian says

    I downloaded your package, but did not receive an activation key.
    how do I request for one so that I can use your meter.
    Activate your Account

    Please provide a valid activation key.

    Activation Key:

    • Hi Jesu, please check your spam/junk email folder. However, upon checking on your CNT acct. you seem to be active; but if you are still having issues, please reset your password or create a new account.

  44. Zoey ZoZo says

    You have one of the nicest websites I have ever seen. You did such a nice job with everything. It is a joy to use and I love the service and training you provide!

  45. I have go the CSM installed.But when I tried to open it, a prompt came out asking for info to be provided.I did as required.What followed was a message saying that there is connection problem. In fact my network was working fine. Can you help me to get the CSM working? Thanks in advance.

    • KC, please try again as our server may have been too busy to process your registration, but if you keep getting this error then you may use our web version of the CSM located in our home page.

  46. I have been using another currency meter but this looks so much easier to use.

    Thanks and have a great hoiday period

  47. nice thank you.

  48. John Houston says

    I have Win 7 64 bit.
    I am getting the error message
    “Cannot find file C:\TopNews.html

    I would gladly do with out the news if I could just get the meter to stop flashing that error msg at me every ten seconds.

    I could use the meter on your website but that has to be manually refreshed, correct?


    • John Houston says

      What can be done to get this to install properly?
      This is a perfect example of “If it’s not broken don’t fix it”
      The previous version worked perfectly well….absolutely nothing wrong with it.
      Now, this new and “improved” version doesn’t work at .
      Makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it?
      I have Win 7 64 bit. It just won’t install.
      What now?

  49. emmy_0422 says

    so happy for this wonderful programme….. but i still give my credit to Mr Lui for this mutual contribution
    …….emmy Johnfaiyth

  50. Vy Nguyen says

    Thanks very much for the free tool, which is no doubt an essential & useful tool for forex traders.
    This new version is simply the best meter so far that I have encountered.
    At this stage I have no feedback to improve it yet, but will let you know if something come up in future.

    Thanks again.
    Keep the good work for forex community

  51. Lance Jones says

    Hi Henry,
    I just signed up with you today (07/01/2014) and wish I had known about you sooner. I have been looking for the Holy Grail for over two years and think this is the closest thing to it so far.

    It installed very easily and worked straight out of the box without any problems, the next thing to do is watch the videos to see how I can use this tool to simplify my trading and get me lots of pips.

  52. tim timpson says

    C:\Windows\diagnostics\system\PCW 0x80070002

    is there anyone out there that can tell me what this error code is and how to get around it for me to get my install of the csm 3.0.6 on my desktop- please

  53. Tried to install on 64 bit windows 7, and I get the following error:
    There is a problem with Windows Installer package. A DLL required for this install to complete could not be run. Contact our support personnel or package vendor.

    I tried on another machine that runs on 32 bit windows 7, and there is no issue. Unfortunately, the 32 bit machine is not mine.

    Do you have intention for CSM to support 64 bit windows 7?

  54. tim timpson says

    ohh no, i spoke too soon, the csm has just recently quit working again

  55. tim timpson says

    hip-hip-hoorah, my csm is back working again

  56. tim timpson says

    my csm 3.0.6 still is not working

  57. I love the CSM. I use it daily. On Friday it was behaving strange, the numbers of the strengths were not showing.
    I tried all the elementary computer basics by re-booting, cleaning cache, etc. None of them worked.
    I uninstalled it and then re-installed it.
    After I fill out the registration form and click register at the bottom, I get a message saying “There is a problem with the connection”. Please help

    • Glenn Yamada says

      Hi, I am having the same problem as Mark and Tim. Started Friday. I did exactly what Mark did and Just tried again.

      After I fill out the registration form and click register at the bottom, I get a message saying “There is a problem with the connection”. I hope someone on Henry’s team checks it out.

      • Hello everyone. I did the exact same as the above persons and am having the same problem..i use this exclusively in my trading so I hope someone takes care of the problem rapidly 🙂

      • There was a technical issue with the CSM server, but is back up and running now. However, if you continue to have a problem with the connection during registration, then I’m afraid this is a known issue and we’ll have a fix on the next update but in the meantime you may use the CSM meter in our home page.

  58. tim timpson says

    my csm 3.0.6 has not worked since early this morning

  59. just downloaded csm, works fine thank you

  60. Hi, I cannot load the CSM – it looks like it wants to start up, but then it stops loading and just fades out! I’ve downloaded it again, but it still won’t work. Can you help me out here? I’ve loaded the EA you posted and it is working ok. Thanks, Kim Best

    • Hi Kim, have you tried uninstalling it completely, and reinstall again?

      • ForexNation.Org says

        I’m having the same problems. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled several times…

      • Thanks Kelvin, I’ve got it up again and working fine!! Could it be that GoMarkets has the ability to ‘freeze’ the csm at critical times in the technical trading? I’ve often wondered, because it seems to happen at those times………

      • the thing stops just when MT4 reaches crucial trading points – its as if they can control it, and make it freeze!! VERY FRUSTRATING as after this happens it can’t be started up again – too much hassle for me!!! either you need to get it working properly or give up telling people to use it!

        • Hi Kim, I’m sorry but not sure why you are having these issues with the CSM, we have not receive other reports that this is happening. Perhaps you need to reinstall it, or use the CSM web version located in our home page.

  61. Dear Henry,

    Kindly post your live trading room link. I tried my best to find your live trading room to trade with you but I did not find that room.
    Please post the link where can I join you in live trading.

    Kind Regards

    FX PLanners UK

  62. pls what”s best timeframe for this lovely EA?

  63. I have attempted many times to download the meter and keep getting a “can’t download” message.
    Please let me know what I’m doing wrong.

  64. Onyebuchim says

    Is it possible to install this meter on my website?

  65. Hi, I am having problems installing the CSM. I get the error:

    Error 1001. InstallUtiLib.dll: Unknown error.

    Have checked on the Microsoft Tech:

    Ensure Windows Installer Service is started – done
    Ensure .NET Framework is up to date – done

    I am running Win7 64bit


  66. David Kennedy says

    I’m wondering why the meter on the EA reads so differently from the stand alone CSM. which is more accurate? USD is 3.9 on the stand alone…. 5.5 on the news EA

  67. David Kennedy says

    Henry here’s a suggestion for a new template. 2 arrows and a = sign. Very small at the top of the indicator. Either strength is coming together…two small arrows pointed towards each other. Apart….two arrows pointing away from each other. Strength running together… = sign.

  68. please, on which currency pair time frame can this csm be best used?

  69. David Haskett says

    First off I just want to say I love this site and all the great info I’m seeing. But I am having problems with the CSM download. When I try and register I get the following .” There is some problem with connection”

    I have uninstalled it several times, have tried both the .exe file and the zip file but I just keep getting the same error. Windows XP system and have installed the 3.5 .net framwork and updates.

    Any thing else I can try??

    • Hi David, we apologize for the inconvenience; it does seem that this issue happens more often for XP computers. We are working to fix this issue in the nex release. In the meantime, you can use the CSM web version on our website, or try installing the meter on a different computer.

    • is this CSM for scalping since it changes
      can one use it for say 4hr or day trading

  70. eni oghenehoro says

    is there a paid version of your signal services?

  71. hi i cant register theres a connection problem can you help bill

    • CSM Connection issue has been on our todo list for the next release. In the meantime please use the CSM on the sidebar, they correctly match the CSM meter.

      • Hello Henry,

        Just my observation here. When I tried to register when running CSM for the first time, I stumbled to the same issue (connection problem) when entering only the required fields. Then I filled up all the information AND I didn’t type in ‘Malaysia’ in the Country field; instead I selected Malaysia from the list. My registration works!

        I hope the others who experience similar problem will try again with similar approach.


  72. how can i use it with a proxy browser

  73. David Goodman says

    To Henry Liu,
    addendum to prior post: I think following the pathway of a currency gives alot of additional info when comparing it to the pathway of other one in a pair.That’s just my own opinion and it may be just due to my lack of experience with the meter .thanks again. David Goodman

  74. David Goodman says

    thanks so much for your wonderful currency strength meter- it seems to make it clearer when to enter or when to step aside – I really love it so far – 1 quick question – any chance of creating on the meter a line of last few hours of mumbers of each currency as a way of monitoring when lines get closer + cross or get further apart – since its hard to keep a running history of the numbers for each currency. Once again, thank you so much for all your generosity to the forex community, and by the way, how can I subscribe to your newsletter? David Goodman

  75. Thank for the currency meter it works well

  76. hello henry,
    i didn’t know if you received my last post, so i’ll send it again, my csm 3.0.5 has not worked since market opened last night, thanks

  77. Shaheed Md Khaled says

    From today morning the CSM displays no value. I uninstall it, download again and install it. Whenever I want to run it, it asks me to register my account. I tried to do so. But an error message says that there is a connection problem. Please advise what can I do now.

    Thanks in advance

  78. Hi
    I have downloaded CSM and it installed ok, but when i try to open, I fill my details in but then it says “there is some problem with connection”

  79. Hi Henry,

    Thank you very much for the CSM tool.

    I downloaded your 3.0.5 beta version of the CSM. It was showing values for one day but today it is not showing any values. I uninstalled the same and tried to reinstall the file.

    Unfortunately, I am now having a new problem … After I add my personal details and press “register your account” a pop up window come out and says:
    ” There is some problem with connection”

    I have tried to restart my PC, to re-instal the program, but I still get the same error message.

    I have windows vista with all the updates…

    Please advise

    Thank you,

  80. i have downloaded the latest csm, installed.
    when i try to open the personal detail page opens up, filled details, submitted, get erro message, ” there is some problem with connection”

    i have no issues with internet atm, everything working fine, despite this i get the error in connection.
    anyone else had similar problems

  81. Hi, from today morning the currency strength meter 3.0.4 is not working for me – i dont see any values it just displays as blank.
    I download and installed 3.0.5 Beta – i am unable to register it gives error “There is some connection problem”.
    Could anyone please help me fixing this issue.

  82. This morning my version (the latest) stopped working. I uninstalled it and downloaded the earlier version but can’t register it. I get a message saying I am unable to register the account because of a connection problem.

  83. Hi

    Beta Version has stopped working — It shows adds, but meter itself no numbers



    Hello sir,

    My CSM 3.0.5 is not working today it work fine previous week but now it not displayed any data please solve my problem i need it.

  85. ebebnezer says

    after l download CSM 30.4 installed it successfully but when l want to load it it keep on saying “There is some problem with connection” and l checked my internet connection is working fine .please what do l do you bmail me on [email protected]

  86. Cannot register ” there is problem with connection”

  87. I cannot submit the registration form. Plese advise. Thanks Koh

  88. Cannot register an account after downloading the Currency Strength Indicator?

  89. Dilip kumar says

    sir I m using window xp service pack-2

    i m facing some problem with net frame.

    I m downloading it version CSM 3.0.4 installation file download

    but showing error net frame

  90. Hallo Henry,
    Thank you for your presentation. It is simple yet profound. I learned so much to identify the pairs. Your teaching is great!
    What time frame do you use? Thanks.

  91. Hi Henry, just want to find out….If after signing up yr 7 days free trial and then
    stop subscribing coz yr monthly fee is quite a lot for me…. Then many months later when I hv saved enough , acn I sign up for a few mths and then stop?

  92. Srivijay says

    Dear Henry,
    Can you please clarify my doubt please. If im tradding a currency pair Usd/JPY according to the CSM USD is stronger and JPY is Weaker. What should i do should i go for a Long or a Short.

  93. Srivijay says

    Is it only useful for news time trading or else can we use it any time.

  94. david do says

    Pls help, my strength meter doesnt change the numbers it stays stagnant for hours.
    what do i do.


  95. hi, Henry
    i cant setup csm. when i go to setup it den its showing a message ” u need to set up net framework 3.5″. i download it but i cant setup it.
    i m using win xp. now, if i setup win 7, will it work on my pc?

  96. Jose Blanco says

    I would be glad to buy an Iphone/Ipad App with this program, can you guys please let me know when this app is released?

    Also, I want to thank Henry Liu for all his work, acurate analysis and recomendations, I have been following your page for about two months, and finally see good results in my account.


    Jose Blanco

  97. Hello everyone, I’m so inspired by your comments on the dynamic currency meter. Hope its still available for download. I’m so very new on this site.

  98. Hi Henry,

    Thnx for CSM. I use Tom’s meter but I now prefer your. I use it regularly. Its portable and manageable with its unique features.


  99. hember garzon says


    por favor publiquen un tutorial en español. donde expliquen como se instala, como se usa, como interpretar los colores, las barras. y cuales son las mejores horas para usar el CSM.


    asu servicio

  100. Aminul Islam says

    The CSM opened perfectly and working nice but it is telling that iertutil.dll is was not found and this message is coming continuously. How can I solve this??
    I am uploading the image of that. Please solve this. Thanks.

  101. Thanks Henry for this tool I will try it out .

  102. Hi,

    I have a problem which I hope you can help with, the count down clock does not work……my friend has no problem it is just me….could their be something that influences the countdown clock? it gives me 8 days before next news, it is definitely not correct and the seconds don’t move as it should…. ;( please help..

    Thank you,

  103. Dude what do the numbers on the tradable triger mean on your trigger sheet? are they the deviation difference from the focast and actual? please reply?

  104. Henry,

    Thanks for your meter, I’ve been using it for the last 5 months or so. Hate to complain about something free and useful, but recently the meter has started having an annoying Windows style clicking noise every time the ad changes. Was this added on purpose, or is it an unfortunate byproduct of the Windows operating system? If the meter can go “silent” again, I’d welcome the change back to the “good old days.”

    Thanks again!

  105. hi Henry … I need help, I’ve downloaded the CSM 3.0.4, but this software does not run the price function is not even the price of which update (no number) if I need to send a screenshot though more obvious? I really need this and you are my teacher, please help me. Thank you so much Henry.

  106. Isaac Odo says

    can the csm work with Redhat linux.

  107. chucks philips says

    sorry, I pay $27 for the trial version of your membership area. I could not loggin. the system was telling to renew my subscription on the first day. what does this suppose to mean?

  108. Hello sir
    I have some issue with csm, if i use it on my gsm isp its work nicely ( its low speed internet connection ) but when i switch into hotspot isp ( high speed internet connection ) the csm wont show anything instead the ads. Please fix it because i usually use hotspot isp better than gsm because its speed.

  109. hi henry,
    ur currency strength meter rocks,
    it really helps to trade, before i didn’t know till when a rally will go but now with ur csm one can really know where to enter or exit a trade and whre the pullbacks occur. thanks a lot.
    i have one request, if u could possibly have something same as csm for gold, silver and oil.
    would really appreciate ur help.
    happy green pips

  110. i am jagan from india. CSM 3.0.4 Download is not buffering. if any other to view.

  111. how do i use it? it only shows the number windows.
    can’t understand it.
    is it by <5 means a sell? or buy? what time frame? not stated in the software.

  112. Hi Henry,
    i just download the csm from your site. Please can you explain the different color on the software for me.
    Thanks, lawrence

  113. pls henry teach me how to interpret it so that i can be like other who are winning and not loosing like me

  114. i ve the csm on my laptop and is working but i dont know how to use it. i mean i can interpret it

  115. Hello, I like to know what folder the file should be placed in mt4…

    Thank you

  116. Henry

    Thanks for the meter… it certainly helps level the playing field a little.

    I’ve downloaded it from your site… i can get it to run on a stand alone basis but not on MT4 as your video clips shows.


  117. The meter is not showing properly on my notebook. The meter looks tiny and the texts are too large. Is there a way to configure the layout or resize the meter? I am running it on Windows 7, 64 bits. Thanks.

  118. Hi Henry! Have you noted that the meter is stuck since the start of today trading? What might be the problem?

  119. I also installed beta version 3.05, but it not work too, or it only for today, and the problem also happened to all

  120. I like CMS very much, but today the value not change at all. Why? Thank you


  122. Ali Hyder says

    Hi: A quick question and advice

    I am trading on 5M charts, but I am unsure of the strength showing in meter is for what Time Frame? is it a average of overall strength?.

    It would be great if in the next version we can see strength per traders category. For example for intra-day traders strength on 5M + 15M || 15M + 1H
    for Swing 1H + 4H etc

  123. nyomanmusdina says

    today, the CSM doesnt work properly. It’s value doesnt change at all. Please kindly advise.

    Thanks Nyoman

  124. Clive Packham says

    Hi my currency meter is not updating is it my end or are you experiencing problems today?

  125. hi. the readings (values) of my CSM have become static. pls, what should i do?

  126. How to trade using CSM , When to enter and exit and how to identify pair based on this CSM Any particular number to enter the trade . Like should we enter when it shows 8 ?

  127. Hi Henry
    I am interested in your dairly lecture. please, how do i subscribe to it. I will appreciate if u send me the link of ur new member. Thank Steve

  128. CSM would be better if it shows strength & weakness based on different time frame …..

  129. hi
    we know currency strength is calculated by bid ratio and pip range. and we also know pip range is (HIGH-LOW)*10000. what Time frame your currency strength meter use to calculate pip range?

  130. Fran Nigeria says

    please can you create an another version of this software for blackberry phones? i made a killing this week trading with only this indicator.

  131. iskandar says

    hi andrew…. ur CSM software have change and make my trading awesome… can u please develop a CSM for android… coz alot of us right now love to have the CSM android system…. thanks alot

  132. WHat time frame does it use to decide currency strenth and why cant we adjust the time frame

  133. Hello Henry,
    I wrote to informed you yesterday of the inability of the CMS to load figures for all the currencies. That is, I can not see any number. PLease, do assist and help to correct this anomalies.
    This is a reminder and please, do respond to my call.

  134. Dear Henry,
    Very grateful for the CSM. Meaanwhile, after installing it, It did not display any figure at all. The meter is empty.
    Please, what did I do wrong?

  135. Hell Henry, I think your meter is a wonderful tool to have for getting the sentiment of the market as you say. In comparing it to a few of the other meters available I note that the current time (GMT/EST) is not displayed. When I am viewing the meter, how do I know if the signals I’m looking at are current and not delayed?

  136. Hello Henry,

    Thank you very much for your market analysis depending on news releases, as i benefited from it some times.

    But Unfortunately I have two problems, the first is that many times I was wait for the event to be released on time but the website I use -which is forex factory- gets frozen suddenly, the matter that makes me unable to set a trade according to what happened, so that I lose the chance because the market sometimes moves quickly within seconds. So, how can I beat that?

    Second problem, I can not use the CSM tool because the video you put does not work at all. Every time I try to play it, it does not even start.

    Thanks man and hopefully you respond to my inquiries.


  137. belajarniaga says

    why this meter show eur and nzd 0.0..what does it mean?

  138. Moradeyo Sunday says

    Hello Mr Henryliu,i have try to download your useful indicator and i try to register as u have instructed but is not bringing registration page asking to to download with NET Framework version 3.5 which i have done as well and am still having problem in registering the csm and i will be glad if you can explain further to me on how i can succesfully register the indicator and use it.thank you sir.God bless you

  139. hi

  140. Hello, I have deleted the old version. I have tried downloading the new version using explorer and google chrome. I get the icon but unable to open. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!

  141. Dear Henry,
    Since CMS is not available for mobile devices i would like to propose for you to put a live CMS in you web so that mobile trader can refer to you website as a temporary solution before it available for iphone and android…just my 2 cent idea.


    Pls sir, can you kindly recommend a broker that allows spike trading and that accepts clients from Nigeria,the one iam using is making FX trading fraustrating.


    Pls sir,can you kindly recommend a broker that allows spike trading and that accepts clients from Nigeria.The broker iam using does not allow and makes FX trading fraustrating. Thank you.

  144. Sorry to disturb Henry, but i have a problem with the Currency Strength Meter on my laptop. It doesn’t show the numbers, all the rest works fine, i use window vista OS. Any suggestions to solve this problem ???
    Thank you.


  145. For me v 3.0.5 displays a rating for USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, CAD, AUD, JPY & NZD. Is there any user guide as to how to use these figures?

    Is there any way to display specific forex pairs, e.g. GBPUSD?

  146. Siegfried Lucka says

    I had your strength meter installed, but the numbers showed not completely. So I uninstalled the strength meter and tried to install again. After downloading and trying to install a window shows up saying that there is a newer version of the strength meter already installed and does not let me reinstall or repair the strength meter. I went through all possible files but I can not find anything saying newsprofiteer or strength meter anywhere. I like the strength meter but I am not able to reinstall. Please advise.
    Siegfried Lucka

  147. pls Henry im trying to enter your trade room but i can find the nigeria listed for subscription how do i do it
    from nigeria

  148. Hi,

    I can’t seem to get the CSM from working. It just have blue and red colors shown and not numbers like yours.

    I tried both the beta and non beta version also can’t. Do you know what’s the issues?

    Thank you in advance.

  149. Henry,

    I cannot get either version 3, 4 or 5 beta to run on my win xp platform? I have gone back to my old version that takes the feed from the mt4 and that runs fine.

  150. My CSM was not working properly when i woke up this morning, but when I followed your instructions it was successfully repaired. Thanks so much Henry.

  151. Hello sup.

    I have been using your metre for some time now only for some unnown reason it stopped working on monday the 30/01/12 i have tried reloading and deleting and download the file again,but it still wont work, any other ideas.

  152. Hello guys:

    Problem = no numbers showing up and colors not changing. Everything else looks Ok. Is the CSM server down again? I tried version 3.0.4 as well. Same result.


  153. Hi Henry,
    For the last 15 days I am using your currency strength meter & it was working fine.But all on a sudden it stopped showing any readings(Values) of the individual currencies. As you advised I have again downloaded & installed your beta version 3.0.5 but without any success. I don’t know why the meter is not showing any values of the individual currencies.But all other newsfeeds & Ads are working fine in the meter. I have tried repeatedly but failed to get the readings(Values). I am using Windows 7 operating system & my browser is IE.I also use firefox & Google.But it’s not working. I don’t know what to do.Please help me.


  154. good morning, i just wanted to say that my csm 3.0.5 hasn’t worked since the market opened last night

  155. Hi Henry,

    Earlier on the CSM was working fine but suddenly it just show colors and not numbers in the relevant boxes.

    Tried uninstall and reinstall didn’t work. Please help.


  156. There is no reading on the currency meter,is there a problem somewhere

  157. Trevor Smith says

    I installed v.3.0.4 … the data boxes appear but are empty of data. Internet connection is fine. Windows xp.

    What is going on?

  158. I have not been able to install the new version of the currency strength meter since uninstall the 3.0 version. What do i have to do

  159. Hi I have just download CSM. I have tried watching the video on how to use it but the video doesn’t play. Can you please email me the user manual please

  160. I don’t understand. My PC settings show the correct time and date but Currency Strrength Meter is showing the markets closed or opening at the wrong times. Example – it shows New York closed at 2:30 PM EST 1/24/12, London never opended and Sydney opened when New York closed.

  161. Hello, I have CSM 3.0.5 installed, but it don’t pop up a window with the release number at the time of the news release. Why so? Please guide me.

  162. princecage says

    henry please i need the previous version these current version of csm is not working with my ow can i download the previous version

  163. Thanks for conrtibuintg. It’s helped me understand the issues.

  164. I downloaded CSM BETA 3.0.5 in october 2011 and was working fine, just about a week now it’s not displaying any data and my system is working fine.

    Pls what can i do.


  165. Hi Henry,MY currency strength meter(version 3.0.5) just stopped working.when clicked,it comes up i had to repair it,still it didnt work.I uninstalled it and reinstalled it again.after installing it,it said i should register.then i enter my required details and it still failed to register(saying that “there is a problem with the connection”).So i went back again and downloaded the previous version(3.0.4).After installation,it says that i should register.after registering;it still pop up with the message that “there is a problem with connection.this is what i ve been passing through all these while.please i need your assistance mr liu.thanks

  166. Hi. I have downloaded and installed the file. but i can’t register as message “there is some connection problems”

    Can you advise on how to install the file?

  167. Unfortunately, I am having a problem with the last version of CSM… After I add my personal details and press “register your account” a pop up window come out and says:
    ” There is some problem with connection”

    I have tried to restart my laptop, to re-instal the program, but I still get the same error message.

    I have windows 7 with all the updates…

    Please advise

    Thank you

  168. Hi I have been using ver 3.0.5 and its a great tool and very accurate. Last night, however, the currency values went blank as well as the news alerts. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the application but the message I get when I try to register my account is “there is some problem with connection”.

    Please advise.

  169. My 3.0.5 is no longer displaying anything but color in the currency boxes
    Suggestion looked for a support tab on it and on this page???

  170. How reliable is CSM and kindly explain the advantages and the disadvantages. tnx

  171. Good day thank for your news letter i really appreciate them keep me up to date. i am having problems installing the strength meter when i try to install it redirect me to a web site and ask me to download framework which do not install on my system please help

  172. Hi Henry

    Firstly, thanks for CSM.

    The only problem I’m having with it is the alarms. I have 2 alarms set up, one to notify me when any currency is 7. It works once after I set it up but never notifies me again after that.

    What I noticed is that after the alarm is activated (condition met), the Action changes to Enable again. Does this mean that I manually have to Enable the alarm every time after it goes off? Can the alarm not be always Enabled so that you always get notified when a condition is met?

    It also only notifies me when one of the conditions are met, eg. CHF > 7 and not any other symbols that have also broken the level eg. CHF >7, NZD > 7. This is not a big issue because I can quickly see what other symbols have broken the level when the alarm goes off.

    PS. An email notification option would be great, allowing one to be notified by email/phone (email on phone) when you’re not at your pc, allowing you to remote trade or get back to your pc if you’re close by but missed the alarm.

    PSS. Could you add a smaller version of skin 1 and if possible have an “Always on Top” option so that CSM is always visible.

    Again, thanks for providing CSM to the community

  173. LadyfromHeaven says

    hi. im newbie for this CSM. could someone tell me whats csm for? thank you.

  174. I used the older version and it works very well. But this new version does not refresh as the market moves and sometimes show false. Pls the csm 3.4 doesn’t show the actual release number at the time of the news? Thanks for the great features added.

  175. Awesome !! I liked it very much thanks for developing and sharing 🙂

  176. Hi Henry,

    it would be nice to see the movement of a currency. So i can see if its getting stronger or weaker. If a strong currency is getting weaker and a weaken currency is getting stronger then i would trade in the wrong direction when i allways say ‘buy the strong against a weak currency’…

    thx for the good work!!


  177. Hi. What do you think of an extra icon showing the movement of the currency. Cause a weak currency could getting stronger andere the currently strong is getting weaker. Then you shurely would trade in the wrong direction!? Ort i’am wrong?

    greetings from germany

  178. Goodbye
    I download the file, and he writes me there is a problem with the file how can I download? If you can help me

  179. hello i am using the meter and in near term trades i am able to get profits but i like holding my trades over night for high volatility. i was wondering do you guys have any time frames like trading the 4hour? because it seems the strong currencies seem to reverse when volatility hits.

  180. Hi, im planing to buy a Samsung Galaxy Tab, which is an Android tablet can it be installed CSM 304 currency strength meter?

  181. can I down load the meter with MAC

  182. i have download with firefox and ie but cannot open, i am using window xp.

    • alex, it should work (even with Win XP). Try to click on Save-as when you right-click with your mouse on the download link.

  183. I can’t download the meter.i have explorer.Can you help me.please.

    • jim, it should work. You may try to right-click on the link and try to download and or try a different browser.

      • Hello,I have deleted the old version. I have trieddownloading the new version using explorer and google chrome. I get the icon but unable to open. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!

  184. what timeframe is this meter based on and how often does it update? it looks good.

  185. with trading the news , Henry, where do i find the Forecast number and the Previous number to come up with the deviation so that one knows which way the news release would go before it happens , thanks

    • eddie, you can always check at where Henry will analyze the upcoming high impact news and also provide the deviations and the direction to trade.

  186. Onyebuchim says

    Hi, Still waiting for an answer or help to my question.

    I need to configure the network connection settings on the CSM to pass through my network proxy server. But this feature is not on the CSM.

    Please help.

  187. Raza Bajwa says

    Hi, Henry, I recieved your e-mail. I love to trade with you but I work 6 to 2 afternoon thats why I am thinking how I can trade. You have any idea how I can participate. Thanks. Raza

  188. Hi,
    I am very new to trading and i have been going thru a lot of sites getting beginner’s lessons and trying to understand and learn all those complicated forecasting/prediction/signal charts and methods and many more offering their services and software always for substantial fees then i came to your site giving the “csm” for free! i hesitantly dowloaded it and watch your simple but well explained video… i started using your csm just yesterday and today and it is just amazingly working, i know it is very early to comment on your csm as a user but i am a beginner and make all those kind of trades that went but with the csm it is just… you are a blessing to traders especially to beginners. thank you and keep the course!

  189. Hi Henry,
    Have had your latest meter running on 2 of my machines for two weeks now, but have a couple of problems – 1 refuses to show next news, but releases are published. At the moment (Wed 13.25 – london), it gives next news as AU unemployment, but meter is negative and not ticking down – . Also the 5 minute countdown alert keeps sounding off until unset – on both machines.

    Both machines use Vista and explorer



  190. Atta Akrang says

    Its been wonderful and helpful for a newbie like me in the forex business. Thanks so much Mr. Liu

  191. What is the time frame/period (1hour, 1day,…) what measuring CSM soft?

    • yes U got the right point … because whenever we see it it shows the strength and weakness based on number ….but what about the time???

    • Malay Patel says

      Hey, How you doing?

      I want to download your platform, bit it is asking me to download the net frame, so how would i do it?


  192. Hi My meeter is showing news feed running along the bottum but no values are being shown

    • Hi Michael, the ticker in the bottom simply displays the titles of the different news reports, and it takes you to the article when you click on them. If you click and open the new tab section on the right side of the meter, you will see the next upcoming high impact news release time, and it will pop up a window with the release number at the time of the release.

    • Michael:

      Try the 3.0.5 beta, it solves that issue.

  193. Hi Henry thank you I think it would be good to have a web version running on your website so we can check to see if our ones are working properly

  194. Ronald Gan says


    I am your newsletter subscriber. I like to know what time frame is the best to use for currencystrengthmeter ? 5min, 15min, 1 hr, 4 hr or daily ? Appreciate your answer.


  195. Hi Henry,
    I would like to use your program, but the strength meter does not show the currency strength values. I contacted the broker, with whom I have a demo account, which told me, that they have a decimal point at the end of the query (for example MT4 | HIGH! EURUSD.), because they use quotations to 5 decimal places. I tested this in Excel and it works, but the price is enclosed in quotation marks, and I can not use the loaded value. Is there any way to sucessfully use CSM with this broker?


    P. S. Sorry for my English

  196. Hey Henry great job on the strength meter,

    I would just like to make a request and I believe I am speaking for all on this:

    Can you possibly make a strength meter with chart function….so basically the chart plots the points ranging from 1 to 10 lets say every 1 minute, 5 minute, 15 minute etc just the way you have in normal Forex, except this time its a chart for strength instead of rate.

    This would be really helpful as I would be able to tell if a currency has just got really strong or has been strong for some time enabling me to take a better calculated position.

    Thank You.

  197. Hi Henry,

    I found the problem! My firewall was blocking the connection to internet for your program.

    I fixed it and now the CSM works great!

    Thanks again

  198. Hi Henry,

    First of all, thank you very much for the help you are providing us with the daily news trading plan and the CSM.

    Unfortunately, I am having a problem with the last version of CSM… After I add my personal details and press “register your account” a pop up window come out and says:
    ” There is some problem with connection”

    I have tried to restart my laptop, to re-instal the program, but I still get the same error message.

    I have windows 7 with all the updates…

    Please advise

    Thank you


  199. Amazing, just amazing!

  200. Thanks this meter is so usful.

  201. Hi Henry

    Version 3.0.5 is now displaying fully.


  202. Frederick Morgan says

    Your CSM files are not working – please fix.

  203. Henry – i have windows 7 at work and at home – the currency meter loads okand works at home but at work – doesnt show the currency pair strength numbers – the ribbon runs across the bottom ad the countdown meter worls and the top ads run but NO strength numbers show only blank spaces there.

    Maybe computer settings or isp problem?



  204. Henry,

    I have used version 2.0 for some time and it has been extremely helpful. I have just downloaded and installed version 3.0.4 and it installed correctly. I am looking forward to using it.

    Thank you for sharing.
    Best Regards.


  205. I like the strength meter very much.
    Could you please add the selectable option for staying on top.

    Thanks again

  206. CSM 3.0.4 does not function in my computer..even i let open for 3 hours.

  207. tq henry

  208. Hi Henry: downlaod for 3.04 doesn’t work. Thanks, Mike

  209. Hi Henry & crew,

    Second time that I have downloaded and installed CSM 3.0.4.
    Still does NOT work properly:
    = bottom banner works (gold on black moving letters)
    = news panel on roght side works
    = London, New York, Sydney and Tokyo open/close seem Ok
    = currency names show

    ** Currency colors do NOT show!
    ** Currency change numbers do NOT show!

    So 3.0.4 is useless at this time. Version 3.0.3 works fine, as before.


  210. Just installed the 3.0.4 now there are no price quotes, what wrong?

  211. I’ve installed CSM v 3.0.4. But when I ran it, everything was present except the numbers. Am I missing something?

    Thank you very much!

  212. Can´t download, appear up this on 3 different and consecutive windows
    1) Error 1001 . System.Configuration.ConfigurationErrorsException
    2 )Error 1001 can´t find it file ´CPrograms fileCurrency Strength MeterAlarmBeep.InstallState´.
    3 )error 1001. No se pueden obtener los tipos de instalador en el ensamblado CArchivos de programaNewsprofiterCurrency Strength Meter exe.–> Nose pueden cargar uno o varios tipos requeridos. Recupere la propiedad LoaderExceptions para obtener mas informacion

  213. Hi Henry,
    Thanks for the CSM V3.0. When the Dismiss Alarm sounds means what??
    Is it all the time the Dismiss Alarm will sound??

    Any different between SM 3.0 & 3.0.4??

    Pls advise, Thx,
    Max Yeap

  214. always need it.. make my trading more confident
    thanks henry

  215. Hi, can anyone help I try downloading today again and it still fail.

  216. hello henry tq for being kind to share this software, i just update version from 3.0.3 to 3.0.4, unfortunately after update, there is no numbers shown except for the timers for upcoming news. i use windows 7. can i download the 3.0.3 version again as i really like your csm.. tq for ur kind 🙂

  217. pls hw do i install the C.S.M on my platform??

  218. Henry,

    I have downloaded your new CSM 3.04. but no data show up on the meter reading. Can you assist me what is the solution ? Any alternative ?
    Appreciate your reply


  220. i downlaoded v3.0.4. i unisntalled the previous version and install this new version.
    When first time run the CMS, it prompted me to register account. Why? This has NEVER happened before. Is that Henry going to start a “paid” service for the CSM tool?
    Next, when i run the CSM v3.0.4, the currency strength indicator didn’t show any value. On the news and the adverstisement is running.
    I tried to uninstall and reinstall it, still the same problem. CSM does not show any currency strength.
    Pls help me. Thanks.

  221. Same issue with others using Vista 64bit. I downloaded CSM 3.04 on figure come out of the box only color. I was using CSM 3.02 and it is working fine but when I upgrade to CSM 3.04 the above happen

  222. Hello Henry,

    I’m using WIN 7 ultimate x64, I’ve installed CSM v3.0.4, news and market timing works, but I can’t see the strength value (numbers below each currency). I’ve also installed the Newsprofiteer and that one works.
    However CSM tells me to upgrade .NET Framework but I just installed .NET Framework v4 and nothing changed.
    Could you please tell me which version of .NET Framework I should install?

    Thank you,

  223. I went to the Control Panel to set the Regional and Language Options in “United State” “English” and it still does not work. What is happening, the previous version does work.

  224. I just install the version 3.04 but there is no numerical data appeared underneath the country’s code. What should I do ? Appreciate you provide solution.Thanks

  225. Hi Henry, I’ve download your currency strength meter but it still won’t work. It’s only show blue and red boxes and I’ve it “Run” instead of “Save” and it still doesn”t work. Please help.

  226. Hi Henry, I have downloaded the new version 3.0.4 but it doesn’t work !
    Please help. thanks.

  227. Hi Henry,
    I have just downloaded the latest version cms v3.0.4, once installed I started the program and no figures come up they are all blank.
    i have reloaded it i have uninstalled the older version but still nothing (well the program starts and comes up but no pairs numbers)
    i am going to install the version before this again till the bug has been fixed

  228. I use Windows 7, downloaded the CSM 3.0.4 and installed successfully. Because it is standalone program, I just click to run it BUT SOMETHING IS WRONG. THE CSM CANNOT DISPLAY THE MEASUREMENT IN THE BLUE/RED BOX. Please help.

  229. The news countdown timer is working. However i get all the currency meter in blank. Please advise how to solve this, thanks.

  230. Hi Henry, I just installed the latest version of CSM.but the value is digit indicating the strength.but the forex news feed working fine.previous version 3 works fine but already deleted.Help please?

  231. Hello Henry,

    CSM 3.0.4 dead-on-arrival. Does not show any numbers after install and loading.


  232. CSM version 3.0.4 seems to have a nasty bug, I realise that you provide it for free Henry, but at the moment it reads 7.70 for the CAD and it is on its 6th red candle in a row against the $US wich is reading 3.7 at the moment. Could lead to some horror trading for the uninitiated trader.

    • My apologies Henry CSM is fine perhaps I need a refresher course in the new format thanks for the indicator Henry works great as long as you know how to use it.

  233. after i installed CSM 3.0.4, there are no numbers appearing in any of the boxes that shows the currency strength. Tried uninstall and reinstall it again and same thing happen. Please help! Thanks!

  234. Its not working with me . Why ?
    Idont have any data under each cerrency.

  235. I download it but it says “no connection” and i cant register. What can i do?

  236. Henry,
    No words can describe my thanks to you. Your CSM is my Forex compass which is effective and practical. No bull shit and no exaggeration. May GOD bless you always

  237. Dear Henry,
    I am experiencing some problems after installing your currency strength meter.
    I use window Vista OS on my pc and when i execute your program everything works except for the numeric value shown under the currency’s name.
    All firewall are open for your program but I still don’t see any numbers moving.
    Any suggestion ???



  238. Pitty, but v3.04 will show nothing on WUXGA.
    Forgot to save previous version, so for the moment I remain without csm.

  239. I don’t know if it’s just me but the latest version doesn’t work. It installs fine but doesn’t show any numbers/bars once it runs. This happens with all skins btw, and I never had this problem before. I’m reverting to the older version which worked fine.

  240. Henry,
    I have problem with the latest version CSM 3.0.4. The numerical data does not appears in the boxes. For your info, I do not have this issue previously. All your previous version run well, except for version 3.0.4. Please help. Thanks.

  241. Hi Henry – thanks for this wonderful tool.
    I had ver 3.03 and that was working fine but I downloaded 3.0.4 few minutes ago and it does not show any colours or numbers just the currency symbol and blank boxes. I uninstalled (after 3 attempts at downloading) and downloaded again and even had to register again but no changes. Now I have no values showing – any suggestions? Thanks

  242. Hi Henry, I have install 3.0.4 but unable to see the flashing numbers on all the currencies.

  243. Henry,
    nice job……..may god bless you…

  244. CSM 3.0 does not display whole numbers in the winow; only parts of number.
    For instance, it shows 4.30, with half of the ‘4’ missing on the right side of the window and half of the ‘0’ missing on the left side of the window. Any way to correct this?

  245. Henry,

    I downloaded CSM 3.0.4. But it does not show the rate for each currency, not working properly. The previous version works.


  246. ok–i got my answer–was just wondering what the higest # was –8.0—9.0-etc—i did find it on the website–thankx

  247. looks great but cant ,for some reason see the video??-it just hangs-?-thanks–are there any more instructions on it?–thanks-(can pretty much figure it out though–0)

  248. hi henry
    thanks for a great meter, and available for free !
    is there any chance that when you next do a update that it will be possible to resize it fills nearly half my laptop screen 🙁
    thank u once again
    ps how is the million dollar club going ?

  249. Hi Henry,

    I downloaded all CSM 3 versions and all give me an error :There’s something wrong with connection”. Despite I do not open any websites or mt4s while trying to use it.
    What is this bug that causing this problem and could it be fixed by you with new version or ?!!
    I am still using the CSM 2 version that always works Great & Smoothly.


  250. trude bartucz says

    Mr Liu, can you suggest a broker to open a forex account with? and how much money you think one should fund a forex acocunt? before i subscribe – i would like to be able to utilize your help from day one instead of wasting time?

    thank you for your help!


  251. Hi Henry,

    I’ve been eagerly looking forward to a fix for the ‘blank blue square’ problem for nearly three weeks now. I’d love to start using the currency strength tool, but I just can’t seem to get hold of a version that doesn’t have this problem.

    Here’s an idea – why not provide a live streaming version of the currency strength data on the website. The news timer works, so everyone who has the same problem I have, can access the news reminder and timer still on their local PC ??.



  252. CSM3 could have been a very good useful tool for me but for the alarm that triggers as soon as the software is lunched. The alarm boxes are displayed severally jam-packing the monitor to the extent that it becomes uncontrollable with terrible continuous sound thereby causing the system to fuzz. The problem stopped only when I disable the alarm of the expected news. I also observed that the time displayed by this (alarm) clock are negative numbers, that is, each of the figure in day, hour, min and sec box is carrying a minus (-ve) sign, I guess this may be responsible for the malfunctioning. Am using windows7.

    • I downloaded the latest CSM 3.0.4 and after installation, the time for the upcoming news is still in negative i.e the figures are still carrying minus signs. The figures are not correct at all. It also triggers the alarm uncontrollably when the alarm box under the box displaying ‘expected:’ figure is ‘checked’

  253. The CSM won’t download. Been trying since last night. When the download starts, there is never any progress made.

    Is there an issue on your end?

    • OK, the only way to be successful was to select “Run” instead of “Save”. Got it now, no need for a reply.


      • Wow! What a neat, valuable little program! I made ~ $180.00 in just over an hour on two separate trades. These trades would never have been taken if it weren’t for the CSM.

        Henry, this appears to be a winner, so far. I can’t believe that within 10 minutes of downloading, I’m in two winning trades. Your tutorial video that I watched last night was the key.

        I’ve done pretty well with Forex, so far, but this is a welcome addition, and a tool that I will have to utilize further, for sure.

        Thank you for your knowledge and generosity!

  254. hi henry i cannot at the moment acess the indicator 3.3 i passed coment about 2 wks ago and i notice others were having the same problem of no numbers in the boxs i had the 2.0 worked fine is the patch up and running you gave the date as12 sept i relise it is a free be but would like to know if it is possible to down load all best mike

  255. Jim Calcagno says

    Hi henry, I just love the currency strength meter. As long as I am trading, I will
    use it. Best regards, Jim

  256. Mr. Henry,

    I downloaded the new version but it doesn’t work… it needs framework that can be found from the web. I don’t understand. Please help.

    Looking forward from you.
    Thank You.


  257. henry, i’ve downloaded the csm 3 version on my laptop last month, but today i had to retrieve a previous restore point on my laptop, and my computer lost the meter, anyway, i’ve been trying all day long to re-download it, and it goes thru all of its steps, including amount of time left for the download onto my desktop, but when it finishes, absoluttly nothing has happened, and the meter is nowhere on my computer for me to get to the point of trying to register to get it started, and i no longer have the previous versions on my computer, any suggestions

    • latest update: finally able to download it, however i’m only getting the csm v 2.0 instead of the 3.0

      • Tim, not sure how you are getting the version 2.0 when we only have version 3 available for download. Try uninstalling all versions, download version 3 and re-install.

        • dear sir, i thank you for responding, however, i’ve just completed everything you said for me to do, and now once again, i’m getting no version at all to download, even though it has gone thru all of the steps to download on my desktop

        • ok, i’ve tried everything you said, and even found out my anti-virus software was uninstalled, re-installed my norton anti-virus, rebooted and tried your download again, still nothing, it will go thru the motions of saving to my desktop, but still nothing has shown up, i even tried to just run it off the internet, it once again goes thru the motion and even asks me to run which i do, and still nothing, i don’t understand how it is running on my desktop but won’t install on my laptop

  258. Fantastic stuff. A must for all fx traders. Many thanks. Highly appreciated! Keep up with the good work!

  259. Victor Fachada says

    One day when you have some time i would like to change some ideas with you.
    I trade breakout’s only at predetermined times with the orders being made well in advance.
    So far very good and your meter is a definite help.
    But as i said when you have time we may discuss it
    Victor Fachada

  260. Does this meter terminate at some point in the future or is it mine to keep??

  261. Many thanks for your pursuiance of excellence in forex trading tools to help newbies like myself. Highly appreciated! Keep up the good work!

  262. Hi Henry, I have downloaded twice now, following the install and registration to the letter. (uninstalled the first one and did it all over again).

    I have the window and news feed up OK but I am not getting ant currency strength of any type showing in the meter.

    Any suggestions please.

    • A new version is in the works to fix that problem. Seems like with certain ISPs the use of custom port or sockets are blocked. Fix should be released soon by the week of 09/12/11

  263. Hi Henry, thanks for the currency strength meter, I think it’s a great tool and I can’t wait to use . I do appreciate that you’re giving this away for free and I’ll pass the word around. With this tool I could make an informed decision on which pair I can trade without having to go through much hassle, thanks again
    Ray B

  264. Hi Henry,,,I have downloaded the new version 10 times but it doesnt work !!!!!!!! please help.thanks.

  265. Hi Henry,

    I’ve just downloaded the latest code update – version 3.0.3, and I still cannot see any numerical data in the boxes. Just plain red and blue squares.

    Any ideas why ?

    Thanks for all your help.


    • A new version is in the works to fix that problem. Seems like with certain ISPs the use of custom port or sockets are blocked. Fix should be released soon by the week of 09/12/11

  266. I think CSM 3.0 series maybe is being thinkered too fast. they simply don’t work, at least on my Vista 64 (displays nothing except news). maybe it’s time to slow down and get it right, 2.0 works fine

  267. Henry…Like your currency indicator..but when I open web site in the e-mail for 3.3 it wants to download the same 3.0…any suggestions??Ed

    • The 3.0 is the major version, but all of the download links are of the latest version, so you will always get the latest version when you go to the download page.

  268. I have download CSM ver 3 the first edition. However this software doesn’t have option to run behind a proxy server. Can this features be included in the next updates. Thanks.

  269. is there any problem with CSM today there isn’t having any moment

  270. is there any other version, like v 3.0.3

  271. if i m behind a firewall or my internet access require a proxy (eg. in a corp).
    How can i use CSM? Is there any setting of proxy server available?


  272. the update seems to freeze all the time, is it possible to download the original 3.0 version?

  273. Excellent function CSM 3.0.3

  274. excellent CSM

  275. Hi, And thank you very much.I been useing The old one every day.Now I have
    better system.

  276. Hello Henry, sometimes CSM crashes on slidenews.html. Error i get…
    line: 8
    sign: 5
    error:object expected
    url :file:///C:/Program%20Files/newsprofiteer/currency%20Strenght%20Meter/slidenewshtml
    errormessage is
    Error in the script on this page
    Then i have to click until the errormessage stops, and then, the proggy closes itself. Any idea what that could be and how to avoid it ?

  277. Thanks Henry – this tool is simply fantastic,

    thanks again

  278. this is great..thanks

  279. Jethro Shedrick says

    I am attempting to download the new CSM-3.0 software. Which version should I download, MSI or ZIP-File? I have (Windows-7, Home-Premium) on my DELL Laptop. (202-615-1621)

  280. Hello Henry,
    Thanks for the CSM and the breaking news. Your unending effort to help the fellow Forex traders is much and highly appreciated. The new CSM (v3.0) with the News reminder and the alarm is a real help since the time differences between different locations make it hard for some of us to keep track of the upcoming events. Honestly speaking, your dedication helped me to improve the way I am trading. Keep up the good work. CHEERS!!!!!!!!

  281. brian robbie says

    Thanks for the upgrade Henry, this is a valuable tool, and you are very generous to give it for free. I upgraded and then switched on, and got a ringing sound with alert boxes, so I had to close it. Is this normal?

  282. I am facing a problem with using CSM 3.0. After filling the “register your account” and clicking the tab, an error is appearing: ” There is some problem with connection”
    Any help would be appreciated Henry

  283. Kenny Schuble says

    Yes I look at instalation guide also.

  284. Kenny Schuble says

    I have tried many times to download CM
    Yes I deleted old one
    Tried both files
    Any help wold be VERY greatfull

  285. Barry Rowley says

    Hi Henry,
    Have downloaded your currency meter, its great thanks.

    My only niggle is it cannot be moved on the screen, is there a way of doing this ?


  286. Thanks very much henry

  287. Hi Henry,

    I am facing a problem with CSM 3.0. After downloading it, and the” register your account” box appearing then filling my info, an error box is appearing saying: “there’s some problem with connection”

    I tried many options to solve this problem but still nothing succeeded.

    It would be Great if you can find a solution for this problem.


  288. vincent owyeong says

    Hi Henry,
    i ve downloaded your CSM 3.0, but i only can see the color on it currencies box without any figures inside the box. I do choose different skin sitting, but only can manage to see the different time zone without any currencies strength appearance Could u please advise me how to figure out for it. Thanks


  289. Thank you Henry for sharing your wisdom and the CSM it looks great.

  290. i have down loaded meter clicked skins 1 st 1 numbers but no numbers i am on fxcm platform not mt4 is that the problem

  291. Hello Henry,
    I am working with two monitors. And I see earlier version of the CSM and another is new CSM 3.0. Why is different values ??of the two meters at the same time? Thanks

  292. i can”t wait to load your meter.i heard it is very good. i thank you in advance.



  293. Henry, what are the best numbers for Buy/ Sell.thankyou

  294. Hi Henry, I have installed CSM v3.02 It looks great and is even better now you don’t need MT4 to run it. The only issue I have is that the time to the news release is always negative for me. I am GMT + 2. For example it is currently 12:30 lunch time and I see -2 days – 2hours 0Mins remaining to NFP, and the 5 minute alert triggers. Have I miss configured it ?

  295. Hi,
    When CSM v3 was installed on my windows 7 64-bit computer, the countdown timer displays the wrong values. For example, instead of showing 1 day before the US NFP Employment Change, the timer shows -2 days.
    The computer and MT4 server clocks are displaying correct times.
    A 32-bit computer running windows 7 works fine. Is this a bug?


  296. i use ubuntu as my os in my computer, i try to install this but failed, i would love if u can check upon it, tq…..

  297. Nice work Henry!!! Love the CSM 3.0
    Do you think it is possible to group the tab color for the market tab, such as green color tab for the market open and the gray color tab for the close market, it probably doesn’t look too busy, but will look much clearer to see.

  298. Henry,
    you, henry, and your team, are too much. thats what i tell myself when i watch your videos. i can’t wait to join your trade room. take care

  299. Henry, your CSM is just what I was looking for. Also I tried to join your learning system, but was not able to activate the link: are your slots filled? Please let me in.

  300. Frederock Chua says

    Henry, I have download your currency strength meter but the currency strength
    figures do not appear on each of the box. Can you advise how to go about so
    that the figures will appear? Thanks.

  301. sadanand purav says

    desr sir, i downloaded csm and trying it. however i m getting 6/7 stop alert small windows when i open csm. it gives a load voice on speakers. what to do? earlior this prob. was not occuring. pl guide.

  302. I followed the installation guide but still CSM is not working.

  303. Your CSM v3.0 works really good! especially at the news release time. you are the best.. Thanks a lot Mr. Henry LIU.

  304. Zsolt Faczan says

    Hi Henry,
    The CSM is so AWESOME, it is working so perfectly. Thank you for this free usefull tols!
    Zsolt Faczan

  305. Hi Henry, Your’re very generous to provide the strength meter free of charge. Thank you

  306. Hi Henry,

    I downloaded the latest version and the numbers are still not appearing. Everything else seems to be functioning, news, ticker at bottom, etc.

    With the original v3 all the currency boxes were blue (with no figures). Now the USD one is blue, the others are red (still with no figures)

    My regional settings are set to US so I’m not sure what I can do to fix this. Was really looking forward to this new CSM, looks great.

    I tried on both my win 7 and win xp pro systems. Any suggestions as to what I need to do to get it working would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank ya, Thank ya very much


  307. Do you have to re-set the currecny alerts each time?

  308. By the way, I meant that I had been using the newsprofiteer CSM V2.0.

  309. Dear Mr. Liu:
    I have been a follower of your service for about 9 months and have used the news profiteer CSM V 3.0 for that period of time. I d/l’ed the new CSM in anticipation of exciting things, and profitable trades. However, despite repeated d/l’s and installs the meter never gave me any readings. I tried every setting, but alas, no readouts were to be known. I received your email regarding the “new and improved CSM 3.2 and decided to try again. Apparently the same gremlin in my computer that transmits my trade positions to the market makers allowing them to hunt my stops and take me out TO THE PIP, repeatedly, is playing games with your CSM also. Do you have any recommendations that would allow me to receive a readout on your meter rather than blank spaces where those numbers should be? Thank you.

  310. Henry, I love the currency meter! It gives us so many great features now.

    Just curious, I followed your link in the email about the 3.0.2 Update — but can’t find the download for that version. Does anyone know where it is?

    Thanks again Henry – you’re a star!

  311. Was trying to see 7-best-uses-to-profit-from-currency-strength-meter video link but it seems dooes not work

  312. How/where from, to download 3.02 verson of CSM?

  313. Hi Henry,

    -first: the CSM 3.0 works only in values, the meter in horizontal bars doesn’t change
    -second: it reports the availability for the ver. 3.0.2: where can we find that?


  314. Hi Henry..Thanks for your CMS 3.0….I had downloaded but I got problem….
    the alarm with pop up windows that annoy me….can u tell me how to turn off that alarm…? thank you so much…

  315. I downloaded and installed the curency strength meter, its came up fine.
    But every now and then, there is a “Script Error” message popping up, and asking if i wish to continue… i click yes.. and it goes away.. but it pops up every 2mins.. and if i didnt notice it, the CSM wil close down…. what shud i do? i am thinking of un-instal and re-instal..

  316. Alebiosu Adeyemi Tonye says

    Hi Henry, Its me again. The link to CSM V3.0.2 still shows me V3.0 please may i know what am not doing right? Thanks in advance

  317. i already install but the CSM showed blank?

  318. Henry…I downloaded your CSM 3.0 a few days ago and since then have received an email from you stating that an updated version is now available, namely 3.0.2. I have logged onto the site to downlod this 3.0.2 version but all I can find relating to the CSM is still the version 3.0. As there is no way I can see what version I have on my computer could you explain to me please how I can access this 3.0.2 updated version for download. I respect your CSM and believe it to be a great tool for evaluating market strength and love using it but I would like to take advantage of any upgrades that have taken place. Thank you in anticipation.

  319. CSM 3.0 Does not seem to be compatible with Windows 7 64 bit , is this correct ? Thanks Tony

  320. what is the difference between CSM 3 and CSM 3.0.2

  321. The video is very poor quality it breaks the whole time it is running

  322. Hi Henry I downloaded already the CSM but unfortunately it doesn’t work as there are no number on below currency box, please help

    Thanks a lo and God Bless!

  323. Jayachandran, Chennai says

    Hello sir,
    I am very much thankful to you for this great tool. After getting this tool everyone get profit and cut their loss. Thank you very much.

  324. In your reply to Demi on 23 Aug 2011, …… “No, CSM is not meant to work with timeframes, it is a tool to show you what is strong and what is weak based on the open / close of the day.” I understand CSM is not meant to work with timeframes but what exactly did you mean by saying ” ……. based on the open/close of the day”? Did you mean (for example) at New York opening session, the CSM would show the strength and weakness of the currencies and say 2 hours later, the CSM would not?? Thank you.

  325. Fraud Henry says

    piece of sh1t, stinking fraudster

  326. thank you Henry for your give I will start to use soon.

  327. Henry,

    Great tool, it is possible to have all tradeable news as per the calender on the CSA, instead of only listing the high impact news that you trade? This will definately be helpful so that we are aware of all upcoming news that could potentially affect the currency pair eventough we are NOT trading it?

  328. The version 2 was working well and after following the installation for V3, the CSI stopped working. The strength number for some reason is not showing. Please advise what to do.

  329. Hi Henry. CSM 3.0 is good, however, I couldn’t put off the ‘News Alert’ once I opened the meter as the alarm kept on unabated till I had to close the CSM! Several attempts could not help. What’s to be done?

  330. martinmary says

    how can the strength meter used to trade technical method of fx, and whatt other tools do you thimk can be used to trade technical use.

  331. Hi Henry,

    I’ve updated my V3 CSM software but there is still a problem – no numerical data is displayed. Just the same old row of coloured boxes – aaaaagh.

    One thing is fixed from the previous version 3 though – the news countdown timer now works – hurrah !

    So now I can tell when the news is coming, but don’t yet know how to get the relative currency strengths beforehand 🙂

    I tried 2 different machines – one XP Pro w/SP3 and one Win 7 Home Premium as before.

    One final thing – there is no version control on the actual zip and msi files – but I did get them from your website, and did a complete re-install, so I have to trust that I do actually have V3.0.2 as per the ticker message.

    This is going to be a seriously good trading tool when I can get it fully working.

    Any ideas ?

    Thanks for your help.



  332. Your MSI download is still at v2.0 while your zip file is at v3.0. Thanks for the update to CSM

  333. Just wanna thank you for all your hard work and generosity.

    All of the best

  334. Ian Foster says

    I just downloaded from the zip file, and like the previous version, when i start it up I get a message saying ‘3.02 is available please download it’.
    Which link are we supposed to download from?

  335. Nice One Henry, Your have been wonderful and Intelligent. You have Inspired a lot of people with your work, Keep it up. Thanks.

  336. Hi Henry, Thanks a lot. Is it okay if I install over the current version of CSM 3. It would be great if you could show the version on the CSM.

  337. Hello,

    Installed 3.02 and the ony change is the USD box is blue and the rest are red.

    Anyone else having the same problem?

  338. Hola Henry,,ya me funcionan los colores, gracias por la excelente herramienta. y espero llegar a ingresar a tu traderoom.

  339. CSM update Available V.3.0.2 fixes Blue/Red readings and News Settings not shown… Has anyone seen this update notification? if yes, can you help with the link please?

  340. what about MAC users? Does CSM work with MAC computer?


  341. Jurgen Karsten says

    Hi Henry, thanks for the CSM, however I am not positive regarding the colour codes and enclosed values.
    Where can I find out ?
    Thanks and regards
    Joe Karsten

  342. Downloaded the CSM 3.0 on thursday last week. By friday made over 100pips by the guide of de meter. Lovely piece and highly recommended for all traders. Henry keep up the good work. You are highly commended for making this tool free. God bless you.

  343. Thanks so much for CSM V3.0. It has always been a one of the most useful tool in my arsenal for trading the FX market. However, after installing the lastest version of the strength meter, it does not display the upcoming news, the remaining time and the expected value. Please, how can I can I fix it?

  344. Dear henry,

    One more question my strength dont show news why is that?

    I mean I am not getting news update,please let me know what shud I do?

  345. hello henry,

    I would like to know on what basis strength meter calculates?


  346. Henry,

    I just downloaded your new CSM 3.0. This really is a useful tool. One should not trade without the information that it provides. Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing this invaluable tool with your subscribers.


  347. Hello Henry,

    I just had a good look at the CSM V3.0. It is great.

    But I have a question. How do I get the News Alert activated? I tried the 4 skins and also tried the price alerts function although that did not work yet. I guess I will need some guidance on how everything works on this version. Are you planning to send us an instructions PDF or video to show how it all works?

    Thanks mate.

    Really appreciate the time and effort you put in to help us novices.

    Warm Regards


  348. Dear Henry

    1-Ive downloaded the csm 3 everything is ok but when i run both csm v2 & v3
    there is a Little difference between the number of each cerrency. as we know it use daily tick so what is the reason of this little difference in numbers ? do you use a different formula for the csm 3 ?
    2- is it possible to have the csm basesd on weekly Bar (tick) ?

    thanks for your attention in advance

  349. Instruction video too slow to load. How do I synchronise meter time with my pc time?

  350. CSM 3.0 I use
    The right of the press can’t display
    :NO news for the time being”
    How should I set
    Please help me

  351. Hi Henry
    Just downloaded your new version of currency strength meter (thank you) can you please let me no how to set the alarm configuration – also the news ticker is not working. It would be much appreciated!
    Kind Regards

  352. Hi Henry,

    I really like your concept of trading with Currency Meter.
    It might be very interesting if:
    1- User can pick the currency they want to see or display
    2- If it can fit in the task bar
    3- I an not a fan of moving display

    Thank you once again shearing currency meter for free.
    Happy Trading

  353. Hi Henry,
    First of all, many thanks for your perseverance with the new currency meter. I have downloaded it new meter, but I do not know how to read the meter readings. Is there a tutorial that you can refer me to?
    Best regards,

  354. Can the next version have time frame settings? It is difficult to scalp with the current settings as they seem to be a longer term view. Thanks.

  355. yes

  356. Hello

    I have just subscribed, downloaded FXDD MT 4, and the currency meter. Thank you for your indications. However I am not sure how I can launch the meter – currently registered in FXDD/ Experts directory, is this OK? – through MT 4.

    Could you please advise?

    Thank you in advance


  357. Hello, I want to connect Newsprofiteer 2.0, but does not work and shows only 00, I did all of the platforms and restart?ju MT4, but nothing that can be wrong?

  358. Hello Henry,

    I guess you have dropped the idea of letting us have the Currency Strength Meter Version 3 for some reason. We were waiting for it’s release originally on 1st of April 2011. Is it still in the works? Should we expect it shortly ?

    Please do reply

    Best Regards


    • Please remember that CSM is free. It almost sound that you are demanding for the new version. But the good news is that it is available right now, so please goto the download page.

  359. aida fitriyati ahmad says

    my Newsprofiteer Currency Strength Meter 2.0 not function… how to start the metre..???

  360. Henry, Can I purchase your CSM Robot……..when, where, how?


    Nick L.

  361. Hi. Thanks for the currency meter. I m wondering, why the data is become zero when i tick the DDE. i m using IBFX broker.there is no different in Quotes.I need your help very much. Thank you.

  362. Does it work with FXCM?


  363. I am interresting currency meter v.3, please…

  364. so i downloaded the your software i m using MT4 so how do i access it? so i can i can start using it

  365. I downloaded this, but it is not working. Using windows 7. Have two MT$ accounts. IFBFX and MB Trading. Can you help?

  366. Hi Henry, i downloaded the software i m using MT4, how do i access it? so i can i can start using it, secondly i can’t access other videos apart from No1 please i will like to have them, thank for all the alert, please i need your assist i have lot some much on froex please hlpe me, thanks

    best regard,

  367. Henry,
    Have you updated the Newsprofiteer Meter yet? I remember you said you were. I havenot heard anything.

  368. so i downloaded the your software i m using MT4 so how do i access it? so i can i can start using it

  369. Thanks Dr Henry for this free gift, thank you for your deep concerns for those of us who have not made profit in forex mkt. I hope this will be of great help

  370. Hi Henry,
    I would like to get your CSR Robot .When is going to be available again??Would you please let me know?Thanks and keep up your beautiful work…

  371. Jim Lucore says

    Hello again Henry, I regret to say that I still cannot get the meter to work. I suspect it has to do with the fact that I use Trade Navigator and not MT4. Would you be willing to share your knowledge on how to determine the strength and weakness of a currency so that I may try and develop a tool that will work with my platform?

    Best Regards and many thanks on the briefings 🙂

    • Moderator says

      Jim, the current version only works with MT4; upcoming version 3.0 will not require a specific platform.

    • Gary Frederick says

      Hi Jim

      If you want to use the currency meter just download a mt4 demo acct from any broker like (FXDD) & then you can use it!

  372. Hi Henry

    Were can I find the insallation video/pdf

    God job if I can get it to work :=

  373. Thanks Henry,
    You did a nice job here, i most commence it.My question is, I enterd a trade today, strong currency usd verse chf weak, but there was no move at all, What will i say is the cause?

    • Moderator says

      Ubtex, the strength meter is to be used as a an additional confirmation tool for entry and what currency pair to trade; but you must consider other factors.

  374. Mustapha Musibau says

    I think we should make do of what we have (currency Meter V2) from Henry and keep thanking him for making it free to us rather than asking for V3 when V2 is still doing well.

  375. please can i get it to buy now, can it work on other broker like liteforex my broker and hotforex, and it possible to pay with liberty reserve. am talkin about our forex robot, also can work on account of about 100 dollars

    • Moderator says

      John, the currency strength meter has always been a free tool, and upcoming version 3.0 will not require to work with any specific platform.

  376. hi henry,

    we have been anticipating the csm 3.0. any hope of it showing this year?

  377. Vanhook2 says

    It sure would be nice to have an update the new V3.
    What do you think Henry?

  378. Hi Henry
    I am a newbie to forex and learning to forumulate the strategies which suits me. First I should thankyou for providing this tool.I found this tool very interesting and helpful.But I want to forumulate the strategy which suits my time and personality for which I need the strength of the currencies at that particular time interval say every 30 minutes like 1:00AM, 1:30 AM,2:00AM,….11:30PM. So how should I do that even if I am not before the PC because I have my day job where I don’t have access to this. So is there any program where I can have screenshots of the currency strengths at that particular time intervals at my home PC even if I am not before it? So that I will have the idea of the market movements of differenct currencies. Thankyou. Sunny

  379. Hi Henery, I’ve noticed that my meter is bound to one of the MT4 account numbers, now I’d like to connect it on a different MT4 account. But I get 00.0.
    How can I release the NP account association?
    Thank you

    • Moderator says

      Wessam, you need to disable the DDE server option from the MT4 platform that you are not using (or simply don’t open this MT4 platform) and enable the DDE server option in the new MT4.

  380. DADA OLUWAFEMI says

    good job,i make 200pips everyday with your meter .thank god bless u amen

  381. Hi Henry , does V 3 have like a chart of previous history , ie Ive seen some paid currency meters where you can see past strengths displayed as a line chart , if not maybe for V4 thanks

  382. Hi Henry, thank you for the great tool. Helps a lot to spot any risk appetite or risk averse mode in the market.

    I am very excited to download the version 3.0

  383. Hi Henry,

    Of late I have been having some problem with the Currency Strength Meter V2. It just does not update. I have kept it on for hours and still the strength indicator for the currencies remains the same. For the last two days the numbers have remained the same.

    I uninstalled it and re installed it a couple of times. But still the numbers on the strength meter remain the same.

    What could be the matter? Need your help in this matter.



    • just go to your options tab under tools on your platform check the enable DDE server thats all. it will start updating itself.

  384. Jim Lucore says

    Hello, I downloaded the meter and I am not getting any data for the EUR or NZD, all the others are displaying just fine. Any suggestions?


  385. princeso says

    Hi Henry,

    Please when is V3 currency meter coming out? OR if it is out where can i download it? V2 currency meter is very useful to me.
    Thank you very much for such a wonderful Meter.

  386. Hi Henry. Loaded the indicator but all boxes stay blue. Does it take a couple of weeks to warm up while collecting data, before displaying the information?

    • Hi Glen, I had the same difficulty. The problem was that in my windows was set, that decimal places should be separated with “,” (comma). I replaced it with “.” (dot) and now the currency strenght meter shows correct values.
      I hope it will help you, too.

  387. How often does the Currency Meter update?

  388. hi Henry, thnx for the meter, it works well, i have so far made like 100pips, bt this is v2.0, plz send me a link where i can download the v3.0 and the million dollor trick that you Promised. thnx alot for your efforts.

  389. Love it, this is better than a $99.00 robot. and its free!!!!!!!!!!

  390. Hi Henry!
    Today I downloaded for 3 or 4 times, your currency strength meter, but it doesnt work, on 2 different computer. I saw your tutorial video. What is the problem, can you help me please?! I want this tool! 🙂
    Thanks! Humi

  391. the currency strenght meter just stopped working what could be the cause?

  392. Hai Mr. Liu
    I had used this software, really good, n I waits for new version because this software made my laptop work so hard, I guess because of display mode is not made for win 7,
    thanks a lot

  393. Good day Henry and compliment of the season. pls send to me your forex tools use and how i well download it thanks your friend Nnaemeka55

  394. Thanks for the meter. It’d working fine. But please how do I use it more effectively. I can’t watch the video because of my slow connection. Can you please give me the guideline in text.

  395. kongjong says

    henry, would it possible to create the strength meter to be an indicator on mt4?

  396. hey!thanks for the strength meter,i just downloaded it but i don’t know how it works,please can you help me understand it,thanks again.

  397. Hi Henry, scratch my last post, the meter is now working perfectly. Thanks, it’s very useful

  398. scott harry says

    well henry liu is God sent,i made over 250 pips just in 2days the most important they is that u have to learn how to use this software b4 u can make anything from it downloading is not the problem but how to use,i personally took my time to study this software and today is helping me alot the only thing that makes me happy is currence meter… thanks.

  399. Edidiong Efefiong lbup says


  400. Umm how much longer until the new csm is ready? April 1st is right around the corner. The anticipation is killing me.

  401. Hi Henry. I have the V2.0 but the font is all funny on my Windows 7 computer. When will the V3 be available?

  402. hello henry, i really like your currency strength meter.can i know what time frame ur taking for calculation of strength and what is the logic behind it.

  403. it doesnt work on two diffrent computers – is the new realese will be before 1 April ?

  404. Hi Henry
    thanks for creating avenue for free down loading,well i want to give it a trial may be it will turn all my effort in currency trading a profitable one

  405. ??? ??? ??? ?????????? ??? ?? ?????.

  406. i have tried all what you told me but the problem still remain the same, please is there any suggestion?. Thanks

  407. Thanks Henry you are wonderful

  408. Can you create an online version?

    • Moderator says

      Hi Trevor,
      We are about to release a new version 3.0 of the meter, but an online version may be available in future versions.

  409. Thanks Man, Let me go and try it. you are doing a great work.

  410. Is the new EA FREE also?
    I’m excited to see and try it.

  411. why don’t u make ea out of it?

    • Henry is working on an EA version of the currency strength meter. We’ll announce it as soon as it is available.

  412. Thank you Henry for providing this great tool, and the helpful videos on how to use it.

    I believe that you use 19 currency pairs to make the calculation.

    My MT4 broker (demo account) only seems to have about 16 or 17 pairs showing (even after doing "show all" in MT4. The Meter is still showing plausible numbers, but I am wondering if, without the full 19 pairs, it has enough data to work properly?

    With thanks,

  413. Thank you,Henry.This is a great tool.It is a must have tool for traders.Please,keep up the good work.

  414. thanks hanry..

  415. how can use the currency strength meter on my PDA?

  416. Hi Henry,

    Installed your sw, enabled DDE server option, checked the box that says “My broker uses…”, and typed “m” in the text box underneath. All works fine. Now I’ll read up on how to use it:) Thanks

  417. Hello,

    I ve same problem as Lekan. The table shows 0.00 after i did all the necessary things instructed. what else can i do?

    • Hi Christopher,
      Please make sure that you have completed these steps:
      1. Enable the DDE server option in your MT4 (under Tools/Option).
      2. Right-click on your market watch window and select ‘Show All’ to enable all currency pairs.
      3. If your currency pair names have a suffix (ie. EURUSDm, or EURUSDfxf…) select ‘My broker uses a different quote’ on the meter and enter the suffix in the field provided: ‘fxf’ or ‘m’ depending on the broker you are using.

  418. Hi Henry, concerning the currency meter, i have downloaded the meter and i have enable the DDE server on my fxdd, but when i open the meter it only show 0.00 under all the currency, which means that the meter is not loading. With due respect can you pls help me out with this problem. thanks

    • Hi lekan, please right-click on your MT4’s market watch window and select ‘Show All’ to enable all currency pairs and also check to see if the currency pair names in your MT4 have a suffix (ie. EURUSDm => has suffix = m). If you do, you need to check the box next to ‘My broker uses a different quote’ in the meter, and then enter the suffix in the space provided.

      • HI Henry, i have tried all what you told me but the problem still remain the same, please is there any suggestion?. Thanks

        • hello henry,

          i’ve downloaded the currency strength meter but i cannot execute it. it says “error: c/windows/system32oleprodll cannot be opened. be sure your drive is not full and you have access to the file”.

          i’ve done sfc /scannow but it didn’t solve the problem.

          what should i do?

          • stingray, pls try re-downloading the file and re-install. It may be necessary to temporarily turn off your anti-virus, just in case it is blocking the file from download/install.

  419. hi henry, i,ve try this but is not working, i’ve try both my broker uses different quote, both FXF/m and DDE, but only the figures shown. but it,s there anything to do again to make it work. thank

    • Hi Badmus,
      Please make sure that you have completed these steps:
      1. Enable the DDE server option in your MT4 (under Tools/Option).
      2. Right-click on your market watch window and select ‘Show All’ to enable all currency pairs.
      3. Select ‘My broker uses a different quote’ on the meter and enter the pair suffix in the field provided: ‘fxf’ or ‘m’ depending on the broker you are using.

  420. Thanks a million for all your hard work and dedication to help those in need.

  421. Phil Swinfen says

    Hi Henry, Thanks so much for sharing your hard work, Its very kind of you!
    I find the meter works great and is very handy for confirmation that i’m trading with the market as a whole.
    One thing I think it would be great to see is that if it could plot a graph so that you can see in an instant whether a currency is gaining or losing strength at a particular moment i.e has it been gaining or losing strength – on its way up or down.
    Thanks for your time.
    Phil Swinfen

  422. hi henry itwas working good for 2 days now it went all o.o and blue download it again will try i love it it seems better on tue. wed. thur. fri at 1 pm stop and enjoy the weekend doug

  423. Hi Henry, looking forward to giving this a try, many thx.

  424. great instrument for forex

  425. Gareth Lewis says

    I’ve already downloaded the meter on my desktop and would like it on my laptop too…but i’m getting the following error message “C:Windowssystem32oleaut32.dll” I’m running windows 7, would that make a difference? Thanks. p.s it’s a great tool, and I am recommending!

    • Gareth, it should not make a difference if you have it installed in more than one computer. Try reinstalling the meter in your laptop.

  426. Hi Hebry! Thanks a lot for your Crrency meter and detailed instructions how to download/run it. A great tool. Thanks again 🙂

  427. Hi Henry
    I have downloaded the csm and it appears as an icon on my desktop, yet when i open m4 and the csm no numbers appear in the meter….could you assit please? Many thanks

    • Shirley, Please make sure you have MT4 open and running, and that the “Enable DDE server” option in your MT4 (under Tools/Options menu and under Server tab) is ticked.
      Also, make sure your MT4 broker doesn’t have an unconventional symbol such as EURUSDm. It you do see m, or -, or FXF, or anything after the pair, you need to check the box in your meter where it says “My broker…” and then a text box will show up, enter the m, or -, or FXF…

  428. Hi Henry, my currency meter is stagnant. Is it suposed to be live?

  429. i just downloaded the meter software and it is working now…i am glad i watched the video above about typing in my brokers symbol because i couldnt get it to work at first. I just placed a trade in my demo account by using the meter strategies you talked about in the other video…currently it is in profit so far so good

  430. The strength Meter does not work with fxopen server.

  431. I downloaded your currencystrenghtmeter but the colour is not functioning as it should. When it reads like 2.00, 3.00, 4.00 etc it always show RED colour but when it shows 1,0.00 2,1.00 3,2.00 All like crazy,
    Please help me!

  432. Hi Henry and thanks for the meter. Question, i see you have an address in miami for a business you use are you in miami?

  433. It worked fine with me on Windows 7 :D. Tks Henry for sharing a good tool.

  434. Hi Henry,
    Thanks for the Strenght Meter… Great tool. I had version 1 and it just stopped working yesterday so have downloaded version 2. I hope it works… Looking forward to your 10k to 1M..

  435. Noreen Ryan says

    I just downloaded the currency strength meter. How can I tell if it is working? Please advise. It doesn’t look like it changes.

  436. Downloaded the Strength meter twice still will not work???
    I am using Windows 7, is this the problem?

    • Moderator says

      Andy, it should work with Windows 7. I have it installed in my Windows 7 laptop and it is working correctly. Can you specify what is the error you are getting.

  437. shodeinde oluwole o says

    i love it….. it cool

  438. agnes chay says

    I downloaded the programme and allowed the DDE setting ,but I get 0s in all the tabs. Is there something else I missed out? Thanks.

    • agnes: if your broker has nonstandard quotes, enter the characters after the standard symbol. EURUSD is standard. EURUSDFXF is nonstandard. The characters after standard symbol “FXF” are what you need to enter in the text box. Remember it is CaSe SeNsItIvE and you don’t have to enter the quotation marks (“).

      There are 2 checkboxes, check the one that says “My Broker use…” and a textbox will appear, enter the FXF in textbox and the meter should work!


  439. Ken Longshaw says

    Hi Henry
    Thanks for the tool and the updates. Very useful
    I tried to DL V2.0 of the tool but it seems to still be V1.0 even after I have deleted old version and install new!
    What Am I doing wrong?

  440. I have just downloaded the meter and is working.thanks for been there for have been a grate source of inspiration to me.i had almost giving up previously but your encouragement wount let me,to say the least you are Grate.

  441. thank you

  442. dear Henry,

    i can not find the link to download your tool. is there any problem ?


  443. Hi, I just downloaded the meter and am just wondering, will the meter move with change of closing price. My just stuck at same level for 5 minutes

  444. Hi Henry

    I downloaded your currencystrenghtmeter but the colour is not functioning as it should. When it reads like 2.00, 3.00, 4.00 etc it always show RED colour but when it shows 1,0.00 2,1.00 3,2.00 etc the colours are shown correctly.
    Please could you check what is the problem with the new edition.You can give me the link to your old edition thanks.

  445. Please Henry I think the currencystrengthmeter can be downloaded on ones computers if one have more than one?

  446. Harry4mee says

    Thank you so much for being so helpful. The good Lord shall bless you.

  447. Hi Henry,
    Have just downloaded you currency thermometer, I had to download FXDD as it would not work with my platform Gain. I only have a demo account on FXDD but would like to use with Gain any suggestions.

  448. I wish I could use this tool but I have FXF not FXDD so I can’t use it properly, is that correct?

  449. Thank you Henry, I have downloaded the meter to my desktop, but the EUR and NZD remain at 0.00 and blue. Also when I open meta trader FXD the whole meter shuts off. What am I doing wrong, please.

  450. Wow, what a fantastic little tool Henry. Just loaded up and I can see the advantage immediately. Many thanks for your generosity and ingenuity.

  451. Newsprofiteer Currency Strength Meter 2.0 is really helpfull, but the visual is not really good. Text looks too big for screen.
    I hope in next version you add option for select visual display. Thank you.

  452. Henry: hi!
    Yesterday I downloaded your software.
    It’s working like a charm.
    Indeed it’s very valuable tool in my manual trading.
    Thank you again for helping all of us.
    God bless you!

  453. Your app works great.. I might be able to win a few trades now 🙂 Great Work..

    In one of your videos you had an Excel based version, Would you please setup a download link for it as I do most of my trading with Excel.


  454. Chibuike says

    Henry,when are we getting a version of strength meter that will work with mt5.

  455. Chibuike says

    Hi Henry,

    God will continue to bless you for your great help to traders all over the world.

    Please, how can we use Currency Strength Meter with MT5

  456. Henry, thank you very much for sharing your meter, this is being used by a small group in a trading chatroom. We have found it to be an additional invaluable tool. Its being used across a number of o/s’s including W7 and across a number of brokers, only one of our group has had a problem (IBFX) other than that it’s brilliant. Many thanks.

  457. pablonoodles says

    Hi Henry

    I have downloaded your strength meter as I know several traders are using it and think it’s great.

    Unfortunately, I am using IBFX, and it is only giving me zero readings, even when I switch on the DDE server and correctly insert the EURUSDm symbol (and restart)..Any ideas



  458. Tajudeen Olowu says

    Hi Henry
    I watch ur video ur currency strength meter is nice, pls do send me your video on fundamental news, one of 45minute. send the video to my email address: [email protected]


  459. Hi Henry Liu,

    This system use to trade NEWS only or it can trade at any market?

    If GBP(8.00) and JPY (1.00) it’s will moves how many pips from the market price?

    Thank you.

  460. Hi Henry Liu,

    Thanks for your effort. Why don’t you create an EA based on this system?



  461. Hi Henri,

    This is fantastic, you are a very smart guy.
    I am working on strategies with it. I emailed your support team with ideas,would be good if you could read through.
    Thanks again,


  462. The video seems self-contraditory, first you say to pair the strongest against the weakest then you say don’t trade the Red(strongest) against the Blue(weakest) because it may reverse. So what colour should we use?

  463. I think the link to download the meter is broken

  464. Hi Henry,

    I just downloaded the meter and I will try it soon. Thank you so much for your kind heart sharing this tool.


  465. thanks for sharing, please advise me how to identify the best set of currency to trade using the meter,you have mentioned briefly.

    • You look for a weak currency (low number) and match it with a high currency (high number) and you can either SELL in the direction of the weak or BUY in the direction of the High.

      For instance you have EUR(2.0), GBP(1.0), USD(5.6), JPY(8.0)

      What is the best currency to trade? Well, you can match GBP with JPY, and since JPY is stronger, you SELL GBP/JPY. Got it? Watch the video Anne on the 7 best uses.

  466. Cyprian Adikwu says

    The currency Strength Meter is very fantastic.I had lost my from my system.I am therefore requesting for another one.Thank you for your good work.

  467. SUNNY GIANAN says


  468. Helo mr.Henry,I just use your strength meter in 5 days the result its fantastic 5 days i profit without loss,thanks

  469. Hi Henry,
    I dont know, where is the problem. I instaled FXDD again, checked DDE Server and restarted FXDD. But the meter is not going. Its posible, that the Problem is in Firewall or language of MT4. I don´t have English in MetaTrader.
    Thank you for your answer.

    • Michak:

      I am unsure if the language could be an issue. I would recommend to disable firewall/antivirus and reinstall in English just to check and see if my meter works. this would be the next logical step that I would take to troubleshoot it.


  470. Hi Henry,
    can you help me please. I have a problem with the Strength meter. I use the FXDD MetaTrader and DDE is enable too. All what is in your quide is ok, bud the Strength meter is not going.
    Thank you for your help.

    • I think Mario and Leo might have the same issue. I am going to download the latest build 226 tomorrow from a complete fresh installation and see if that would break the meter.

      I will post the finding tomorrow.

      • Mario, Leo, and Michal:

        I have downloaded FXDD on a brand new installation and after the installation DDE SERVER checkbox is automatically unchecked. So I checked it and then started the Meter. To my surprise the meter didn’t work. The meter is static and both EUR and NZD are showing 0.00. I immediately thought that MT4 Build 226 has probably broken with my meter, but then I realized that I have never restarted my MT4!!!! I restarted the FXDD platform, and it worked flawlessly… Please make sure after you install or update, check the DDE SERVER checkbox and remember to shutdown your platform one time before using the meter.


  471. @JP

    i’ve read somewhere in forums about having trouble same as yours, says the solution was reverting to XP, as vista and 7 isn’t very friendly to these trading softwares


  472. Hello Sir Henry,

    I’ll try this on my normal trades, news trading is awesome but my broker advices me not to trade news as they widen spread during that time.

    All-in-all a Great tool!

    PS: how about adding option for metals? 🙂

  473. Henry:

    Many thanks for your very interesting and productive website.
    Got a problem with Newsproffiteer however. Comes up for a few seconds then all windows go Blue and stay there. Any way to correct. I have downloaded twice,..same problem

    • You probably didnt enable the DDE server, and read my artcile on installation guide on how to enable DDE and install MT4.
      The other possibility is that your broker has a different quote, you have to enter whatever follows the quote in the textbox which will appear after you checked the My broker uses a different quote box.

      i.e. if your quote is EURUSDFXF, then you need to enter FXF in the textbox to the meter to work fine.


  474. Hello,

    I have a normal broker and I installed all correctly I mean. But in this first time (during nighttime)I see some correct dates like “CHF 5.00” in red but “USD 3,1.00” in yellow. Will these arrange during normal broker time or have I to change/re-install etc. something?
    Best regards, Hubert

    • Hubert:

      Your currency setting is probably set in a different way than us. You probably use comma as a period and period as a comma. If you can change your Regional setting in your Windows settings using US Dollar setitngs, then it would work.

      This is a known bug but I will fix it in future versions.


  475. Sorry, you answered my question already to someone else. How come it doesn’t work well with windows 7? Is it the firewall? I added this program to the firewall already, but that doesn’t seem to help with the freezing at all. What OS do you recommend to best use with this?

  476. I have windows 7 and the meter freezes all the time. I have to close out and reopen quite often when I suspect that it froze. How do we fix this problem if there is a solution?

  477. i will ur currency meter, i wish it work 4 me to make more money in forex

  478. Hi Henry
    Thanks for taking time to produce a very comprehensive video; explaining the valuable use of an excellent tool.

  479. Hi Henry, thanks for this great tool! Do you think you could reveal the maths formulas behind it?

  480. I just downloaded the Currency meter. Is there a text document on how to use it. Pls i would like a copy.


    • Aleme:

      I might write a complete post on it… but right now the answer is no, I don’t have a PDF version on how to use it…


  481. The meter is dead. Why does it depend on MT4 when it runs on its own?? I have the same readings now for 12 hours ,no change. Can you plz help me sir?

  482. hi Henry
    just downlaod an am even happy to have this as my material but with what i wach i belive is gona be Very Good

    Johlad kome

  483. Thanks 4 this currency strength meter, i tried it and sometimes work but then, i still need to listen to the presentation.God bless you Henry.

  484. Dear Henry
    I found out that your program shows us the market sentiment and how to chose the best pair to trade. But my problem is, I don’t know how to trade the News! I am using pending orders at both sides now.
    Would you please help me to find a better way of trading , using your program?


  485. Thanks Henry. I use IBFX and I enabled the DDE. I still have not been able to get results.

    Thank you,

    • If you have a mini account, you need to select “My Broker Uses Different Quote” and enter “M” without the quotes.
      The problem is that when broker have unconventional quotes, such as EURUSDM instead of just EURUSD, program cannot find the DDE link.
      SO just enter whatever character comes after the conventionl naming scheme, which is EURUSD.


  486. but how to identify the risk appetite market sentiment ? thank you

  487. George Charnley says

    Henry,Thank you for this very useful information.

  488. hi
    i want to download the curency metter but i cant it
    please guid me for this doing

  489. My currency Meter does not show any numbers (zeroes only). I have tried with FXDD, enabled DDE, restarted MT4. I am using XP and AVG antivirus. Can the error be due to firewall/antivirus?

  490. Iam yet to use it, so my comments later

  491. Hi Henry,
    It’s a wonderful tool, i use it from the beginning. Now i tried to download it to my laptop as well, and have the same problem as Jay have. It shows zeroes only. Of course i enabled DDE, but it didn’t work. Do you have any suggestion? Thanks.

    • Gabor:

      Double check to see if your broker uses extra characters after the pair, such as EURUSDFXF with FXF after the EURUSD. If that is the case, you need to check the “My broker uses different quote” checkbox and enter “FXF” in the text box below. Remember do not enter the quotation marks, just the FXF.


  492. How do you enable DDE?

  493. Hi Henry,
    I just downloaded and tried to install on my basic vista system but I got ‘corrupt’ error. Does’nt it work on vista?, please advice.

    • Kola:

      Its probably your Internet connection, your PC, but definitely on your end.

      It works fine with Windows based PC, except for Windows 7.


  494. hi henry

    i just want to try out ur currency meter. but on the last video, i just want to say that i can’t play this video maybe cou of the king of system am using pls i just want to tell u if u can make it as a folder that someone can download as a window player so those that can not ply it on the site can download it. and more examp on how to use it.


  495. thanks heaps

  496. Very interested to try the meter

  497. smarttiga says

    Very usefull thanks Henry

  498. Downloaded with no problems,thank you! I look forward to learning the most effective way to use the information.

  499. Hi Henry,
    Thanks for allowing me to try a new tool. I am always looking for techniques and strategies to improve my trading, so I will look forward to using your strength meter.

  500. Mike Noble says

    Do you have a MAC version?

  501. hi, henry.
    i am downloading your currency meter, tried on demo account and it is very useful. but after i open a real account, the meter could not work. my broker is PFG Best. do you know why?

  502. Nice
    thx about this i will try this now looking useble.

  503. Hi Henry,

    Thank you for the information provided. I downloaded your currency strength meter but I only see 0.00’s in all the currency boxes. What do I need to do to make it work?

    Once again, thank you and I look forward to using it soon.


    • Jay:

      Make sure DDE is enabled in your MT4 platform.
      Make sure your MT4 platform use standard quote. I recommend using it with FXDD just to try and make sure it works.

      Let me know how it goes.

  504. Thanks for the strength meter Henry. I’ve used other similar tools that were part of a trading system but not a stand alone this should be very usefull.

  505. The values are not changing after 10 hrs, is there something else i have to do

  506. i just uploaded. great job

  507. John Widen says

    Thanks, I look forward to trying this out

  508. hi henry,
    i am using alamost same tactic for trading pairs
    i look at futures GBP, JYP, CAD, AUD and find trend on daily charts
    after that just "pairs" together with opposite directions
    of course i am looking for strong and clear trend on daily charts …


  509. Hello Henry,

    Thank you so much for sharing your currency strength meter. I currently use it for confirming the signals on my charts and find it quite helpful. However, when tracking a trade I have to enter the different readings in a spreadsheet since it lacks the ability to "look back" and see where the "strength"/"weakness" has changed. Other currency strength meters I have seen have a graphing function which allows the trader to get some idea of the overall pattern. Admittedly these are quite expensive but then so is losing. LOL. Puts those of us with limited budgets in a difficult position:) Anyway maybe you could look at incorporating this added function into your meter one day.

    Best regards,


  510. I really liked your video presentation and would like to try Currency Meter. Thanks.

  511. it doesnt work! and you didnt answer my email about it!

  512. Thanks Henry,valuable tool,much appreciated.

  513. Gabrielle says

    That was an excellent video with the 7 tips how to use the meter. Thank you so much for that great tool and your generous training.

  514. hi,liu i enjoy your analisisy 4 the past 5 month, but idid not understant this your strengh meter pls kindly expanciate on it tks.

  515. Cyprian Adikwu says

    I love the currency strengthmeter action seen on the video I will love to grab a copy of it.Thank you.

  516. Great stuff

  517. charleslim says

    currency meter

  518. thanks

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