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  1. Mr. Liu I just cannot thank you enough. you are officially a member of my trading group wall of fame in my office.
    I hope we can work together on june and have the honor to meet you in real life.
    take good care of that barin of yours.

  2. Hey Henry,

    Being listening and watching some of your videos regarding the News trading, it’s very relative to all traders.
    Being a newie, i like to learn from a mentor. May I know how can I join your trading rooms and see you trading
    live, would like to learn the rope from you.

    Appreciate your reply


    1. JH:

      Right now I don’t have any openings, but if you wait until June, I may have something opening up. Signup for my newsletters, if I get anything in the meantime, I’ll make sure to send out an announcement.


  3. Henry ,

    Can you coah me to make a living trading forex , i have tried everything but to no success

    Patrick Campbell

    1. Patrick:
      My mentoring class registration is closed. Maybe wait for the next class? I may have something in the works in June, but right now my priority is to work with current class (they graduate in June) and make sure they have my undivided attention. So signup for the newsletter and look out for my future email.

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