US FOMC Interest Rate | July 27, 2016 | Currency Trading

US FOMC Interest Rate decision today is the main focus of the week, but with most Fed officials and the market in general are expecting the Fed to hold the current policy however keeping rate hikes on the table for future meetings. Obviously with recent Nonfarm Payroll miss, there is no reason for a rate […]

US ISM Non-Manufacturing PMI | June 3, 2016 | Forex Trading

US ISM Non-Manufacturing PMI is a leading indicator and especially important when scheduled before the Nonfarm Payroll, but since it is not, we probably won’t see too much market reaction unless it goes completely against NFP, and if that is the case, we should get a pretty strong market reaction today. 10:00am NY Time US […]

U.S. market-moving economic data could have been leaked, report shows

Traders that make big, profitable bets right before the release of market-moving economic data are either really smart… or cheating the system. A new academic study shows there is significant market reaction in the 30 minutes before the release of various U.S. macroeconomic reports, such as GDP, housing and ISM reports. The paper — published this week on the European Central Bank website…

BOJ’s Governor Kuroda has a big problem, the public aren’t listening

Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda has a big problem. His radical monetary policy experiment has always been aimed at convincing the public that an end to deflation is near – and right now the public aren’t listening. Concerns that a fresh burst of stimulus would be wasted on households and businesses so far unconvinced by the bank’s foray into negative rates, on top of huge money printing, were among the key factors behind last week’s decision to hold off from further easing…

China devalued the yuan, then spent billions propping it up

China has been spending billions of dollars propping up its currency. That might sound odd given Beijing deliberately devalued its currency in August, but it’s another example of Chinese policy makers failing to anticipate the market’s reaction and paying the price. New official figures show China’s foreign-exchange reserves fell by a staggering $99.5 billion last month as Beijing sold US dollars and bought yuan to stem its fall against major currencies…

US Existing Home Sales | March 23, 2015 | Currency Trading

US Existing Home Sales could once again move the market if we get a significant surprise from the forecast figure.  With the Feds not likely to surprise the market with an April rate hike, today’s release will probably not change the long-term trend but if we get our tradable deviation, we should see plenty of […]

US FOMC Interest Rate | January 28, 2015 | Currency Trading

US FOMC Interest Rate decision today is the main focus of the week, especially considering that the Fed’s next move could accelerate USD’s strength as the market is already flooding to the greenback after a series of other central banks’ recent actions, namely ECB’s QE and SNB’s depegging with the EUR.  If we see further […]

UK MPC Meeting Minutes | January 21, 2015 | Currency Trading

UK MPC Meeting Minutes will be the first time for the market to get an insider’s look at the MPC meeting that took place 2 weeks ago.  Depending on what’s discussed in the meeting and the vote count, we should see plenty of market reaction… 4:30am NY Time UK MPC Minutes Rate Forecast 2-0-7 Previous […]

US Existing Home Sales | November 20, 2014 | Currency Trading

US Existing Home Sales reflects the very foundation of the U.S. economic health, as strong home ownership is positive for the economy especially when combined with rising inflation.  If we get a stronger than expected release today, we should see market reaction. 10:00am Existing Home Sales Forecast 5.16M Previous 5.17M DEVIATION: 0.4M / 400K (BUY […]

UK MPC Meeting Minutes | November 19, 2014 | Currency Trading

UK MPC Meeting Minutes will be the first time for the market to get a glimpse of what took place during the MPC meeting two weeks ago and if there is a surprise change in the vote count for either APT or Official Bank Rate, we’ll see plenty of market reaction today… 4:30am NY Time […]

CA Core CPI | September 19, 2014 | Currency News

CA Core CPI is likely a non-event, but depending on the actual release, we could still see plenty of market reaction.  With the BOC holding on its monetary policy tight and the fact that there aren’t any sharp surprises in recent economic releases, I don’t really expect to see much market reaction today… However, if […]

US Existing Home Sales | June 23, 2014 | Currency Trading

US Existing Home Sales will kick off the US Session today and we should see some volatility if we get our tradable deviation, and since traders are likely to wait for the release before taking on a position, we could see more market reaction if we a strong surprise today. 10:00am Existing Home Sales Forecast […]

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