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    1. News trading is often mistaken for spike trading. I do news trading all the time, but not spike trading… so the daily recommendations are based on news, but not on news spike trading. I hope this answers your question.

  1. hi henry the special one,i have downloaded the currency strength meter but i have not been abel it install it,please i need i clue on that,how do i go about that?plzzzzz

  2. hi Henry the special one,once again thanks for the love of mankind.sir, how much will it cost to secure a trade circle? thanks.

  3. hi, henry..
    u r the legend of forex market,,i daily follow y.r mail alert and method,,but some time i can’t understand about (k and %) fugyre can u explaine in shorlty which web site i can find that?

    1. There is a fixed time in the daily trading called market cycle. I have an entire trading system build around it, including entries, exits, everything. It is a proprietary system so I cannot share it freely.

    1. You really can’t, so what you do is gauge market sentiment and see if there still are concerns that would push the market further. I use both Strengthmeter and Market Cycle for my entries, and of course I pay attention to any breaking news that may change market sentiment.


  4. Hi Henry

    Don’t get to talk to you much —but I am really enjoying the Videos. Looking forward to the DVD.
    great work.

    Don K

  5. Great advice. IS very common when the Cab driver talk with you (in my conuntry – Colombia) about the stock market or the currency market and he start to recomend you to buy some stocks or some dollars because ____. They appear like the professional and when that happen is a great time because now you have a great confirmation of reversal in the market and you can catch the top. This is a very good system here.
    Thanks Henry for the advice.

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