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  1. Yup yup this guy was amazing. Thats what I called as a trader, not just be a comentator but also doing what he just said and thats the point. By the way he quiet honest even when he make a mistake, he tell us too. That also proof that the market was not always can be predictable. Thats why I will stick with this man. I tell you what. I have 176$ in my account and I will try to make it 5000$ in a month. with this man newsletter and indicator Hopely I can make it comes true. if I can make it another 8000$ I can MERRIED on december 19 this year. And I sure to God I will send MR. Hendry wedding invitation.

    Meet some one just like a destiny. So dont waste it.

  2. Hi Henry,

    You are great in forex, I will have love to join this your programme, but i will not be able because am with macro account seize. Let me try to raise money, i must join you in your trading in subsequent time.
    Please in this huge opportunity at going LONG on the USD/JPY pair at above 84.70 for a long-term trade, where do you suggest the trend and take profit of it will be?
    Thanks for your hospitality.

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