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  1. Hi,
    please, i have been trying to know how to interprete the news release but i could not. So, how can i learn the reaction of currency pair when a certain news release has an actual that is greater or less than the dorcast? Can you help me out in detail?
    Best regard

  2. thanks henry for helping beginer like myself out,
    please which website is more accurate with their news release,because there is alot of them and thier release use to be different sometime,
    pls help out

  3. Henry please help me:

    The system i use is simple: What i do is to check the calendar of the day, i select the major data releases, and in the time of the release i am tthere to take advantage ot it in the second after the release to the Market.

    For example, if next Monday at 9h00 the Market will know the UK Core Retail Sales i wait the new to be released and in the next second i open a position, if the amout is better than expected i buy GBP USD and if is worst i sell GBP USD.

    I am using a Site named to receive via Audia the releses, however i see that there are a lag time of around 3 seconds, i know that the Market know it 3 seconds before me.

    So what i would like to know is where can i see that data in real time, i mean, how the market know the news releases before me ?

    Do u know where is ?

    1. I use, which is usually instant. However, it does not matter if you get in one second or five seconds later, as long as you follow the retracement trading method, you are fine.

  4. hi, i am amazed on how you analyse the market and make good trades i was to subscribe to the SMS and your live trade chart ,but am confused how much should i pay for this ,could you please let me know so that i may subscribe and make the profits you are making and also learn on how to trade like you do ,please.
    Thanks ,regards
    Kimani Simon -Kenya

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