Welcome to Currency News Trading – A Community of Forex Traders

Currency News Trading, or CNT, is an online Forex community for traders who are passinate about Forex, or more specifically, Fundamental Analysis and News Trading.  We want to make you feel right at home here in this community, so here is some important information that you need to know to make your stay more enjoyable.

Before we get started, let me just remind you that CNT membership is free and open to the public, that means everyone is invited.  If you have friends or family members that are interested in Forex, not only fundamental analysis, make sure to let them know about us, tweet about us, share us on facebooks, etc… we certainly appreciate it.  Remember, this community is for YOU and you can help us make it better. (Thank you).

So without further ado, here are some Get Started Quick guidelines:

1. CNT is a social community, we want to know more about you!  Please take a moment to upload an image for your avatar, and let us know a little bit about yourself… Go to the Member area and update your profile information, after all, in this digital age, everything seems so impersonal sometimes, it is always good to put a face next to a name.  You can access the member area by expanding the Login tab on the top right, and click on Edit Profile and Change My Avatar. You’ll be able to crop your avatar image after you finish uploading, and remember, there are 3 sections to your Profile, tell us about who you are, go wild!

2. Because CNT is a social community, you will meet other traders and friends.  Make sure to send friend requests and don’t forget to accept Friend Requests from other members, you can access the Friend Request section right on the Login tab to the top right and if you just registered, make sure to accept my Friend Request, Henry Liu, as I’ll be sending you updates and news trading tips periodically.

3. After you’ve updated your profile, accepted friend requests, now is time to join groups.  You are invited to join our private News Trading group, a private group just for CNT members.  I’ll be posting links to special video trainings, free seminars, free online trading sessions, and proprietary trading ideas reserved just for members, I guess it’s part of the perk for being a CNT memeber… Make sure you are part of this group…

4. Now you are officially part of the community, it’s time to have some fun!  Create an album, post a status update, share a video, like some else’s post, comment on a new article, just go wild!

If you have questions or need assistance, make sure to send a message to our Webmaster Kelvin Ching or our patient Support/Moderator Isabel.  We are all here to be at your service.

Last but not least, if you want to start a public/private discussion group in CNT, just send us a message and we’ll create it for you and make you the Admin.  But remember running a discussion group requires commitment, but if you are up to the task, we’ll create it for you.

Thanks and once again, welcome to CNT.


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