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  1. Thanks again.

    In summary i would say the article exposes the deficiencies of a man in regards to Psychology of Trading Forex with emotions. Emotion is an integral part of a man, which most times is difficult to separate from the decisions we take (whether good or bad).

    I think this is the reason why Expert Advisors are good at this.

  2. Good advice – worth reading again. The examples have been helpful in understanding what governs our actions when we decide to grab profits early or let losers run. Thanks Henry.

  3. Hi Henry,thank you for the strategies 7,it really help to open my mind about the forex trading. thank you once again for your unselfish sharing and hard work for us. God bless you.

  4. Right on all points Henry. This article and the last (#6) on investing are so valuable. Looking inward and being honest with myself about how and why I trade along with these articles has been instrumental in developing my trading skill set. Thank you for your time and never ending gifts to the traders that are open minded enough to receive them. – thank you!

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