What is the REAL reason for this trade? or Is NOW a good time for entry?

Download this helpful Forex trading checklist to help you in your Forex trading. We are almost sure that this alone will immediately improve your trade entry.

By following the checklist, you can not only optimize your entry, but have the certainty that you are not taking trades on impulse. Let me share a quick personal experience with you. About a couple months after I first started trading, I was literally dreaming about charts and seeing candlestick everywhere. One day I got on my computer and saw an unbelievable pattern, and immediately I thought this is a perfect entry and couldn’t wait to take the trade. After clicking the "order" button franctically for about 5 times, I realized that it is Saturday morning! As silly as it was, at the time I felt that I had missed a golden opportunity to make some pips because of the darn platform…

By going down this Forex Trading Checklist, you will identify the reasons behind the trade, or better yet, the reasons to stay out of the market until the right condition comes along. You’ll also learn to use patience and wait for the right condition to come along, at the very least you’ll take less trades impulsely…

This Forex Trading Checklist is compatible to anyone, whether you are a technical or fundamental trader. For more information on the some of the live applications of this checklist, make sure to watch my 3-part news trading videos in the education section of the site where I talk about using the trading checklist in more depth. You can also get more information reading my 7-part Trading strategy in the Trading Tips section, also in the education section of the site… It covers the reason, support/resistance, and much much more in detail.


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