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  1. You are doing a good work. Some people could have charged $40 above for this pieces of educative information. Thank u. Well done, more power to your elbow looking forward to be your student one day. Is there any means to identify support and resistance in case i didn’t see two lower or high candle on my chart?

    1. you can also look at congestion areas if you don’t find support/resistance… but always look for at least 2 candles lower/higher on both sides.

  2. Excellent! succinct, concise and direct. Very insightful and packed with wisdom. Many thanks Henry, you have finally demystified the logic behind the supp/res. strategy. Many many thanks for your generous attitude to make others winners like you… God bless you magnanimously.

  3. Henry

    An excellent article that epitomise the very core of forex trading. No fancy indicators etc just plain price action of support and resistance.

  4. Thank you so much mr.Henry,I got the ideas support and resistance now from the above learning. Thank you once again for your unselfish sharing. Hoping to learn more from you again.

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