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  1. Hi Henry. Thanks for the extremely useful insight and teachings. Please advise or send me Part 6 & 7 of your Trading Strategies. Only the 1st 5 parts was posted at your website

    Your sharing, continuing support and guidance greatly appreciated

    Enjoy another awesome day ahead


    1. Thanks Cheong… I will try my best and get to the last 2 strategies as I have been extremely busy in the last few weeks working on the kinks for my new site,, hopefully this coming week. Thanks again.

  2. Anybody, who disbelieves this is either blind or one eyed. infact technical indication without fundamental is fallacy.

  3. “Trend is your friend.” probably most common and correct tips of forex market, i follow all-time trend and henry’s mail, believe it or not I’m a profitable trader,

  4. Hi there
    I think your comment about the trend is very helpful for everyone, I believe the mkts are behaving in a very particular way, so we have to be careful with our analysis.
    Thanks Henry

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