Currency Meter Installation Guide

Here’s what you need to do to install Currency Meter CSM 3.0.6.

Step 1: Download CSM 3.0.6 by going to the Download Page, then save the file Currency+Strength+Meter.msi on your desktop (or anywhere you want), or simply click to run the installation directly.

Step 2: Double Click on the meter and it will Launch a Registration Screen, please enter your information and then click on “Register Your Account”:

That’s it, it should work flawlessly.

If you have any issues with your installation, sometimes Currency Meter will have problem communicating with our backend server due to overzealous firewall policies, or antivirus programs. Although we have tested this installation process on all versions of windows that we could get our hands on, namely Windows 7, XP, 2000, Vista, we can’t cover every possible scenario, and almost 100% of the time installation issues are results of the user’s particular configuration… Sometimes the user is behind a proxy, or the internet access is not stable, etc… so before you ask for support, make sure to first reboot your machine, disable your firewall/antivirus, then try installation again.

If you still can’t install Currency Meter, then I’d suggest that you be as specific as possible with your support request. Make sure to include your version of windows, a screenshot, etc… not just “it doesn’t work”, or “I can’t install, help!”, because it will certainly not be helpful for our staff. Remember, CSM is provided free of charge, while we are trying to provide a good user experience, it is sometimes not financially possible to provide timely support for a free product, and we hope you understand.

Last but not least, if you find Currency Meter useful, why not tweet us, share the meter on facebook, or just let other know about us? Make sure to like us on facebook and join our CNT community, after all, CNT and Currency Meter is supported by users just like you. Thank you.


  1. Michelle says

    Kindly explain the error as below, thks:
    Error 1001. Install Util Lib.dll: Unknown error.

    • Try to install it again.
      Seems like you are missing a DLL. Make sure you have the latest version of Windows and that you are up to date on security patches.
      A new version will be released soon… So if this one doesn’t work, the next one will…

  2. good morning sir henry / kelvin Hello please help, I’ve downloaded the CSM but it does not work, then I can not download again, please help sir, thank you

  3. Hi, Kelvin. How do I set the alert for a currency of 7 or above signal? I’ve tried many different ways. Using either the >, >=, and <= symbols.

  4. Hello Kelvin,
    I’m wring just to let you know that CSM is offline
    “numbers” to identify the strength are not visible, just blue and red boxes
    and now it would have been quite useful to have it working … 🙁

    Thanks in advance

  5. Hello Kelvin,
    CSM is offline
    “numbers” to identify the strenght are not visible, just blue and red boxes 🙂

    Thanks and have a nice day

  6. Hello,
    today “numbers” to identify the strenght do not change, they have been the same from this morning to now
    thank you

  7. Hi Kelvin
    I’m having the usual problem again……..
    All blank, no numbers, only red and blue boxes.
    thank you

  8. I managed to download the meter but the screen is blank and the registration screen didn’t pop up, im using HP windows 7

  9. I just installed csm3.0.6, and it said successfully installed, but I can open the file, and it doesn’t work. Is anyone can help me sovle this problem, much appreciated.

  10. saud shah says

    CSM 3.0.6 is not working since 3 days, currency meter showing blank. is there any problem having in server?

  11. can the meter be downloaded on a mac?

  12. Umar Jhandir says

    Hi, GURU 🙂 CSM giving error .Net Framework 3.5 ? M installing it on windows 8.1 having latest updated framework 4.5 etc .. what should I do ?

  13. lukmanul hakim says

    My time zone was correct but the CSM countdown timer late about 4 hours. why this happen? whats wrong?

  14. Makinde Olusola says

    Hello kelvin. the CSM after installation did not display any news in the news tab showing “no news for the time being” and it has been displaying it since October, 2014. Please, what should i do

  15. Kelvin, i just downloaded and installed the meter, but im getting the connection error. Is there a fix for this yet?

  16. oluwamayo oluwasegun says

    this is the best tool ever, it is giving me accurate prediction with my binary trading. thanks to the developer i guess mr henry liu.

  17. CSM is still not displaying the pairs as before Kelvin -still some issue with server?

  18. Bonni Jacob says

    Hello Sir Kelvin… I can’t register an account to use my CSM. “Problem with connection” always prompt me whenever I register.

    • Hi Bonni, unfortunately this is a known issue and we’ll have a fix on the next update but in the meantime you may use the CSM meter in our home page.

      • Alberto Cushnir says

        Hi Kelvin,
        So, wouldn’t be better removing the download link from the webpage?
        Just to avoid wasting time for us and you.
        Thanks for receive my comments.
        Best regards

        • This is a known issue but it does not affect everybody; many users have been able to install the CSM without any issues.

          • Alberto Cushnir says

            Oh, sorry 🙂
            My apologies
            I should be one of unlucky guys whom can’t enjoy the application.
            Maybe next release 🙂
            Best regards!!

  19. Hi Kelvin, there seems to be a problem with CSM not working today 2 December 2013 – all pairs are showing blank colours

  20. I downloaded the Meter successful but the registration is having issue “there is some problem with connection” what do i do to resolve it.

    • Hi Hakeem, as previously mentioned, unfortunately this is a known issue that in some computers you may experience the connection/registration problem. We will have this issue fixed for the next update but in the meantime, you may use the web version in our home page.

  21. Nakatyaba7 says

    Downloading for me was easy. BUT, instead of desktop where it landed, I would like to have it right on my chart. Is that possible? Show me how, please.

  22. m nasrullah tiwana says

    hi dear
    i have installed EA looks it is installed perfectly the only question is what is the LOCK symbol means where is the smiley icon of EA at the right upper corner exact to right place in next pane of currency figures,a LOCK symbol is in ORANGE and WHITE color what it means.

  23. Looks like I am having the same problem as a few others. When I click on “REGISTER YOUR ACCOUNT” I get a window that says “There is some problem with connection.” Is my only option to use the meter on your homepage?



  24. Alvin Kon says

    hi, i installed the CSM on two of the computers.. but both have the same problem.. the count down time for the news is not correct, sometimes it is negative time and now it is more than 12 days count down which suppose to be 2 days… please help.. thank you.

    • Alvin, there has been some issues with CSM and we are already working on a new version. Will post the new version up as soon as its ready. As far as the issues that you are having, its due to a change with google calendar scripts that we used to use to schedule the news, but googlecalendar changed to a new format recently, which caused our CSM not to work properly. So we are going to create our own calendar backend, so excuse the inconveniences for the time being. Thanks.

  25. Just upgraded to Windows 7. Tried to install CSM . Does not appear to be working. Suggestion ?

  26. Terry Palmer says

    Is there any plan to adapt the CSM to be used with Apple’s operating system?

    • Hi Terry, I’m sorry but there are no plans at this time to make the CSM for Apple. We do have plans in the future to making CSM as an app for Ipad and/or Android.

  27. Hello Kelvin, do you guys have a CSM version for a 64 bit computer? I haven´t been able to install the current version.

  28. Cintia Saham says

    i’ve tried to disable my antivirus and off firewall but i can’t installed
    i use Windows XP SP 2 and my internet is fine

    my screenshot :

    “there is some problem with connection.” can you help me pls ?

    tks 🙂

    • Hi Cintia, unfortunately, we have tried many times to duplicate this problem and have been unable to. We are aware of this issue and our programmers are trying to fix it for the next version. I would advise to remove your proxy if you are using one, and or try installing CSM on a different computer. As a last option, you can always use the CSM on our website.

  29. i have already download but cannot working some connection problem i try to fix it but still cannot work …what problem on my connection ….

  30. meter could not be able to download so what do i do

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