NZD Fundamental Analysis




NZD's current outlook score of 46 shows that the long-term outlook is bearish, which means that traders with a long-term trading timeline will be looking to short NZD on rally.

The latest 10 economic indicators released out of New Zealand have added 0 to the total Fundamental Outlook score of NZD. This represents a low rate of growth in recent months. More specifically, the most recent economic release with the greatest impact for NZD was the NZ Quarterly GDP, which took place on December 21, 2016 at 9:45pm GMT. The Deviation for the NZ Quarterly GDP is 0.3% and the Forecast at the time was 0.8%. The actual figure came in at 1.1%, which was a positive surprise for NZD.

Although the current score for NZD is 46, please understand that this merely reflects the long-term view based on official economic data out of New Zealand. This outlook score does not account for market sentiment, namely risk appetite or risk aversion, order flows, or any breaking news that has the potential of changing the short-term market trend.

Fundamental Outlook Score is meant to be used as a direction confirmation tool, the idea behind this indicator is the sum of the effects of market sentiments into an easy to understand format. The proper use of this tool is to pre-qualify your trade. In the case of NZD, which has a low score, your bias would be to sell it against currencies with a strong outlook score. This DOES NOT MEAN you should trade in the direction of the score blindly, but use it to filter out other trading signals that may tell you to go in the opposite direction... I believe ultimately the market will follow the fundamentals, and that's the key to Fundamental Outlook Score. Click here for more information and detailed explanation on Fundamental Forex Outlook.

Recent Economic Indicators And Impact Score For New Zealand

  Date Event Description Forecast Actual Score